TaylorMadeClips Illegally Compromises Empornium Mod Account and Steals User Info

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TaylorMadeClips Illegally Compromises Empornium Mod Account and Steals User Info


How has this not been talked about yet? This is the lowest of the low. Taylor I know you read these forums what the fuck? Long story short TMC broke into an Empornium mod account to mine the IP addresses, e-mails, and usernames of people who hosted or downloaded TMC clips through the site. 

Apparently this all happened back in August of 2013 but it wasn't until now that Empornium realized that TMC got the info by illegally hikacking a mod account. This is fucking pathetic. I say we boycott TMC. Yeah this is their own copyrighted material but they broke the law to essentially extort people. TMC has always seemed shady to me since the beginning but this is the lowest low. These are the people we want to trust our info with? Fuck them. Their mediocre inflation videos are shit anyway. I just feel bad for MaxGrowth. Do yourself a favor and jump ship now.

We regret to inform everyone that a staff account has been compromised. As a result of this, an unauthorized third party has been able to access sensitive information on our users. In this announcement we'll elaborate on what happened and how this affects our members. 

It was discovered that the user account of a regular (Mod) rank staff m0ember has been accessed by someone other than the staff member in question. Once this was discovered, immediate steps were taken to prevent further access to sensitive information by this account. 

The site was not "hacked", all actions took place within the security limits imposed by our site and our database was not compromised. As such, no passwords or password hashes were obtained and the third party was not able to escalate privileges above the level of the compromised account. 

By what we discovered of their activity and reports from users we believe that the unauthorized third party may have been affiliated with TaylorMadeClips and Borghese Legal, LTD. Their intentions appear to be to use information obtained to intimidate users into financial settlements through legal scare tactics. Specifically, users who have downloaded or seeded TaylorMadeClips torrents and are within US jurisdiction appear to be targeted. The compromised account appears to have been primarily used to obtain the registered e-mail address for these users, and matched to the grabbed/snatched/peers lists of TaylorMadeClips torrents, to determine targets for threatening letters. 

We apologize sincerely to all our members for not being able to prevent this from happening. It's our intention to be as open about this incident as possible. The rest of this announcement will answer a few questions that we anticipate many of you will have. 

How long has this been going on? How much information was actually accessed? 
We don't know. Site logs are wiped after a short time, which ironically enough we do in order to reduce the amount of sensitive information present on our servers. Recent activity shows access and search actions connected mainly to TaylorMadeClips torrents and users with activity related to those. 

How long has this been known? 
The activity was uncovered yesterday, we have used the time since then to investigate further, brief staff, and prepare this announcement. 

How is this possible? I thought Emp had its security fairly well sorted? 
Unfortunately security is only as strong as its weakest link, and the weakest link here is the human factor. As a large site we have over 20 full staff members, and the larger a team gets, the higher the chance that someone will make a mistake affecting others. We make a point of encouraging all staff members to maintain strong passwords and keep their PC's secure, but much of that is impossible to actually enforce. 

That being said, from analyzing what has happened it's clear to us that there are things we could have done better to mitigate the impact of this account compromise. 

What will you do to prevent this from happening again? 
First of all, it's impossible to completely prevent this kind of thing from happening, as also described in the previous answer. Staff need to be able to access certain information and login credentials can be compromised. Everyone on the site should always assume this sort of thing can happen. 

However, we will be taking action to greatly reduce the chances of a situation like this happening again: 

Reducing privileges of general staff and assigning individual staff members additional privileges as required on a case by case basis. 
Recording all staff activity, which will be processed automatically to look for suspicious patterns, as well as regularly investigated by a member of senior staff. 
Pushing more strongly for all staff to implement a high level of operational security. 

Should I change my password? 
Having a strong and unique password that you change on a regular basis is always recommended. However, no password information has been compromised, so if you have a strong password already there is no need to change it. 

I wish to rename/disable my account 
Please send a staff PM. We will do our best to get to everyone's request as soon as we can. 

I have received a legal threat. What should I do? 
We are not lawyers, and we cannot give you legal advice appropriate for your specific situation. With that said: 

If you believe you are indeed involved in infringing activity, permanently cease that activity and remove all materials concerned from your system. 
We suggest you do not reply to the message. Their strategy is to send out threats in bulk in the hopes of intimidating people enough to settle for money and avoid legal action. Replying probably flags you as an interesting target. 
It's extremely rare for these things to go to court, and even then they are rarely successful. 
Information obtained through the compromised staff account was obtained illegally and as such we don't believe it will be useful in legal proceedings. But again we are not lawyers and cannot give you legal advice. Also keep in mind that this does not apply to torrent peer IP's as those can be seen by anyone who is an active peer on the same torrent. 
If you are not comfortable calling their likely bluff, retain legal counsel. 

There is some relevant discussion in the comments of this DieTrollDie article. 

What can I do to prevent this sort of thing from affecting me? 
We have always advocated the use of VPN solutions and continue to do so. An anonymous VPN & e-mail make it impossible for all practical purposes to connect an online identity to your real identity. 

I have another question. 
Please ask. We will try to answer any questions people may have as honestly and accurately as possible. 

tl;dr: A moderator account was compromised by a 3rd party. We strongly suspect this to be connected to a copyright troll. They have been able to access restricted user information.


Heard about this on one of the InflateChan threads. I've never been into paying for videos, like TMC and clips4sale in general, all sounds shady to me to pay a hefty price (what, some are almost $30?) for one twenty-minute clip of possibly bad acting. I'm not saying all clips are bad and definitely don't condone anyone for buying them, but to me this sort of thing seems too likely to happen if - especially - bank details are involved. I hope justice is served.

BttrfliesNHurricanes (not verified)

What bothers me the most isn't just the fact that this happened but the fact that at the moment TMC is the "premier" inflation fetish production studio. Our community is obviously still very niche if this sort of thing happens with them. Luckily over the last couple of months/years I think most people are starting to realize how sketch they are. Nevermind the complaints that some people have about their "meth addict" actresses.

You're def right and I hope justice is served too. If emporium has some pretty damning evidence they could possibly countersue. That would be amazing karma yet I somehow doubt it will happen.

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From TorrentFreak:



Empornium, one of the leading private torrent trackers for adult content, says it believes a copyright troll gained access to a staff moderation account and is now using obtained data to threaten its users. The revelations may shine light on why some Empornium users have received settlement threats with no lawsuit filed and no notice from their ISPs. [...]


Another Canadian Guy
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I've never seen TMC (I have heard of them however), but if the above information is true, then I find that very dissapointing. 

(Not on here too often, replies might be slow.)


One time something wrong happened when I purchased a clip from them; It said I had bought the video 5 times, and I also payed 5 times.
I complained about this to the staff. Then they asked me to give all credit card information and my name. I did so, but never heard from them again.
No refunds. They really don't give a shit. 

Hi my name is Tom. I run the inflatable chicks yahoo group


Good to know this now. I'm not buying any of their work, which is a shame. It's rare to find body inflation video sites, and one of the big ones happens to be pretty shady.



I'm on the side of always complying with the Law.

On the other hand, I think if you buy something that is made to watch and be kept private, as long as you keep it private everything will be alright.

BttrfliesNHurricanes (not verified)

The sad part is idt any of us can truly be surprised that they've done something like this. Someone on InflateChan mentioned the idea that it's possible TMC isn't doing too well financially, or never did, and is using this as a new revenue stream.

The e-mails they are sending alleged infringers are demading $2.5k for settlement. I can see why they'ed go that route if the infringers amounts to hundreds or so. Also someone on the comments section of the first article mentioned that last year someone actually ended up getting sued in NV for this and lost to the tune of over $40k. That one suit alone could've made this all worth it. Now with this new info I wonder if said defendent could appeal the decision but I'm not a lawyer. Point is this is some fucked up shit. We really need to rid our community of these people.

They never really truly cared about the community and even if that isn't their job we don't need them to be making money off of the very same people they have no qualms fucking over. We as the body inflation community need to have better self-respect. Yeah we're just a bunch of anonymous nobodies connected by a niche fetish but that doesn't mean we can't strive to have better, well, porn providers. I'm just sick of Madame Taylor. I think you can tell. Okay rant over.


I'm not really feeling sad for a site that charges $20 for a 5 min inflation vid of below par quality. I've commished better art for less than that, and even with then I can choose what I want to see.

Honestly. That's an absurd price, and it annoys the crap out of me when anyone famous or not charges so much for so little. The only reason they do it is because horny people will pay anything. Stop being taken advantage of, and save your money for fetish material with better quality.


Yup, but I must say they did some awesome suit inflation clips back in 2008. But after that I have not even like one clip they did after! And that's a bit weird because it's pretty hard to make me not like a suit inflation clip. But they manage remove all I like from a suit inflation clip: hissing sound, fast inflation, shocked (good acting), an original plot, good build-up before the inflation.
I may in the future try to make my own inflatable clips. I know some girls who are willing to do this for fun. And I got a suit. 

Hi my name is Tom. I run the inflatable chicks yahoo group

VManMagic (not verified)

Just make sure they know what they're getting into! I heard about something like this happening a few years ago. Didn't end up too well.


It's more how you handle things yourself and how mature you are. Don't believe everything you read on the internet either.
There is a million fetishes out there. Everytime a woman posts a video online / youtube she will get creeps no matter what.
1: never say your name. 2: don't post your main email address. 3: focus on the positive feedback / comments, and delete / neglect the perverts / negative feedback. 

Hi my name is Tom. I run the inflatable chicks yahoo group

VManMagic (not verified)

Oh yeah def you're totally right! I know all of that I was just making a meta-joke x)

Really tho as long as the girls know what's up you're fine


Yeah, ofcourse. but will most likely end up blurrying their faces. But will show it is a woman by seeing their hands and feet and also in uninflated state too.

Hi my name is Tom. I run the inflatable chicks yahoo group

BttrfliesNHurricanes (not verified)

Yeah the thing about TMC is that they started off so strong. Figures. They gave us actual quality stuff to reel us in and make a name for themselves. Then they cut corners and started producing shit relying on the name to get people to buy anyway. Luckily people caught on. Now they're nearing the end of the typical shitty porn producer life cycle. I say they'll be out of the inflation biz in a matter of months if not weeks. MaxGrowth will take the mantle but he actually knows the fetish so this will be good.

Also remember Boner Killer Fred? I think that was the beginning of the downfall. Man god bless that freaky looking creep.


Simple correction:

Article mentioned in first post is indeed from 2013 but since then it was updated many times.

Actual hacking described above was happening this year and was discovered by Empornium staff exactly 3 days ago.


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It is saddening but not surprising...I originally found TMC vaguely enticing but lately find them more and more disappointing (I think I've mentioned this opinion in previous posts). Until this event surfaced I would periodically check their site in the hopes that they produced something worthwhile but...you would assume most production companies would start out raw and then evolve and improve their technique(s) over time. TMC seems to have mastered the opposite...now producing little more than metaphorical chum out of apparent abject laziness and extreme low quality due to rampant cost cutting.


The problem with this community though is that it's so niche that we're starved for content, and when stuff like this happens people jump at the chance for something new and fresh. When in fact there could be a lot better quality and production put into this. We just have to have a demand for it, not just have the mentality of "we'll take what we can get". That just leads up to something like this. You were desperate, and now a fetish site has all your credit card and personal info.

VManMagic (not verified)

Ewwwww that's some fridge horror right there.

Knowing that these pieces of shit have my credit card info and the like. In all honesty I think Bambi's videos had wayyyyyyy better quality. Her downfall besides some other things is that she's just one woman. You can only fap to the same thing over and over and over again til you grow bored. Something will come along and with people like MaxGrowth around our future might be bright.

INB4 pot calling kettle black.


I am TaylorMadeClips co-owner.  On our forum I post as BudapestSwope.

First of all Slayer what are you talking about you got charged 5 times for a video and you "complained about this to the staff"? 
Please send me ANY copy of ANY correspondence you have with US or ANYONE at Clips4sale or Vidown concerning this matter because its the first time I have ever heard of it. 
NOBODY would EVER ask you for your credit card info when handling a support issue. That is a ridiculous thing to say.
You are quite a frequent poster on our forum yet WHY NOT EVER BRING THIS UP THERE?

When it comes to this piracy site issue...  We have always tried to protect our content from being pirated.  We don't like people distributing our content for free or for their own or their site's profit. 
We own it and we get to decide how and where its distributed.
We register our clips with the copyright office at $55 per registration. 
We also have a copyright lawyer we pay by the hour because many people don't give a shit until they hear from a lawyer.
This costs us money not the other way around. 

None of this recent stuff has bothered me but some of what is said in this thread is just absurd and intended to damage our reputation so I figured I'd comment.  :)

A month or two ago I asked a person who was affiliated with clips4sale that we used to pay to find and take down unauthorized links to our videos if they had any info on the uploaders of our Lift & Carry and other Femdom content on a torrent site because the site would not respond to DMCA notices.
We paid for a couple email addresses and sent a couple uploaders emails asking that they remove the torrents.  
When that didn't work they offered a list of people who had downloaded our content and I eventually paid for the information on people who had downloaded AND seeded the torrents because we have never had our lawyer contact downloaders, just uploaders.  
I was told there was a "cooperating mod" on the site and thats how the information was getting retrieved but to be honest at that time I really didn't care.  In all about 50 letters were sent in reference to 19 different torrents(Most femdom and lift&carry with a couple bellystuffing).

"I think if you buy something that is made to watch and be kept private, as long as you keep it private everything will be alright.."

Even trading videos with a friend is fine but uploading dozens of videos for hundreds and hundreds of people you don't know on a public forum or site to download is not something we are ok with and the biggest problem we have is the people who don't ever buy anything from any producer ever and instead live on piracy sites downloading and re-uploading repeatedly. 
They expend so much effort and so much time not to pay anyone its crazy.

BttrfliesNHurricanes-  Sorry you feel this way but much of what you say simply isn't true. 


You have my username, and I posted this long time ago. I sent a PM to taylor and you directly. You should be able to find it if my post is not deleted.
I gave you all info you required, but I got no reply from you after that. After a while I forgot about it since I also have a private life outside internet.

And I am a bit baffled about the way you respond to this by "attacking" me. You also sent me a pretty crass PM now too I might also share if it necessary.
Btw, I been a hefty customer by you since you started. I bought ALL your suit inflation clips, many I had to buy twice because I was unlucky to get a hard drive crash (I didn't even bother to ask for another copy even though I bought them from you before), and I bought almost ALL your BE videos too.
I also reported people to you who uploads / steals your stuff on youtube and dailymotion (copyright infringement).

Good way to treat good paying customers. And yes I have been hugely disappointed with your clips in the last years. In 2008 you made some really good shit. 
And your last BE clip SUUUCKS!!! Good it sucked! IT SUUUUUUUUUUUUCKEEED!! there :D freedom of speech.

I propably will continue to buy your clips in hope one day it might actually be good. But this is my weakness. 

Hi my name is Tom. I run the inflatable chicks yahoo group

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This is quickly becoming a "he said; she said" kind of thread.

I'm all for alerting others in the community to possible scams and bad business practices, but there's just too much mud-slinging going on here from multiple sides.

I am personally taking the warnings to heart and not offering my business to any of the mentioned vendors. However, I don't feel like a public forum is the place to be venting my frustrations and hard feelings towards them.

The warning has been issued, the affected parties are aware of it, nothing more needs to be said. I hope this thread is locked soon.

Just a little more. You can take it...I hope...

Torterra Inflation

Oh, boy! Controversy!

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So since I got one of these letters, I want to say Shame on you.

You clearly cross-referenced the list you got from that mod with the list of people who have purchased stuff from you in the past. Yet you sent one to me, and for a good two years I would weekly or bi-weekly spend 10-20 bucks. I've probably spent at least 200-300 over time on your site.

And yet your going to threaten me with a lawsuit because I downloaded 3 files (I specifically set the torrent to only DL certain files) out of a 7-12 file batch. I only did that because you guys have stopped posting previews and I've blind bought enough stuff that was of shitty qulaity.

But congrats, you've turned off at least one regular customer who bought 20-30 bucks of stuff at least once a month. I'm probably not the only one either.


I'm sorry Nyteshade but if i knew you had bought clips ever you would have gotten an email from me asking that you don't pirate our content again.   I actually have a pretty standard email I send that says "Because you have been a good customer in the past I am hoping to handle this between us...".  The information though didn't come from cross-referencing as I was given names and addresses for the 50 letters that got sent.  If you haven't acted on the letter then nothing else will happen since we don't follow up except for in the most extreme cases where there is malicious intent or the pure volume of files being pirated by one person is too large.   If you have responded to the letter let me know and I will take care of it.

Its extremely hard to look at things on a case by case basis when there are literally hundreds of people pirating content on dozens of different sites.   That being said I admit i should have been more vigilant concerning the information and even though the infomation was accurate(except for some possible discrepancies in what or how many files per torrent were shared) I have no plans on buying or using this type of data again.


"If you haven't acted on the letter then nothing else will happen since we don't follow up except for in the most extreme cases where there is malicious intent or the pure volume of files being pirated by one person is too large.   If you have responded to the letter let me know and I will take care of it."

Just quoting you before your co-criminal Mark B tells you to edit that part out of your post.

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There are two separate issues here: piracy and privacy.

Piracy plainly is not legal and if you got busted, well, frankly you should learn better measures for protecting your privacy online. That aside, one would have a hard time arguing that this community is entitled to free clips from a studio.

BudSwope: what people are angry about is the privacy issue.

As you can imagine, this fetish is a rather private part of our lives. Having a letter show up at your physical address from a studio is pretty alarming. I hope that's self-evident because I can't quite describe how intrusive that feels.

The accusation of unethical behavior on TMC's part comes from what Empornium said: they make it sound like TMC was behind some sort of attack to gain access to a mod account and take user info from another site. This is what you need to address first: how user information from Empornium was obtained.

From what you said, it sounds like one of the mods at Empornium wilfully handed over private user information. If this is true, then the privacy breach happened on Empornium's end (although it's still ethically iffy whether acting on unethically obtained information is ethical).

Basically, you guys have a whole list of people with well-kept, ebarrassing secrets -- their names, addresses, phone numbers -- and they're worried about whether they can feel safe being on such a list.


Basically, you guys have a whole list of people with well-kept, ebarrassing secrets -- their names, addresses, phone numbers -- and they're worried about whether they can feel safe being on such a list.

We have no idea who our customers are but I try to find out who steals or illegally distributes our content.   We don't even get customers' full info as we are not the credit card processor.  I can only request that information after someone is found pirating so if they don't go and upload the content for hundreds of people who didn't pay for it they stay anonymous to us.  Plus 90% of the time the person we send a letter to has never bought a thing from us or probably anyone else.

The problem is that we don't want people stealing our content or disributing it for free.   There are laws against it but its not like the police investigate it and give people fines or anything so getting a lawyer is the only recourse we have when sites don't honor requests to remove content posted without permission.   There are no negative consequences at all only positive for stealing content otherwise.  It sucks that this is the ONLY thing we can do to try and keep people from doing it.  

I was told at the time there was a cooperating mod and at that time I had no reason to doubt it.  It might be that the mod wasn't cooperating but was compromised somehow & that would suck because we don't want nor can we use information obtained that way.  

BttrfliesNHurricanes (not verified)

Well I for one am glad I don't need to make a rebuttal to BudSw0pe's response to me. I think his words are already doing enough for that. Also he made the huge mistake of validating Slayer's presence and major contribution. Which isn't a bad thing just now Slayer ripped him apart and it's obvious he wouldn't do that unless some really stupid shit is occurring.

No matter what or where it happened people are being threatened with lawsuits due to unethical means. Period.

Technically the "rogue" Empornium mod (if that's what happened and not a successful account compromise) would have done the right thing in outing people taking part in an illegal activity but that sure as hell isn't going to give people trust in your company. This just all fucking reeks. Pleaseeeeee people don't whip out your credit card when you have an erection (or wet if your a chick). 

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Hm, if you have bought videos there in the past or distant pass but haven't lately, how does one if you'll be targeted?


I'm familiar with the situation over at empornium and I believe their explanation of how this data was obtained to be true.  It's to their credit that they did not sweep this under the rug and immediatly informed users and the media via the TorrentFreak web site.  Their servers are outside US jurisdiction as is their staff most likely and they take great pains to protect their anonymity for obvious reasons.  I'm glad that BudSw0pe as been forthright here in explaining his side of this story.  Really no one has clean hands in any of this.  Perhaps he/she should take the further step of informing all those sent settlement demand letters that no legal action will be taken against them provided that they cease any infringing activities.




Taking other people's photos, fiddling with them a bit and then blowing your own trumpet all over your profile about how good you reckon this and that work of "yours" is.


Linked from from your DA journal, via a forum post on here, in fact, promoting your YouTube channel full of other people's content, not to mention the DA link showing up in your Sig every time you post here.

That's a lot of self-promotion for someone who takes other people's material and uses it to his own ends, all the while shouting from the rooftops about it.

There's a real air of desperation about just how hard you seek praise and attention, and with so very little reason of any substance for why anyone to want to give you any. It is highly consistent with someone who shares pay material amongst those exploitative, socially engineered-for-profit online communities in return for the hollow praise and social status that handing out free stuff offers them.

And now you're here starting this topic - pompous, mouthing off, trying to wrangle a cheer squad of other like-minded posters, all trying to make as big a stink as possible, and all in the absence of anything much at all in the way of facts. You must be their fuckin' HERO, dude, fighting the good fight of theiving scumbags everywhere.

Or do you actually think you're so slick that no one could possibly notice? Again consistent with desperate  attempts to kid yourself about being something that you're not.

Then even after much of the yodelling hearsay was answered by a few key corrections about the matter, the repetitive bile continues even on points already explained, thus requiring some to need repeating. Yeah, let's all form a bucket-brigade and keep taking turns hammering this until they either just give up, or get buried under it all.

You come across a major attention-seeking tool who doesn't create anything of your own while being more than happy to promote yourself on the back other people's content, yet here you are trying to spout morals when;

a) You didn't nearly have the facts, but went on major witch-hunt in an attempt to do considerable harm with hearsay anyway, and

b) You have obvious, consistent form in just such the things that you clearly do, yet you try to turn this into anything but it being first and foremost about people illegally downloading/sharing/seeding content they have no right to, and the owner-creator of the content seeking to give only the worst offenders a chance to rethink their actions before pursuing the matter further in order to try to stop hundreds or even thousands of leechers taking clips without paying a cent.

They're lucky they're even getting the chance, considering re-upping material for wide redistribution is very much a deliberate act of organised crime, given how the sharing sites actually work (as in the users do all the heavy lifting while the sharing sites make money, saves costs and generally aren't the one taking the fall if the shit hits the fan).


Wise up and get to grips with the fact that those sites exploit their users and harm anyone who actually produces something, all for the sake of making easy money, while content creators lose business hand-over-fist, and the users who make it all possible are the ones who are being used to do it, while at the same time placing themselves quite deservedly at risk of prosecution.

You're encouraged to believe you won't get caught for pirating because it's all the more lucrative for the people who profit from it. They don't care if you get caught - it's not their problem.

Wise up to that and you'll have learned a valuable lesson about the sort of people to look out for in life. Of course, if you ARE one of those people, and posting in the manner some have here and elsewhere makes it obvious that some clearly are, then of course you already know. They/you mingle with all the leeching, filesharing site sheep who haven't yet figured out that they're pawns.

Wise up also to the fact that you shouldn't do the crime if you're not prepared to do the time, thus actually taking responsibility for your own deliberate actions. Crying like an unpaid bitch and lashing out about the prospect of something potentially coming back to bite you on the ass, or someone else who brings you stolen things for free, shows you to be as entitled and infantile as you look here, on DA, and on YouTube.

I hope a few of the worst serial offenders in this get an ass-reaming, because clearly nothing else has discouraged these people from doing what leads to just about everyone who tries to produce the things we want calling it quits.


Seriously, watching the blather about all this pretty much amounts to:

TMC: "Please stop downloading/redistributing our content, whether for your own profit or not. You know it is illegal, wrong, and threatens our business, and thus may well mean the end of any more content of your interest being made."

Pay Content Theives: "Yeah, right... Fuck off, we're going to keep right on doing just that, because, what are you going to be able to do about it?"

TMC: "Ok, you were asked nicely and given a chance, so now you knowingly take your culpability to the next level in the legal sense. Now, after jumping through all the hoops the file sharing sites put up to supposedly deal with pirating while covering their own asses, but which in fact serve just as much to make it all the more difficult, some of them still haven't dealt with the issue, so now we're taking the next step to protect our rights."

PCT:"Hissy Fit Time!!! We're going to go viral and make the biggest stink we can about this by way of spreading hearsay and and carrying on like a buch of infantile, entitled idiots, because even after fair warning, we didn't stop because we didn't think we could actually face any consequence of our own selfish actions. So now because of our struggle with the simple realities of life, we're going to lash out and do as much harm as we can to try to get you to back off and let us keep stealing your property."

TMC: "We really would rather not have to take this further. Again: Just stop sharing our pay content."

PCT: "No, we're going wilfully continue to disregard your rights, while at the same time mewling about morals as we go right on stealing and redistributing your property. In short, we are now going to do you even more harm than just stealing from you, because we want to stop you from trying to stop us stealing from you."

TMC: "Well OK, we'll continue to expend the extra time and effort trying to explain the matter to anyone who wants to hear it, to resolve any other side issues with people in order to avoid collateral damage, including letting minor infractions slide (even though those cases are still of wrongdoing against us), while we go after only the main offenders. We can't be any fairer of more reasonable than that."

PCT: "Rant/Bitch/Whinge - because we don't want our supply of free pirated pay material to be cut off, nor to deservedly face prosecution/cost/consequence because of what we do. We want to keep getting away with everything, and fuck you or anyone else telling us otherwise. We have a legion of equally pissweak Internet brats who are gonna cause you all sorts of shit over this by spreading innuendo, misinformation and using sleazy rhetoric like 'Copyright Trolling', so cop that!

"But keep making the clips we want or there'll be nothing to pirate, but don't tell us you'll have to stop because what we're doing means it's not worth your while. We want free shit, now, and we expect someone else to pay for it, to make all the effort, then hand it to us for on a plate as a way of thanking us for sitting on our asses stealing from you all day.


"Continue the research..."

BttrfliesNHurricanes (not verified)

The TL;DR to the post above is, "BnH you're a pompous attention seeker and I'm going to write a gigantic attention seeking wall of text to prove I'm right." Pot meet Kettle.

Your post is a waste of time and space but you've leveled some stupid allegations against me so I must rebut. 

"My work" you refer to. Yes it's mine. I do the morphs myself and the like. People do this ALL the time but you magically have a problem with mine? Is Andy Warhol's Campbell's Soup painting not his work of art just because he didn't design the can of soup. You're grasping for straws get a grip.

That YouTube channel you linked isn't even mine. Where the hell did you get ANY notion that I promoted it as mine? I posted the Gum/Juicy video from it on here so people could listen to the audio of Violet's song from the musical. What all of a sudden it's a huge conspiracy and it was actually me self-promoting? Once again get a grip. That alone destroys like a quarter of your useless arguement.

The rest of this is you trying to say I'm defending torrenting, that I'm a hypocrite who probably is torrenting, and that I'm a hopeless attention seeker. A) I never defended torrenting. I don't do it myself and if other people don't it eh it's not my gripe. The problem I have is in the ethics of a studio that I've spent over $50 buying clips on (cus gasp I pay for my shit) and has my info doing dubious shit and dealing with shady people. You're damn right I'm concerned.

The rest of your petty arguement amounts to name-calling and saying I'm a socially deprived attention seeker that needs internet validation on a constant basis. I haven't even submitted a deviation in over half a year. I'm barely active. Yet I'm an atention seeker? I'm not the one that wrote a humongous wall of text and wasted so much time to shoot down that pesky Bttrfliesnhurricanes. Hell I feel guilty for having to write this fucking much but you've left me no choice.

There's really nothing else to say let's just get back on topic. Otherwise I see a lock coming in soon.


I really hate getting involved in crap like this; but srflour's right.


Taylormadeclips is a business.  They produce content in order to make money.  Some people have been distributing their content for free.  That's theft.  So they went and got the information of people stealing from them, and went after them.  There is nothing to imply that they just farmed information; even in the original article.


Every post by you in this thread, BttrfliesNHurricanes, including the original; has been walls and walls of text trying to stir up controversy and rally people against TMC.  There's a difference between disseminating information and trying to stir up a mob.  We get it, you're not a fan of TMC.  So don't shop there.  The torches and pitch-forks are unnecessary.

...I meant that sarcastically.

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Locking this thread for now, perhaps will delete it later.

If any of you want to have a civilized discussion about piracy, copyright law, and the enforcement thereof, then feel free to start another thread. Please tread carefully. My tolerance for name-calling, personal attacks and specious claims has largely been exhausted.

Topic locked