Their First Time

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“Ok... could you please explain this to me again?”

Lindsay crossed her arms and sighed.  “Love, I’ve already explained it three times.”

Dave looked over at her in the passenger seat.  “It’s just that I have a hard time believing that YOU...”  He motioned his hands up and down at her, then held his arms open wide.  “...are capable of THAT.”

“Please don’t take your hands off the wheel,” Lindsay reminded him, pointing at the road ahead.  “You know I don’t like it when you do that.”

“You’re right.  I’m sorry.”  Dave returned one hand to the steering wheel and adjusted the knot on his tie with the other, allowing himself a little more space for his Adam’s apple.  He looked back over at Lindsay, who was smiling that pleasant, innocent, heart-melting smile at him.  “I just--it’s--why wait until now to tell me?”

Lindsay adjusted her wedding dress, pushing the encroaching skirt down and out of her lap as much as the car’s interior would allow.  “Because I wanted tonight to be special... even more special than it is, I mean.”

“I guess this is why you wanted to wait until we were married before having sex.”

“Of course,” she said confidently.  “This is a special gift, and I wanted to share it with you and only you, and only on our most special of nights.”  Lindsay pried one of his hands from the wheel and held it gently in hers.  “I wanted it to be memorable.”

Dave pulled her hand up to his face and kissed it.  “But weren’t you worried about what I would think of you?”

“Not at all,” she replied, “because I know you well enough to know that you love me regardless.”

This much was true.

Dave looked down at his watch.  “We’ve still got about 10 minutes before we get to the hotel.”  He leaned over toward Lindsay as much as the center console would allow.  “How about a preview?”

Lindsay’s brow furrowed.  “Preview?”

“You know,” Dave shrugged.  “A preview... of later.”

Lindsay stared blankly at him before realizing what he meant, then gasped and playfully slapped his arm.  “Not in the car!”

Dave laughed.  “What, afraid you can’t control yourself?”

“I can control myself just fine!”

“I’ll bet,” Dave egged her on, “just like you ‘controlled yourself’ when we were sexting while I was in Chicago last week.  I’m willing to bet it wasn’t your ‘phone’s battery dying’ that made you stop responding.  I’m also willing to bet that ‘rearranging’ your apartment the next day wasn’t just because you ‘felt like it.’  Am I right?”

Lindsay folded her hands neatly in her lap and cocked her head slightly, her lips forming a coy smile.  Realizing that his suspicion was correct, Dave burst into incredulous laughter.

“Alright, mister,” Lindsay toyed, pointing a finger at him.  “I’ll give you a preview if you really want one, but it won’t be for free.”

“But I thought you didn’t like it when I get distracted from driving.”

“Never mind that.  Go ahead.  Give me your best shot.”

“In that dress?  I can’t even get to anything from over here.  Can’t you just touch yourself or something?”

“Of course I could, but not this time.”  Lindsay crossed her arms again, holding her chin up.  “If you want a preview, you’re going to have to work for it.”

“Fine,” Dave said, keeping an eye on the road.  “Let’s see... how about all those romance novels you said you used to read in high school?  Think of two ripped dudes with Spanish accents flexing their muscles at you before they lay you down on your stomach and begin massaging your back.”

“You’re off to a good start,” Lindsay smiled, “but you’ll need to do better than that.”

“Alright,” Dave thought for a moment.  “After the massage, both gentlemen ask for your assistance in applying tanning oil to their absurdly muscular pecs and abs.  Each one gently holds your waist with their large hands as you rub their rock-hard bodies.”

“Getting warmer,” Lindsay cooed, twirling a brunette lock with her fingers.

Dave continued talking to the windshield as he drove.  “Suddenly, one of them presses a finger to your lips, then pulls out a sewing kit and offers to tailor any style of dress that you wish.  The other takes your measurements and plugs in his sewing machine.”

Lindsay gasped and sat upright in her seat, her breathing a little heavy.  “Oiled-up Latino muscle men that know how to sew?!?  Oh, you’re good.  VERY good.”

Dave chuckled, satisfied that he knew how to push his wife’s buttons.  “I know.  Now,” he turned back to face Lindsay, “does that count as---dear God!!!”

His attention focused on the highway, he had not witnessed the effects of stirring his bride’s sexual imagination.  Until now, that is.  Despite Lindsay’s wedding gown already fitting her like a glove, it was even tighter than before, necessitated by her formerly slender stomach arcing outward several inches before plunging into her lap.  The seat belt accentuated the effect, making her look as if she was bulging out between the shoulder and lap belts.  Lindsay smiled, rubbing her sides.

Dave stared at her new tummy, jaw slacked, before the car wandered toward the side of the road and passed over the rumble strips.  He flinched and Lindsay whacked his arm.  “Watch the road!”

Dave faced forward again, frantically jerking the car back into his lane.  “You expect me to pay attention to anything else?!”

“I’m flattered, love,” Lindsay said.  Once she was satisfied the car was under control again, she took Dave’s hand and pulled it towards her, resting it on top of her stomach.  It was firm and smooth beneath the extravagant fabric of the dress.  She moved his hand all around, letting him feel the whole thing.

Dave reverted back to Stupid Mode to try to piece the whole thing together in his brain.  “So that’s... air?”

Lindsay rolled her eyes.  “Yes, love, we’ve been through this.”

“Where does it come from?”

“I don’t know.  It just... happens.”

“But it’s not permanent?”

Lindsay chuckled.  “Of course not.  Don’t you remember I was a size 2 earlier today?  You know, during that little wedding ceremony we were in?  I didn’t exactly waddle down the aisle.”

“Yeah, I get that,” Dave attempted to reason.  “But how does it... go down?”

“On its own,” Lindsay shrugged.  “I don’t have control over that.”

“So what if you did the opposite?  Would a Margaret-Thatcher-naked-on-a-cold-day type of thought undo it?”

Lindsay laughed.  “No, all that does is gross me out.  If I were to leave this alone I’d be back to normal in a couple of hours.”

“I guess that’s not so bad.”

“‘Unfortunately,’ since this is our wedding night and all, I think I’ve got some more... room to grow.”

Dave glanced between the mound inside her dress and the smile she still sported.  “At least it looks like you enjoy it.”

“Of course I enjoy it,” she said, peeling one hand from her belly to twirl her hair again.  “When you get aroused you get an erection and eventually have an orgasm.  When I get aroused I...”  Lindsay patted her midsection.  “ this.  Pleasure goes right along with it.”

“I must admit, I do have a slight concern,” Dave confessed.  “If just a fantasy about Latino muscle men had the effect that it did---”

“I’ll be honest,” Lindsay laughed.  “It wasn’t so much the Latino muscle men as it was the sewing.”

“Anyway---” Dave continued, then paused and gave her an odd look before deciding not to pursue the line of questioning that came to mind.  “Whatever.  In any case, given all that, tonight will be... interesting.”

Lindsay leaned over the center console and smirked.  “Yes.  It will.”


When they parked the car in the hotel garage, Dave went around to Lindsay’s door to let her out.  Always the gentleman.  It was remarkable to watch her stand up and see her dress protruding outward at her waist by nearly a foot.  The flowing nature of the skirt only accentuated the effect.  As she walked to the back of the SUV to retrieve her luggage, she also demonstrated how gracefully she carried her added bulk.  Granted, there was a distinct waddle to her gait but it seemed effortless, probably aided by the fact that there was no extra weight.  And when she turned to the side, Dave couldn’t help but feel as if he was getting a preview of what she would look like sometime in the future, right before giving birth to a future child of theirs.

As they pulled the luggage from the car, Dave watched as Lindsay pulled her overnight bag’s shoulder strap over her head, letting the bag dangle to her side.  “Are... you sure you don’t want me to carry that?” he asked.

Lindsay chuckled and stepped toward him, placing her hands on his chest.  Dave was mildly startled by the fact that her belly was pressing against him.  Lindsay giggled at his reaction.  “Love, I’m fine.  Although, if you insist on being a gentleman you can pull the big suitcase.”

“Right,” he said, sliding past her to reach for the suitcase and garment bag.  When he closed the trunk Lindsay began waddling to the elevator ahead of him.  She made no efforts to hide her midsection and was even arching her back, almost going out of her way to appear as big as possible.

On their way to the lobby a bellhop leered at Dave’s apparent rudeness and offered Lindsay assistance with her bag, but she waved him off and insisted that she was fine.  “No tip for you!” she joked to Dave under her breath.

Once they checked in and got a luggage cart they waited for an elevator next to an older couple.  The woman looked Lindsay over and bluntly said, “Shotgun wedding, eh?”

Lindsay wore a puzzled look on her face.  “Beg your pardon?”

“Shotgun wedding,” the woman repeated.  “You know, getting married when you’re knocked up.”

“I’m not pregnant,” Lindsay said matter-of-factly.

The woman became startled and looked at her husband.  Dave’s body went cold as he realized Lindsay was about to explain the rather unusual nature of a very private matter to some complete strangers.  But as the couple exchanged awkward glances with each other, Lindsay stole a quick glance to Dave and winked.  His blood pressure dropped.

The woman turned back to Lindsay.  “But your... uh...”  She pointed a wrinkled finger toward Lindsay’s midsection.

Lindsay looked down, then placed her hands on her hips and raised her voice slightly.  “My what?”

“I’m sorry,” the woman pleaded, attempting to perform some kind of damage control.  “I just assumed you were---”

“And I assumed people these days would have a little tact,” Lindsay grunted.  The elevator chimed and the doors opened.  “Come on, love.”  The two pushed their luggage cart into the elevator, then Dave held the doors open.

“Ah, no thanks,” the man spoke up for the first time, trying his best to defuse the situation.  “We’ll take the next one.”

“Why?” Lindsay barked.  “Am I too much of a fatass for all of us to fit?!”  She reached forward and yanked Dave’s hand out of the doorway, then swiped their door key and punched the button for the 35th floor - the penthouse level.  She then crossed her arms and glared at the man, who glared at his wife as the doors slid closed.

When the elevator started moving Lindsay burst into laughter, and even Dave couldn’t suppress his own amusement.  “For a minute there I thought you were going to tell them the truth,” he said.

Lindsay’s laughter ended with a sigh, rubbing her belly once more.  “Oh, you know I’d never do that.  I just like to have a little fun with it when I can.”

“Yeah, but they probably feel awful.  If we run into them again you should probably apologize.”

“I doubt they’re staying as long as we are,” Lindsay said, then drew close to Dave.  Her belly was touching him again; he would have to get used to that.  She smiled up at him.  “Besides, I don’t exactly plan on leaving the room much.”  The elevator chimed again.  “Come on.  I’m dying to get out of this stupid dress.”


The elevator doors opened to a world of luxury neither of them had quite experienced before.  The penthouse suite was more like a mini-ballroom, featuring polished hardwood floors and a high ornate ceiling with a large chandelier in the open-plan great room.  To the left, a dining area equipped with a full kitchen, and adjacent to that was an entertainment area with a pool table and flat-screen TV.  To the right, a sitting area and a hallway leading to the master bedroom.  To top it all off, the entire opposite wall consisted of floor-to-ceiling glass windows, offering a grand view of the urban cityscape at sunset.

Lindsay naturally gravitated to the window side of the suite, and Dave followed her once he navigated the luggage out of the elevator.  “Do you like it?” she asked, observing the cars on the streets 34 floors below.

“The pictures on the web don’t do this place justice,” Dave said, looking up at the ceiling twenty feet above.  “Remind me never to make fun of your dad anymore.”

“He just wanted the best for his little princess,” she smiled.

“And his first son-in-law... I hope.”

Lindsay patted his shoulder.  “You know you don’t have to worry about that.”  She sighed, then tugged at the skirt of her dress.  “I’m going to go take this monstrosity off.  Have any suggestions?”

Dave raised an eyebrow.  “Suggestions?”

“You know...”  Lindsay bit her lower lip.  “Would you prefer to get right to it, or would you like to remove a couple of layers first?”

Dave took her by the arm and pulled her in to kiss her.  And there was that belly again.  “I wouldn’t mind having to do a little work for it.”

“I was hoping you’d say that.”  Lindsay kissed him again.  “Something simple?  Something dressy?  Something sexy?  I came prepared.”

“Hmm... simple.”  He was a simple man.

“I can do that.”  Lindsay left his embrace and swatted him on the butt.  “Back in a few.”  And with that she waddled off to the master bedroom, bending sideways to pick up her overnight bag along the way.

While his better half was off getting more comfortable, Dave wandered about the suite, gradually shedding the various accessories of his tuxedo.  The leather couch in the entertainment room was magnificent, and the pool table looked as if it had just come off the assembly line.  The balls on the table were already racked and set, and he spun the cue ball on the felt surface.  Either of these would be suitable.  There was the bed, of course, but that seemed so cliche.  Besides, it seemed like all other aspects of the coming evening would be anything but.

Dave was down to his tuxedo shirt and pants and had toured the entire suite by the time Lindsay emerged from the bedroom.  The bridal gown had been replaced in favor of some kind of white maternity tube top and a pair of denim shorts.  The shorts were unbuttoned and unzipped for obvious reasons.  Without the added bulk of the dress the rotundity of her stomach was even more pronounced, and he could now see her belly button poking timidly outward.  He had to admit, even in her state she still looked breathtaking.

Lindsay, seeing his gaze, stopped just short of him and turned to the side, striking a pose and thrusting her stomach out.  “Like what you see, huh?”

“When it’s you, always.”  Dave realized that he had been staring at her belly since she left the bedroom.

“No, seriously, you aren’t weirded out at all by this?”

Dave chortled at the question.  “You bet I’m weirded out.  I’m also still getting used to the fact that you’re wearing maternity clothes... and fitting into them... uh, barely... right before the first time I see you naked.  But... none of this makes you less sexy.  And to be honest, the effect this will have on intimacy does introduce a unique - exciting - element.”

Lindsay did her best waddle-strut towards Dave and took his hand.  “Shall we go explore exactly what those effects are?”

“I think so.”

“But first...”  Lindsay toyed with one of Dave’s buttons, “ are too, too dressed.”  She slowly and deliberately unbuttoned his shirt and peeled it off his shoulders and arms.  She then ran her hands down his bare chest and stomach before focusing her attention on his pants, unbuttoning the waist and letting them fall to the floor.  “That’s better,” she cooed and made her way to the entertainment room, now with a little less strut and a little more waddle in her step.

Dave studied her more labored steps from behind, then looked down at his mostly unclothed body, then back up at her.  “Wait a minute!  Did you just---”

“Get bigger?”  Lindsay turned to the side again.  Her stomach looked to be jutting out a few more inches than before, and where the tube top had previously managed to cover her entire belly, it was now doing a less than exemplary job.  The white fabric yielded to flesh tone an inch or two above the base of her underside.  It even appeared that her breasts were beginning to test the tube top as well.  “Does it show?”

“Is it really THAT easy for you to do that?” he asked.

Lindsay crossed her arms on top of her belly.  “Oh, I’m sure it takes you thirty minutes of thinking about boobs before you get a boner.”

“Well... no, but---”

“Then why is this so hard to understand?”  Lindsay rubbed the sides of her belly.  “This is my equivalent.”

“I know,” Dave said, scratching his head.  “You’re right.  It’s just going to take some getting used to.”

“Can you get used to it later?  Right now I really just want to enjoy our honeymoon.”

Dave swallowed his inhibitions and approached his bride.  With timid hands he reached out and felt the tight cloth of the shirt stretching across Lindsay’s abdomen.  With one hand he followed the curve of her stomach down until the shirt ended and bare flesh began.  Lindsay smiled and purred in approval, leaning against the pool table.  His hand continued its southward path, toying with the waistband of her underwear before sneaking inside just a bit.  Lindsay hummed and Dave felt her stomach bulge forward again, the tube top stretching beneath his fingers.  Her breasts had definitely grown as well, now pressing together and puffing out around the top of the shirt.  With one hand still inside her panties, he traced her squashed breasts with his other hand, recoiling slightly when they swelled to meet his hand.

Extricating his fingers from Lindsay’s tight underwear, Dave stepped back slightly to examine her figure.  Lindsay’s belly had nearly doubled in size since she had changed clothes and stood out dramatically from her hips.  The tank top had ridden up quite a bit, nearly meeting her belly button at her midpoint.  Her breasts were struggling to stay inside the stretchy fabric of the top.  During his anatomical sightseeing his eyes wandered up to make eye contact with Lindsay, who was looking up at him with an anticipatory smirk.

Dave took her by the sides of her belly and pulled her forward, then held her hips and gently lifted her up to sit on top of the pool table.  Standing between Lindsay’s legs, he had to lean pretty heavily into her belly to kiss her, all the while her breasts rose to rub against his face and her stomach slowly pushed him further away.  This eventually frustrated him to the point that he laid her down on the table and joined her atop it, but he found himself unable to straddle her belly either.  He settled into a position at Lindsay’s right, resuming the kiss while also massaging her beach ball-sized right breast.  Lindsay writhed underneath her rising girth, holding Dave’s head with one hand and alternately rubbing her stomach and left breast with the other.  Dave noticed that she did not come close to reaching around her stomach.

Breaking away from the kiss for a moment, Dave stared into Lindsay’s wide eyes.  “Anything... specific... you’d like me to do?”

Lindsay blushed.  “Kiss my tummy.”

“As you wish.”  It was obvious to Dave that she knew exactly what she wanted.  It was also interesting to him that, despite her having plenty of experience with this by herself, what she specifically asked of him was not possible for her to do alone.  He wondered if this was some long-standing fantasy, a particular sensation that she was about to finally cross off her sexual bucket list.

Dave gave Lindsay another couple of kisses on the lips before venturing down her neck and to her chest, which momentarily bulged from his gentle pecks.  He spent a good amount of time there; he would have cherished this part anyway, regardless of everywhere else Lindsay was swelling.  Lindsay’s nipples had finally slipped free of the tube top, which had been reduced to a tightly bunched-up band separating her breasts and belly.  Dave gave particular attention to her nipples and was encouraged by her approving hums.

Finally his kisses made their way to the broad curve of her stomach.  He started at her sternum - or, at least, where he thought it should be - and worked his way down, having to straighten his spine more and more as he got closer to her waist.  By the time he got to her widest point he was on his knees and fully upright.  He noticed that her belly button was just barely there, and in order to reach it he had to rise into a half-kneeling position.  As he serviced the nub of her navel in his mouth her belly stood him up a little bit more, a sign that he was doing something right.

Dave continued this for another minute before realizing that he was running out of room to Lindsay’s side; her belly was nearly as wide as the pool table.  He stood up and stepped over Lindsay’s right leg, reclaiming his original spot between her thighs.  The shorts she was wearing were skin tight, the zipper splayed open to reveal her tightly-stretched panties.  He began tugging on the shorts to remove them, an effort that was slightly hampered by Lindsay’s plumping legs when she became aroused at being forcibly undressed.  Once Dave successfully got her shorts off he returned to the site of her belly button, only to find no evidence of it whatsoever.  Nevertheless, he resumed his kisses in that spot and continued his downward trek.  Almost right away, he heard Lindsay gasp at the same time that both of her legs suddenly swelled again, now double their original width.

“Oh, yes,” she murmured.  “Please...”

Lindsay was really worked up by the time Dave had made it to the intersection of her belly and groin.  Even if he were sitting upright they would not have been able to make eye contact.  Lindsay’s legs were greatly bloated and spread stiffly apart, and her growing butt was beginning to raise her hips off the table.  Dave teased Lindsay’s bikini area with his lips, prompting anticipatory sighs and more short bursts of growth through her entire body.  He heard a loud snap and a giggle from the other side of her stomach and he stood up, the apex of her belly reaching his shoulders.  He gently squeezed her thighs and found them to be rather firm, so he planted one foot on her left leg and climbed on top of her belly.  He was surprised to find that from his new vantage point he could no longer see the pool table at all - Lindsay was wider.

“What was that noise?” he asked the two giant half-sphere breasts below him.  He could not see Lindsay’s face.

“My shirt,” she said.  “Or what’s left of it.”

Dave crawled his way down her belly and between her breasts, finding her cleavage to be a cozy spot to take up residence.  He could make eye contact with Lindsay now.  Her head was about three feet above the pool table now, her swelling having expanded to her back.  She was blushing deeply but bore a radiant grin and a gleam in her eye.

“Are you okay?” Dave asked.  He noticed that her arms were massively swollen and stiff, just like her legs.  “Am I hurting you?”

“No,” Lindsay said, barely able to contain her happiness.  “You have no idea how badly I’ve wanted you on top of me like this.”

Dave leaned down to kiss her, grasping her breasts as best he could to keep from falling.  He held the kiss for a few moments, feeling himself gradually rise higher.  Lindsay broke it up.

“What about you?” Lindsay asked.  “What do you think about all this?”

“I think you must have a hell of a lot of self-restraint in public.”

“It took a lot of practice once I hit puberty.  But seriously... what do you think?  About me?”

“I think I’ve never loved you more than I do now.”

“I wish I could hug you.”  Lindsay turned her head toward one of her cone-shaped arms; despite being able to move her hands, her arms didn’t budge an inch.  She turned back to him and smiled.

Dave sat up, perched between the mounds of her breasts, and surveyed his bride’s landscape below him.  He hadn’t realized how round she was getting all over.  Her hips were gone, completely overtaken by the swelling of her body.  There was very little left of her former shape.  He couldn’t see the pool table at all; she had completely eclipsed it and was, in fact, squashing down a bit around its edges due to the weight he was exerting on her.

“I just remembered,” Dave said, “that you’re not entirely naked yet.”

“Oh, that’s right,” Lindsay chirped, playing along.  “Maybe you should do something about that.”

“Maybe I will,” Dave said, leaning in for another kiss.

“Maybe you should do...” Lindsay said, then kissed him and whispered in his ear, “...whatever you want.”

Dave’s heart skipped a beat; this was his first clue that perhaps Lindsay’s built-in female need for foreplay had been satisfied.  He peered down over the side of her monstrous boob; it was a good 8-10 feet down to the floor from where he was.  He thought it safer to climb out on the thick trunk of her arm, which was lower and cut the distance almost in half.  With him off, her torso also sprang back into a nearly spherical shape.  Dave was amused and stunned that she almost looked like a huge version of the billiard balls that occupied the pool table with her.

Taking Lindsay’s hand, Dave gently rolled her off the table and onto the floor.  Lindsay came to rest face down on her stomach and breasts, her arms and legs sticking out uselessly to the sides.  Dave then climbed back onto the pool table and rolled her around a bit until he was directly between her legs again, Lindsay’s holy of holies aimed right up at him, poorly shrouded behind a thinly stretched pair of panties that was tenuously bound around her thighs.

Dave gave a playful tug at the crotch of the panties; Lindsay, her head near the floor, hummed and expanded in approval.  Reaching over to her leg he slowly, ever so slowly, slid the waistband of her panties down her stocky, stubby leg down to the ankle.  With a cavalier flick of his finger he nudged the panties over her heel, releasing the tension and sending the garment shooting across the room.

Nothing stood between Dave and consummating his marriage.

Dave placed both of his hands next to Lindsay’s vagina and started rubbing it with his thumbs.  Her groin grew into his hands as he heard her breaths get shorter.  He made sure to allow a thumb to slip a little deeper every now and then, each time producing another short surge of growth as Lindsay grunted with the simultaneous pleasure and frustration of being teased.  He looked to the side and watched as her legs gradually got shorter as they bulged wider.

Finally Dave allowed his instincts as a man to get the better of him.  Dropping his boxers, he stood up on the pool table, Lindsay’s body nearly reaching his shoulders from the floor, and leaned forward, allowing himself to slide into her.  Lindsay had also grown tired of holding back, and unleashed a squeal and burst of inflation that nudged the pool table a few inches and almost knocked Dave backwards.  Her legs were gone.  Her arms were gone.  And she was really just beginning.

Dave, realizing what he was up against, leaned forward again with some force and half-jumped on top of Lindsay, pressing himself into her more firmly.  He managed to more or less stabilize himself atop her, and then began thrusting.  Lindsay’s tightly inflated form squished and bobbed underneath him, her moans echoing through her skin.  Dave also felt himself rising higher in the air as Lindsay truly began to let her guard down.  From his perspective, her feet were getting further and further apart.  He started rolling her slightly in different directions, still bouncing up and down.

The intercourse and all of the swelling and bouncing eventually drove Lindsay to her first climax with her husband.  She cried out as her entire body tensed up and then steadily grew by another one or two feet for the duration of the orgasm.  Her labia simultaneously clenched down around Dave, which was too much for him to hold back any longer himself, and he climaxed into her.  As his body went limp far above, Lindsay descended into a series of aftershock orgasms, each one blowing her up another couple of feet.

Catching his breath, Dave picked his head up off of what would have been Lindsay’s bikini area and looked around.  He could not see the floor; Lindsay was almost as wide as the room and nearly as tall as the chandeliers.  With some effort, he began pulling her forward to roll her as best he could, stopping only when her belly bumped into the wall behind him.  He crawled up across her chest, finding her breasts to have been absorbed by the rest of her.  A little further up he found Lindsay’s face sunken a couple inches into the globe she had become, damp with sweat, eyes closed, her mouth agape as she still panted from exertion.  Crawling up beside her face, Dave leaned in and gave her another kiss.

“That was...” his voice trailed off, trying to find the right word.  “...unbelievable.”

Lindsay could only purr in agreement.

“Can you move at all?” he asked her.


“Have you ever gotten this big?”


Dave rested his head next to Lindsay’s face, hearing her breathing echo inside of her.  They both laid there for a moment, mentally recounting their unique experience, when Lindsay broke the silence.

“What if I told you I could get bigger?” she asked naughtily.

Dave sat up and looked at her, somewhat surprised.  “You’re still not done?”

“I wasn’t going to let this night end without giving you head.”

Dave’s jaw dropped.  “Really?”

Lindsay licked her lips.

Author's Note: 

Many characters become aroused by their inflation.  What if a character is inflated by her arousal?

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Superb thought-provoking

Superb thought-provoking response.  Please contribute to the community more often.  Or, you know, don't.

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Very sexy and well written! ^.^

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