One Last Birthday Present

Date Written: 


This is a birthday present written for my good friend, Blowup Boy.  He asked that it be shared so that others could read and enjoy it.




As the large, double doors slowly swung open, Doug walked in, letting out a groan and rubbing his stomach.  In celebration of his birthday, his friend Jacob had treated him to a six-course meal at El Gran Globo, a new Spanish restaurant in Brisbane.  While Doug had felt full after course four, Jacob insisted that in honor of his birthday, he had to finish the meal.  And Doug was not one to turn down a free, outstanding meal!  Even if it had repercussions later.

"Ugh... no more food," he groaned, rubbing his stuffed belly.

Jacob chuckled as he followed behind the birthday boy, closing and locking the door behind them.  Having recently moved to Brisbane, his house was still fairly empty.  He walked over to a table by the wall, dropping off his keys and wallet in a bowl there.  Turning back to Doug, he smiled. 

"Well, no one FORCED you to eat that last helping of paella," he said with a smile, crossing his arms.

Doug shot a glance over at Jacob, arching his eyebrow.

"...okay, so maybe I did feed you the last few spoonfuls as you were protesting, but you know it tasted good!" Jacob said, raising his hands in surrender.

Chuckling a bit and then groaning from fullness, Doug rubbed a hand over his stomach.  His green, button-up shirt bulged a bit under his touch.  Reaching down, he felt how tight his belt had become since that meal.  Letting out a burp, a blush fell over his cheeks, seeing Jacob snicker as he strolled back over to join him.

"Well then, I hope you had a happy birthday, dude," he said with a warm smile, putting a hand on Doug's shoulder.

Before he could answer, Doug let out an 'oof!' as he felt a finger poke his packed belly.

"Doughboy," Jacob snickered with a wink.

Rolling his eyes and trying not to blush any more than he already was, Doug gave a small smile.

"I really did, thanks mate.  You really didn't have to go through all that trouble for me.  I mean, the dinner, these great new clothes," he said, looking down at his shirt and new, designer jeans.

"Well, who said it was over?  I told you, the reason we came back here was because I have one last birthday present.  I mean, unless you're too full," he said in a mock-Australian accent, mimicking the bellyaching Doug had done since leaving the restaurant.

Another present?  Doug's eyes lit up.  He loved to receive gifts.  Although Jacob's words made it sounds like it might involve more food... and he was very full.  Then Doug remembered that he hadn't had any dessert at El Gran Globo, just entrees.  And a birthday just wasn't a birthday without cake.  And Doug never said no to cake!

"Aw, geez mate... well, let me think about it," he said, looking up toward the ceiling and tapping his chin, before quickly blurting out, "Sure!"

His friend laughed, taking a moment to brush some of his dark hair out of his eyes, before patting the eager birthday boy on the back.  Jacob cast his eyes up and down his friend, practically seeing a tail wag in excitement at the prospect of more.  That was one thing he had come to love about Doug... he never knew when to say when.

"Well then, first things first," Jacob said, walking around behind Doug and gently hugging him from behind.

Doug smiled and closed his eyes in the hug.  He always loved the feeling of being hugged after such a filling meal.  Patting the strong arm of his friend, the Aussie's eyes opened to behold... a red handkerchief dangling before his eyes.  Blinking a few times, he soon felt Jacob's breath on his ear.

"It's a surprise... no peeking," he whispered, before gently covering Doug's eyes with the cloth, tying it securely behind his head.

"Oh, okay," Doug responded, a bit confused but somehow more eager.

Flexing his fingers, he slowly reached his hands out in anticipation of receiving a plate or maybe a giant box wrapped in paper, holding some new gaming system or some other great toy he could play with.  Instead, he felt Jacob grasp his right wrist and slowly pull his arm behind his back, soon joined by his left.

"Ah ah ah," Jacob said, gently tying a strap around Doug's wrists, binding his hands behind his back.

Blushing a bit more at the restraints, Doug gently struggled, trying to pull his hands free.  Jacob held the bound hands in place, chuckling and whispering again in Doug's ear.

"I told you... it's...a...surprise," his voice low, calm, and commanding.

Slowly Doug nodded, yielding to his friend's authority.  Clearly he wanted to be the one in charge.  And since he had been so kind and was going to give him something else on his birthday, the Aussie decided to play along.  Waiting there for what felt like an eternity, Doug wiggled his hands in anticipation of what would soon follow.

"Good boy," Jacob said with a chuckle, walking away from the blind and bound boy.

Doug could hear his friend walk across the smooth concrete floor before he heard a closet door open and close.  Waiting as he heard the footsteps approaching once more, his mind raced with the possibilities of what his last birthday present would be.  Hopefully something truly delicious!

"Now, open your mouth," were the next words he heard, in that calm, cool, and commanding tone of voice.

Slowly obeying the order, Doug's lips parted and his mouth opened.

"Oh, man... I hope it's cheesecake... no!  Chocolate cake with buttercream!  Or!  Or!  Or maybe chocolate cheesecake WITH buttercream!" the overgrown kid thought to himself, feeling a small rivulet of drool form at the corner of his mouth.

Much to his surprise, what he felt slide across his tongue was none of the above.  In fact, it didn't taste like food at all.  Trying to see, to shake off the handkerchief from his eyes, Doug let out a "mmph!" as he felt something smooth slide past his lips and over his tongue.

"Whath the heckth?" he managed to sputter.

Momentarily blinded by a sudden rush of light as the blindfold was removed, Doug looked down to see a length of black rubber hose sticking out of his mouth.  Blinking several times, he traced the hose with his eyes to Jacob's right hand.  Looking further, he saw Jacob's left hand was resting on the dial of a large tank of compressed air.  Going wide-eyed in shock, he looked to Jacob, seeing a grin spread across his lips.

"Surprise..." he said, before twisting the dial on.

A hissing noise began to fill the room, as the rubber hose bulged with gas.  Doug's eyes followed the swell in the hose as it traveled to Jacob's right hand before crawling up toward his mouth.  As the rubber hose bulged, Doug's mouth was forced open a bit wider.  Looking in shock at his friend, Doug could see that grin grow wider and colder as he tasted the cool air rush into his mouth.

Trying feverishly to shake the hose out of his mouth, Doug found it wedged in place quite well.  As he tried to free his hands from their bonds, Doug felt his cheeks swelling out from the building gas pressure in his mouth.  Jacob chuckled quietly, reaching a hand over to grasp his struggling friend's right shoulder, holding him in place.  The dark-haired man smiled as the Aussie boy's cheeks grew wider and redder with the building pressure within.  Setting the hose down on the ground, he slowly placed both hands onto those cheeks, rubbing gently.  Leaning in closer, his blue eyes piercing deeply into Doug's, he quietly whispered "swallow..." before his hands pressed inward on the bulging cheeks.

The boy's eyes shut tightly as he felt the pressure crescendo in his mouth, before finally he was forced to GULP!

As his eyes slowly blinked back open, the captive birthday boy could no longer feel the intense pressure in his mouth.  Though his cheeks remained swollen, the previous sensation  had been replaced with the feeling of cool air running down his throat.  Continuing to struggle, Doug soon felt a new kind of pressure.  As if he was eating a large meal... no, a banquet!  He tried to let out a groan from the feeling, before he noticed Jacob's eyes were no longer locked on his.  In fact, his glance was now cast downward, though his grin had seemed to grow even wider.

What could he be looking at?

Doug's face went pale as he managed to tilt his face downward and received quite a shock.  He watched as the wrinkles in his green, button-up shirt slowly seemed to smooth themselves out, as if they were being ironed, or pressed out from within.  It was then that he saw his stuffed stomach, which had been trim and fit through years of mascot work and dancing, bulging out as if he had eaten several banquets!  He had not looked like this after eating his birthday dinner!  Doug felt a few beads of sweat on his forehead as the bulging belly continued to press outward, taking on a rounder shape as it grew. 

His mind racing with what he was seeing, knowing that it was impossible and yet... here it was!  A mixture of panic, anxiety, and a slight tinge of excitement ran through the boy's mind as his gaze remained transfixed on the growing green orb at his middle.  His stomach continued to grow outward as the hissing air ran down his throat. 

"This is impossible!" Doug thought.  "It's like I'm blowing up like a...a..."

Doug was snapped from his trance by the feeling of Jacob's hand patting his bulging belly several times before giving it a rub and smiling in his face.

"Balloon..." he said in that icy tone, as if he had heard Doug's thought and wanted to finish it for him.

"A bawoomph?!" Doug exclaimed past the hose.

With a chuckle, Jacob reached one hand behind the boy's head, while the other grasped the hose extending from his mouth.

"Yes, a bawoomph" he said in a mocking tone, as he pushed the hose deeper into the struggling boy's mouth.

Held in place, unable to spit the hissing hose out of his mouth, Doug could only look into his friend's grinning face as he felt the air continue rushing into him.  His arms tried to flail behind his back, to loosen the strap that held them together.  This made a dark chuckle escape from Jacob, giving a quirked eyebrow as if to say "Really?" to his captive victim.  Once again the man's eyes returned to Doug's stomach.  Stroking a finger down the curve, he gave the middle of the medicine ball belly a firm poke.  Doug's eyes squinted as he felt the sudden spike in pressure, followed by a PING!

Blinking in surprise, he saw Jacob nearly double over laughing as he slowly held up a closed hand before Doug's face.

"Geez, try to go a bit easier on the second helpings, Fatroo" he said, using one of Doug's online nicknames to make him blush.

Slowly he opened his hand, revealing a white button in his palm.  The ballooning boy let out a whimper as he recognized it as one of his shirt's buttons.  He was growing so wide that the shirt wasn't able to hold him?!  Letting out another whimper, he gave a pleading and sad face to his friend.  He had known Jacob for years.  How could he do this to him?  The man in the blue shirt tilted his head gently, his eyes seeming to soften as he was given the puffy cheeked sad face.  Gently patting and stroking the back of his hand against Doug's right cheek, he leaned in, pressing his trim body against the inflating middle before him.

"That's one..." he said, the wicked look in his eyes returning along with his predatory grin.

Doug let an audible GULP escape his throat as he heard the response, realizing that not only was this actually happening...but that his friend planned to continue this torment.  What if he didn't stop the tank?  What if he popped?  All manner of panicky thoughts ran through the boy's mind as he felt Jacob pat his swelling sides.  Giving a grunt, Doug felt the pressure in his middle slowly spreading.  Jacob took a step back.

"Best make sure that strap is secure," he said before slowly walking around behind Doug... and bursting out laughing.

Trying to look over his shoulder as to what was so funny, Doug could see his 'friend' pointing downward.  Grunting and straining, Doug soon saw the cause of all this laughter.  His rear end, much like his stomach, had been flat and trim thanks to years of exercise.  And yet now he saw the denim-clad rump swelling outward, like two blue basketballs sandwiched together.  He whimpered again at this new humiliation.

"Who knew Aussies 'got back'?" Jacob said with a laugh, giving the growing rear end a few taunting pats.

Determined to free himself, Doug struggled valiantly against the wrist bindings.  His stomach swung side to side as he thrashed and flailed, causing Jacob to laugh even louder.  Slowly the struggles began to grow slightly more sluggish.  Coming to a rest in defeat, Doug looked down to see his green stomach bloated out before him like a beach ball.  What's more, he could feel the pressure starting to creep throughout his body.  Soon he saw his chest beginning to show signs of swelling, as he felt his thighs slowly begin to press against each other as they too could not escape the bloating.  Jacob hugged around what he could of Doug's growing body, his hands greedily clutching the boy's belly, rubbing it in small circles before pressing his fingers into the flesh.  Doug groaned at the feeling as the pressure inside him shifted, his captor's fingertips dimpling into his skin as if he was groping a real balloon.

"Not a bad start, Doug... for a blimp boy," he said coldly, hugging the boy back against him to feel him swell.

Doug groaned as he was taunted and teased through words and touch,  He felt that same, strange spike of pressure, before he saw another button fly off, landing with several clicks some distance across the room.  Looking around, he could see the front doors looking as if they were a thousand miles away.  No one else was in the house, either.  No one to come to his rescue, to save him from this maniacal friend, this inflator! 

Jacob smirked as he saw Doug's bound arms beginning to swell, filling the sleeves of the short-sleeved green shirt.  Still trying to struggle, the ballooning boy soon felt a pinching sensation around his wrists.  His fingers flexed, trying to clutch for the strap, and yet his effort was not enough.  Jacob took a step back and smirked, stroking his chin as he saw his friend trying to escape.  He watched Doug's toned arms slowly lose their definition, as they plumped up with air from his shoulder down to his elbows, and soon down to his wrists.  The strap proved an effective 'cutoff point' for the air, as none of it managed to leak into the captive's hands, but rather caused the pressure to build.

The fear of popping returned to his mind as he felt the pressure building behind him.  Doug tried to plead for mercy, for help, for anything as his torso continued to balloon, his sides trying to press his arms apart.  But, thanks to the strap, they met sufficient resistance, and just resulted in the internal pressure increasing more and more.  Brushing a lock of dark hair from his face, Jacob smirked as he saw the strap start to slowly stretch, being pressed outward by the swelling flesh it contained.  Both of their ears perked up at the sound of stretching, straining, and soon tearing.  Doug feared that that was his body making those sounds and that the end was nigh!  The pressure continued to build in his arms as his torso kept filling out wider and wider.  Closing his eyes tightly, Doug steeled himself for the moment he feared.

When finally... SNAP!  Doug's arms flew out to his sides as the strap finally gave up the ghost and flew apart.  As the blockade was finally removed, Doug's hands suddenly plumped up like gently inflated surgical gloves, causing them to look fat and swollen.  Looking at his freed arms, Doug's eyes lit up.

"Now's my chance!" he thought to himself, trying to ignore the growing green globe in his field of vision, his body resembling one of those inflated sumo suits... and then some.

Grunting, he quickly bent his arms inward, trying to grab for the hose.  Jacob walked calmly around his inflating captive, making a half-hearted attempt to swat the boy's arms away, trying to hide his smirk.  The Aussie's brow furrowed as he found it increasingly difficult to bend his fat arms in with each passing minute as the air rushed into his growing form.  A few beads of sweat ran down his forehead as he realized that if this failed, he may very well be doomed!  Pure Aussie determination fueled his muscles as he finally managed to bring his fat hands together on the hose.

"Yes!  Now I can...," he began to think... before he watched his fingers try to grasp the hose to no avail.

Panicking, he tried again and again to grasp the hose, before he saw his hands slowly being pushed apart.  Grunting and turning red in the face from exertion, Doug could only watch as his arms kept inflating, his elbows starting to vanish.  The limbs were growing too bloated to bend, and soon were stretched out at his sides.

And there was something else...

Doug let out a grunt as he felt an intense pressure in his middle.  As if someone was squeezing his swollen stomach with increasing force.  Jacob let out a soft chuckle as he saw the boy's face express the discomfort at the rising pressure.  Slowly he strolled over to the hissing tank of air and turned the dial down to off.  Doug would have let out a sigh at this turn of good fortune if not for three very important reasons.

One: the tight pinching feeling in his middle was still present.

Two: the hose was still stuck in his mouth, keeping him from calling out for help.


Jacob smiled, taking a few steps back to admire his handiwork.  Where once had stood the trim, athletic Doug was now an overinflated blow-up sumo doll.  He slowly stalked around the swollen captive like a predator eyeing vulnerable prey.  Doug let out a muffled moan as he felt the man's hand press in here and there against his bloated body.  First along his side, then into his swollen back, before a blush fell over his cheeks as his bloated backside was batted like a pair of bongo drums!  Chuckling evilly Jacob once again hugged the bloated boy from behind, the gentle squeeze making him groan at the surge in pressure.

"Feels good, doesn't it, blimpo?  Just like you dreamed it would?" he asked with a sinister tone.

Doug's eyes squinted as he felt Jacob's strong arms press down onto his bloated limbs, forcing them down against his sides.  Grasping the boy's hands with his own, Jacob forced Doug to rub, pat, and fondle his own swollen middle.  Feeling like a living doll in the arms of his one-time friend, Doug could only shake his head and gently wriggle in place, as his hands were guided along the smooth surface of his green shirt.  Moving along, Jacob released Doug's hands, causing his arms to SPROING back out to his sides.  Glaring at his captor, Doug let out another grunt and groan from the tightness around his middle.  This caused Jacob to pause, before he smacked his own forehead.

"What was I thinking?  Dude, I'm sorry," he said in an apologetic tone, his face looking concerned.

Hope slowly began to creep into Doug's mind.  Perhaps this was some food-induced hallucination he was having.  Or maybe it was some kind of elaborate inflatable suit!  Either way, his glare began to soften, as he watched Jacob turn toward the tank, hopefully to unplug the hose and end this torment!

And instead, Jacob walked past the tank, hurrying over to the closet once more.  Carrying something large under his arm, the man returned and flashed a smile at his inflated friend, before he set up a full-length mirror some distance away from the boy.  Doug's eyes took on a worried look as he could finally see what had become of his body, reflected in that mirror.

As a professional mascot and performer, Doug had always kept his body in a high state of fitness.  He had been careful of what he ate... most of the time... and though he had always fantasized about being larger than life, he had always kept that confined to his online fursona and his art.  And yet, staring back at him, was a wide,  fat, bloated, cartoon version of himself!  His thick legs, with denim wrapped around them like sausage casings, had taken a wide stance, with his fat thighs pressing firmly against each other.  He winced as he could feel them rubbing against each other.  Moving his glance upward, his poor middle had seemed to take the brunt of the inflation.  He gasped... or he would have if the hose was not still stuffed in his mouth, as he beheld the wide middle he was now sporting.  He could tell that the three bottom buttons of his shirt had flew off, revealing the dark gray t-shirt underneath.  Squinting, a blush fell over his plump cheeks as he could also see the smooth skin of his belly just below the t-shirt.

Reality then sank in.  This was no dream...

His broad chest and shoulders pressed up against his chin gently, as his arms uselessly flapped in small circles at his sides.  What was reflected in that mirror was not the trim and confident athlete, but rather a ridiculous, fat, bloated doll.  And still there was that constant discomfort around his middle.  Squinting a bit harder, Doug soon found the cause of this pinching sensation.

Wrapped around his bloated middle, stretched as far as it seemingly could go, was his brown leather belt.  Jacob whistled, reaching over and gently tracing a finger along the strained leather.

"Wow... that's some darn good craftsmanship!  I mean, who knew ANY belt could fit a fatboy like you!" he said with a laugh, THUMPING the back of his hand against Doug's stomach.

As the BWONG resonated within his inflated form, Doug gasped, feeling so tightly inflated with that belt stretched around him.  He feared that any other such impact might cause him to rupture... to pop like an overinflated party balloon!

"Aw, don't worry, blimp boy" Jacob said calmly, again taunting the helpless boy with another cruel nickname.

Looking over at the man in his blue shirt , Doug realized that he had moved to stand beside the tank again.  Fear and anxiety showed on his swollen face as he watched the man's hand reach for the dial and begin to twist it open once more.  Only this time Jacob did not simply turn it one time... he continued to open the valve, causing the room to fill with a louder hissing noise, and the rubber hose to bulge fatter in Doug's mouth.

"Jacommph!" Doug managed to exclaim, before the swelling hose locked his jaws in place, causing his mouth to strain to hold it.

The pressure in the boy's middle grew and grew as his upper and lower body each tried to take in more air.  Jacob let out a wolf whistle as his friend's body took on a voluptuous, hourglass shape.  The belt began to let out loud creaks as it struggled to contain the inflating balloon it held.  Doug's face grew increasingly red as he felt the band of leather continue to constrict.  Looking down at his wicked friend, he could see that evil smile... and then saw the camera in Jacob's hand, recording video of his humiliation.  Soon his focus returned to  those creaking sounds, fearing that they were coming from his own body, and that soon he would...


Doug felt a dramatic change in the pressure within him, as scraps of leather flew about the room.  Jacob let out an evil laugh as he watched Doug's belt explode off of his blimped body, causing his middle to make a BWOOMPH! sound as it suddenly bulged out in all directions, finally free of its restriction.  Doug's thick arms tried to flap, to try to keep him steady as his torso stretched outward suddenly.  He saw his fat legs slowly widen their stance more and more as they began to fill out faster, his belly now pushing down toward the floor.  Doug tried to groan as he could feel his skin stretching like rubber, taking in more and more air against his will.  Jacob snickered and reached over a hand to stroke along the exposed gray t-shirt, as another two buttons had flown off, leaving only a few left on the green shirt.

"Good boy" he said coldly, rubbing a fingertip around the rim of Doug's bellybutton, before slowly rubbing down into the navel.

Doug's eyes fluttered as the sensations racked his mind, causing him to groan around the hose.  Seeing the reaction his touch elicited, Jacob pressed his body against the boy's growing middle, rubbing along his swelling sides with both hands, pressing his face into the middle as deeply as he could.  Still inflating, Doug's eyes slammed shut as he felt the man along his growing and sensitive middle, causing spikes and surges of pressure here and there as he felt his skin dimple under the touch.

As Jacob stepped back, Doug could hear another dark chuckle come from his captor.  Slowly opening his eyes, he went wide-eyed at his reflection.  Where a few minutes ago had been standing a sumo wrestler who had gone on a food binge, what the mirror showed was now decidedly different.  His torso seemed to be stretching out wider now, dominating his swollen form.  As he continued to watch, seeing and feeling his body continue to stretch the fabric of his clothes like spandex, realization began to dawn on him. 

Doug could see that his body was changing and beginning to lose its human shape... in favor of a rounder, more spherical one.

Seeing a few torn bits of his belt around the room, he realized that the belt had been helping to hold his body in a human shape, and without it, it was free to take on a proper balloon physique.  Round.

"Oh dear, you miss your belt, do you?  Here, I've got one right here," Jacob said in a mocking tone, pulling a small metal object from his pocket.

Trying to focus on what would undoubtedly be a new means of tormenting him, Doug gulped as Jacob pulled the end of a tape measure from the object.  With a smirk, he began to stretch the tape around his puffing pal.  Doug felt a brief shiver as the band of tape dragged and pulled across his bare skin.  Jacob let out a series of increasingly loud snickers as he watched the band stretch and stretch, the numbers increasing with each passing minute.

"72 inches around... 85 inches... 100 inches... geez, how much stretch do you have in you, blimp?" he asked, giving Doug's swollen rear another teasing pat.

Trying to glare at Jacob behind his back by looking over his shoulder, Doug grunted as he felt his cheeks and chin balloon up plumper.  Slowly his head was locked in place by his inflating upper body, forcing him to watch his reflection distort and balloon up wider and rounder.  He soon felt a tingling sensation in his hands and fingers.  Looking to his sides, he saw his plump digits begin to wiggle and flex less and less, as the hands themselves swelled up.  As the pressure seemed to build, Doug went wide-eyed as both hands simultaneously POPPED out like basketballs with short, fat nubs for fingers.

"Mmph!  Mmmph!" he tried to call out at the sight.

It was then Doug remembered that he had not taken off his shoes when he arrived at Jacob's house.  His face grimaced as he felt his feet bulge and stretch the footwear out, trying to free themselves.  Rolling his eyes, Jacob chuckled and soon kneeled down at the sides of the rapidly inflating boy.

"Geez!  Too fat to untie your own shoes, roundboy?" he asked, quickly untying the shoelaces enough to let Doug's ballooning feet swell out of the shoes.

A small sigh of relief escaped Doug's mouth... before he felt himself wobble, as his feet followed the same behavior of his hands, and POPPED out roundly.  Whimpering as he watched his reflection slowly outgrow the mirror, he could feel his skin stretching more and more, his body becoming more and more a living beach ball.  Struggling to turn his face to the side, he tried to groan for help as he watched his arms growing plumper and shorter, sinking into his balloon of a body.  Trying his best to struggle free, Doug felt the bottom of his torso press against the ground and slowly lift his feet into the air. 

As his limbs sank more and more into his overinflated form, all Doug could do was watch in the mirror as he was now a prisoner in his own body, helpless before his captor.

One more button FLEW off of the green shirt, and soon the sound of tearing fabric could be heard.  Jacob laughed and tilted Doug this way and that, helping to show him reflections of his gray undershirt and blue jeans beginning to show rips and tears.

"Geez!  I treated these clothes with Spray Stretch and you're STILL too fat to wear them!" he laughed, his comments adding to the humiliation and torment.

Rocking his captive back and forth upright like a cat toying with a mouse, Jacob smirked.  He gave a light punch to Doug's side, seeing his shirt and body dimple in before springing back out.  He heard a deep, echoing THUMP echo through the boy's hollow body, as he could feel his skin beginning to grow tighter.  That familiar sensation of increasing pressure returned to Doug's awareness.  Trying again to spit out the hose, or to wiggle his sunken arms or legs, to call out for help, he tried whatever he could to escape this inflated prison he found himself captured in.

The boy's cheeks began to bulge more and more as the stretch in his skin began to lessen and lessen.  Jacob held a hand to the hose, keeping it securely in place as Doug's round form continued to balloon out bigger and rounder.  More rips and tears formed in the boy's tortuously overstretched clothes, as even his neck swelled out, helping to lock his head firmly in place.  Looking up at the cold, icy stare of his supposed friend, Doug tried to whimper as he felt the pressure building up and up... soon there would be no more stretch to use in him.  Steeling himself for the inevitable POP... Doug blinked, hearing the hissing noise slowly quiet, the hose deflating in his mouth

Looking past his bloated cheeks, he saw Jacob's hand twisting the dial of the tank down until it CLANKED to the off position.  Slowly the hose was slid out of his mouth.  Doug quickly opened his mouth as wide as his swollen cheeks would allow, hoping that the air would WHOOSH out of him, returning him to his normal shape... but nothing escaped his spherical body.

"Heh... I didn't think you had it in you, blimp boy" Jacob said, stroking a hand through Doug's hair.

"Wh..wh..what the hell did you do to me?" Doug protested, his eyes darting around in a panic, his swollen form all but completely immobile and helpless.

A scowl crossed Jacob's lips, as he reared his arm back and SLAPPED Doug's wide middle, causing him to groan as he wobbled back and forth like some sort of child's toy.  Tapping his foot, Jacob grabbed two handfuls of the boy's bloated flesh to steady him.

"I...wasn't...done...talking..." he said coldly, causing Doug to try to slink down into his body in fear, like some kind of overinflated turtle.

Jacob cleared his throat and patted at his round captive before he started to walk around the ball of a boy, taking his time to prod here and there.  He drew the tape measure around the circumference of the puffed-up Australian as if he was inspecting a prize pig at the county fair.  A wicked grin crossed his face as he could no longer bring the ends of the tape measure together.

"Geez... you must be.. twelve feet in diameter?  You always ate like you were a blimp... and now you are.  So how's it feel, balloon boy?" he asked, leaning against Doug like a giant cushion, his muscular form dimpling and denting the boy's swollen form.

Grunting as he was treated like furniture, Doug tried to swat at Jacob with a bloated hand, managing to make it wiggle a few inches.

"How could you do this to me?!  I'm.. I'm a balloon!" he exclaimed.

Jacob rolled his eyes, walking around to Doug's front and leaning against him, smiling up at his bloated face.

"Just like you aaaaaaaaaaalways wanted, right?  Just like all your art and online stuff," he said, the color draining from Doug's face as he remembered telling Jacob about all of his inflation interests, and now he was being forced to live out his fetish against his will as a helpless prisoner in his own bloated body.

"So," he said, standing up and brushing off his blue shirt, "it looks like we both got what we wanted for our birthdays!"

Doug blinked.  How could THIS be what he wanted?  To be blown up?  Trapped?  At the mercy of a maniac?  Not like this.  It was never supposed to be like thi...

"Wait... OUR birthdays?!" Doug asked, giving a few blinks.

Jacob smirked, pausing to take a close-up picture of that quizzical, bloated face staring at him.

"You never did ask me when my birthday was... did you, fatass?" he said with a dark chuckle.

Doug's bloated face went pale as he began to realize that he never had asked... and now that fact seemed to spell everything about this situation out.

"Yeah, August 28th is a great day.  And we both got what we wanted.  You got to live out your deepest, darkest fantasy..." he said, giving the beach ball boy another sound THUMP to the middle.

As he slowly stopped rocking, wincing from the sensation, Doug let out a whimper and quietly asked, "A-a-and what did you get?"

Jacob's blue eyes locked onto Doug's as he took a step closer.  The helpless blimp of a boy could feel his friend's hands rub along his many new curves as he was slowly rolled forward, bringing his plump cheeks into the waiting grasp of his captor.

"I got one last birthday present...I got a brand new toy..." he said, seeing Doug's pupils shrink in fear.

"Bu-but I'm not a WHOOOOAAAA!" Doug exclaimed as he was suddenly shoved!

Tumbling backwards, Doug's spherical body began to roll like a real toy ball.  He let out an MMMPH! as his head was rolled over, momentarily sinking it down into his swollen middle.   The coolness of the concrete teased his bare belly skin as he rolled over it.  As the world spun by at a dizzying pace, he could make out an approaching wall.  Closing his eyes, the round boy let out a deep OOF! as he impacted the wall, feeling the pressure within him shift as he smooshed against the wall, before making a loud BWOING! sound as he bounced off of it like a superball.  Tumbling and bouncing back several feet, Doug slowly and dizzily came to a stop on his back, groaning.  He tried to scamper his swollen feet against the ground to get away, like a turtle stuck on his back.  He let out a grunt as Jacob's words echoed in his mind.  He had thought that HE was getting one last birthday present... when in fact he WAS that one last birthday present...

Jacob's face appeared over his, staring down at the helpless boy.  His eyes were cold and icy.  Doug winced as he felt one of the man's feet step up onto his upper body, pressing down to make his form dimple and bend as he knelt down face to face.

"Toys don't speak unless spoken to... got it, blimp?" he asked through gritted teeth.

"But, I'm not a toy!  I'm Do-AAHHHH!" escaped his mouth as he received a swift KICK to his side, sending him tumbling and rolling once more.

Doug tried to call out for help as he helplessly spun across the room, bouncing hard into the opposite wall and rebounding toward his original position, groaning and moaning as he slowly settled on his massive front.  Gasping for breath, he could only watch helplessly as his captor approached, dragging the air hose with him.

"Toys don't speak unless spoken to... got it? Or do I have to give you some more 'air time' until you go pop?" he asked, brushing the hose across Doug's fat lips, letting a tiny puff of air escape the hose into his mouth.

Blinking up with a pathetic whimper, Doug opened his mouth an inch, prepared to speak, to shout, to plead... before he finally sealed his lips and nodded his head in fear of the dominant man before him.

"Good toy," he said, setting down the hose.  "Now then... what to call you?  Toys don't have people names.. they have toy names!"

Doug winced and whimpered.  He had a name, he liked his name!  He wasn't a toy, he shouldn't have a toy name.  Looking around, he saw the sun still shining through the windows to the outside, and could hear the sounds of people out on the street.  If only he could cry out to them, to get their attention, surely they would come to rescue him from this madman!  If only he could move!

"I have it!" Jacob said, clapping his hands loudly, bringing Doug's attention back to him.

With a smirk, Jacob stroked a hand through Doug's hair and down onto his warm, swollen cheek, giving it a pat.

"I'll call you... Blowup Boy" he said with a derisive laugh.

Doug's jaw fell open... as far as his swollen, thick chin would allow.  He wanted to yell at Jacob, but he saw that hose nearby.  He whimpered at the name, as again Jacob was using something from his online fantasies to humiliate him.  Feeling his former friend's hand pat his puffy cheek again to draw his attention, Doug gulped.

"Now then... what's your name?" Jacob said in a slow, dominant tone.

Doug's eyes darted around, then he noticed Jacob's other hand had picked up the hose again.  Giving his bloated fingers and toes a wiggle, Doug realized he was trapped, a bloated, helpless blimp before this man.  Fearing the response disobedience would bring, he slowly gulped, and then opened his mouth.

"I-I-I'm.. B-Blowup Boy..." he said, his voice shaking and whimpering.

A smirk spread across Jacob's face as he brushed a lock of dark hair from his eyes before he continued.

"And what are you?" he asked in the same slow, deliberate manner.

Doug whimpered.  Would there be no end to this torment?  Seeing that a quick answer was required, and feeling Jacob's hand stroke down from his cheek to his immense right side, Doug was again reminded that he was a prisoner now.

"I-I'm a..." he gulped, barely able to spit out the word, "...toy"

Jacob frowned, bringing the hose up to Doug's face again.  What had he done?  He did exactly what he wanted him to!  He shouldn't be inflated until he popped.  The man in blue leaned down, pressing his hand deep into the swollen side and stretched shirt.

"'I'm a toy'... what?" he asked with a deep growl.

Going pale in the face again, Doug gulped, feeling that hose brush across his lips.  This was his last chance, he realized.  With a weak whimper, he gave up hope and looked up at Jacob's blue eyes.

"I'm... a toy...master" he said in a defeated tone.

The icy stare stayed locked onto Doug's eyes, as the hose again pressed to his lips.

"No!" Doug thought, "I did what you wanted!"

Whining. Doug feared that the end was finally upon him, before he felt Jacob's breath on his ear.

"And don't you ever forget it... Blowup Boy" he said in a fierce whisper, as if fully claiming his prize.

Letting the hose drop to the ground, Jacob reached into his pocket and pulled out a thin, black band of stretchy material. Squinting, Doug could see that the strap was similar to the one that Jacob had used to bind his hands earlier.  Only this one appeared to have something metallic attached to it.  Jacob grinned at his inflated captive and leaned in, starting to stretch the strap around his thick, bloated neck.  Grunting and wincing as he felt the soft material pull across his skin, Doug could only watch as Jacob fit this strap... this collar around his neck.

"There we go!  Always gotta put proper identification on what you own," Jacob said, leaning against his round possession, "Whether it's a toy or a pet... and you're both now, right Blowup Boy?"

Doug let out a quiet sigh and cast his eyes downward.  He could feel the metallic ID tag dangle from the collar, hearing Jacob's words echo through his mind.  He felt hope vanish from his mind, with this, now all he was was property.  Now he was nothing but an inflated toy, to be played with, teased, taunted, tormented, inflated, and used for the amusement of others... his master's.   Helpless and defeated, the round-faced boy looked up at his owner.

"Y-yes, master... it's perfect for your toy and pet Blowup Boy" he responded, the answer making Jacob's grin grow wider.

"Excellent," he said, moving to Doug's left side, out of his view.

Wobbling, Doug again felt his swollen form begin to roll, Jacob's hands pressing against him like an oversized Oompa Loompa.  Tumbling slower than he had before, Doug could see quite clearly where he was being taken.  The two large front doors loomed closer and closer.

"Oh no..." he thought to himself.

"You know, the sun's not down yet, and it's still my birthday," Jacob said happily, "I want to take my new toy out and show it off to everyone in the neighborhood!"

Doug momentarily opened his mouth to shout NO!, but the collar rubbing against his throat reminded him what punishment he would face if he dared to do that.  Still, this might work out.  Maybe when people saw him, they would come to save him!  Yes!  All of his friends, his neighbors, they would rescue him from this nightmare!

Doug let out a deep OOF as he was rammed against the front doors, causing them both to swing open widely.  Feeling his ballooned body wedge into the doors, Doug groaned.  His body bulged like muffin dough out of the house, bulging like a squeezed balloon.  Jacob grunted as he leaned his weight into the wall of boy before him, making comments along the lines of "suck it in, fatboy!", before finally Doug's round form POPPED free of the doorframe, tumbling and gently bouncing out onto the front lawn in the late afternoon sun.

As he rolled to a stop, Doug could see various people on the street and in front of their houses.  His friends.  His neighbors.  His saviors!  The sight of the nearly 13' wide ball in overstretched clothes caused everyone around to halt immediately in their tracks, most with their jaws on the ground.   Feeling Jacob's hands rub against him from behind, knowing he was right beside him kept Doug from calling out for help.  But, surely these people didn't need any further reason to help him!

"Oh my goodness... is that... Doug?" he heard asked across the street.

"Oh yes... I'm safe.. I'm safe... I'm...?" Doug thought to himself, as he began to hear a darkly familiar sound.

It was quiet at first.  A single snicker.  Then a second.  What followed was a chuckle, then a guffaw.  Finally several nearby mean burst out into laughter.

"Oh geez, what a weirdo!  Look at how foolish he looks!  He must have a new job mascoting for Goodyear!" one tall man with a goatee yelled out, before doubling over laughing.

No.. this wasn't supposed to happen!

Then Doug felt a poke against his lower body, and then a second.  Finally more hands began to tease and prod at his helpless frame.  The laughter and namecallings kept building, as all Doug could do was lay there, nothing but a helpless object to be humiliated for the amusement of others.  Looking up at Jacob, Doug let out a gulp.

"Let's go play... Blowup Boy" he said with a grin.

"Yes... master" was all Doug could respond as he was slowly rolled away by the mob and his owner, now nothing but a toy balloon boy for the rest of his life.

Author's Note: 

Here is my first foray into writing inflation fiction.  As a fan of male inflation, I felt that could use more of it.  Any feedback is welcome.

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Please write more stuff like this! Guy on guy inflation is hot as hell!


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