Rachael & The 50-Foot Woman

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It was a day just like any other day.  A high school girl named Amber was walking down the street towards the shopping mall.  As she walked, she twittered her friends on her cell phone.

Suddenly, an enormous foot came down on the street right next to her.  Amber looked up in shock as a 50-foot, scantily-clad, and very angry looking Darryl Hannah walked past her.  A man, who Amber assumed was the woman’s cheating boyfriend judging by the look on the woman’s face, was caught in her clutches and panicking.  As Darryl walked away, a squad of police cruisers chased after her.

Amber went unnoticed by the giant woman.  She quickly texted her friends.  “OMG!  I just saw a giant”!:O

In the mall parking lot, there was a large group of other students who had also seen the colossal woman and were gossiping about what they saw with great excitement.  Amber was about to join them when she turned her head and groaned as she saw Rachel and her posse coming towards her.

Rachael was the top of pretty much everything.  With her perfectly slim figure, she was a real knockout.  She was the prom queen, the star athlete on her basketball team, and a straight-A student.  She always had to prove that she was better than everyone else.

Today she was wearing a pair of jeans and a pink t-shirt with a heart-shaped hole revealing the top of her well-endowed melons.  She and her posse were unloading shopping bags into her pink sedan.  Amber walked past them and hoped she didn’t have to talk to them.

Rachael turned towards her.  “Yo Amber”!  Sighing, Amber turned to face them.

Rachael looked around.  “What the hell is all this gossip about?  No one has paid attention to me all day”!

“You missed it!  There was a gigantic woman walking down the street this morning”!

Rachael raised an eyebrow.  “You’re telling me this girl is getting all the attention because she’s big”?!

“She has to be at least 50-feet tall!  I saw her up close”!

Rachael snorted.  “You’re exaggerating!  I’ll bet money that she’s only slightly taller than me!  In fact, if I wanted to, I could get just as big as her!  Bigger even”!

It was Amber’s turn to raise an eyebrow.  “I’m sorry but there is absolutely no way that you could ever approach her in size”.

Rachael told her posse to stand back and turned to Amber with a smile.  “Very well!  I was going to throw away these jeans anyway”.

Amber was about to ask her what she meant when Rachael took a deep breath, causing her stomach to expand.  She took another breath, and then another.  She stuck out her stomach and made it as big and bulky as she could.  Her jeans started to tear as Rachael began to swell in height and girth.

At this point, the other kids started to notice that something was going on.  They all gathered around to see the amazing spectacle that Rachael was providing.  Rachael’s posse had obviously never seen this before and were standing with their jaws wide open.  Amber could only stare in chilling awe.

It didn’t take long for Rachael’s jeans to split apart at the seams, exposing her legs and bottom, which were swelling just like the rest of her.  Rachael had to peer over her enormous belly as she puffed herself still bigger.

Soon, Rachael had blown up twice her size both in height and width.  She held her massively swollen belly with a look of deep satisfaction on her face.

“So!  There’s no way I can approach this woman in size, huh!  Well, take a look at me now!  There’s no way she was bigger than this”!

All the kids that had witnessed Darryl looked at Rachael, then at each other.  They shook their heads in agreement.  “That is very impressive I must admit” replied Amber.  “But that’s still nowhere near as big as the woman we saw today”.

Rachael stared with amazement and disappointment.  But she wasn’t about to let this go yet.  “You know I really liked this shirt.  Oh well”!

She raised her head and started to inhale some more.  She took breath after breath, and her entire body swelled even further.  Her arms and legs were becoming as thick as an elephant’s.  Her bottom ballooned out until her panties could barely contain them.  Her breasts also ballooned outward until they were as big as beach balls.  With great effort, Rachael made herself both taller and wider.

All the other kids were cheering her on, chanting for her to get bigger.  One kid was filming the event on his iphone camera so he could post it on youtube.  As Rachel swelled up, so did her pride, and a smug expression spread across her face.  The only kid who seemed worried was Amber.  She knew that this wasn’t going to end well.

With a might rip, Rachael’s shirt burst into tiny pieces.  She resembled an enormous sumo wrestler with every part of her body massively swollen.  Her panties had long since blown apart.  The only thing she was wearing was a bra that was being stretched to its limit.  She spanned the length of her sedan.

The other kids hooted and hollered at the spectacle.  Rachael made a deep laugh.

“Ha!  How do you like me now Amber?!  Is this big enough for you”!

The kids looked at each other once again and shook their heads.  “Look!” said Amber.  “What you just did is impressive enough.  You don’t have to compare yourself to others.  You’re great already”.

“In other words, she’s still bigger than me”!!  Rachael was pissed.

Amber sadly shook her head.  She had hoped that Rachael would admit defeat.  Her hopes were quickly shattered.

“All right, then!  You want to see colossal!  Feast your eyes on this”!

She took an enormous breath and ballooned herself so much that her bra snapped into oblivion.  Rachael was blowing herself up with more dedication than ever.

Everyone started backing away at this point, with many kids heading for the hills.  Even the guy filming the event eventually lost his nerve and fled.  Rachael’s posse ran off without her.  Amber quickly walked backwards away from her, still unable to take her eyes off Rachael’s massive form.

Rachael puffed and expanded into an enormous round ball with a monstrously swollen belly, butt and breasts.  Her skin was stretched to almost the breaking point.  Her arms and legs stuck out uselessly from her bloated form.  Her head looked like it was about to be swallowed completely.  Her face was red, and her brow was sweaty.  Still, Rachael didn’t stop.  She was so intent on outdoing this other woman in size that she was willing to blow herself up to her absolute limit.  She chuckled to herself.  She was clearly experience a thrill from all this exertion.

Rachael was now the width of a school bus and stood nearly as high as the shopping mall behind her.  Amber was the only kid left.  Knowing she was in danger, she ducked underneath a parked mini-van.

Rachael shouted out loud.  “NOW…SHE CAN’T BE…THIS BIG”!


The blast sent many cars flying.  Amber waited until the mini-van she was hiding under stopped shaking before poking her head out.  There was a massive crater near where Rachael’s sedan was once parked.  The explosion was so quick and sudden that nothing remained of poor Rachael.

No one was going to get in trouble for Rachael’s death.  The entire event had been filmed.

As Amber strolled back home, she thought about how her mom had always said that self-conceit could lead to self-destruction.  Mom was right.

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Fun take on the classic fable

Fun take on the classic fable - I really like how Rachael just goes for it and don't stop - the description on just how big and inflated she become are splendid ;)

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