Belly Inflation

Pumpin' Head

I've told you about Alexa Pittman, Door Woman. I've told you about Alexa Pittman, Bowling Alley Queen. I've even told you about Alexa Pittman, college student in the desert. 

But before all that, I've got one last Alexa Pittman -- Alexa Pittman the scared, frightened little girl. 

She was about 18 at the time. She had just started college. 

She was driving from Longview to Shreveport. A meeting with her parents had transitioned into her going back to Centenary College. It wasn't long before someone behind her started following her. 

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A Friendly Mishap

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The day was hot. Being in the middle of summer, days like this came often, and often did we make the best out of it. Geared with my bikini, my towel, and some sunscreen, spending the day basking in the sun with my bestie sounded like a marvelous idea. Of course, the beach was a bit too far away, so we have to settle for your back yard, pool and all. I had a good feeling about today, and I planned to make the best of it. Nudging my sunglasses upward on my nose, I parked up on your driveway, grabbed myself, locked my car and made way for the door.

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Lovely Evening, A

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A busy day, winding down, coming close to its end. In our dorm room, we sit on opposite sides of our room. You are tending to your work, scribbling in your notebook. I am in my bed, casually reading a magazine. For a while there's simply the sound of your pencil tracing on paper, with the occasional flip of a page from my magazine. The sun is still well and up in the sky, and as I look out, a small sigh escapes my lips. I drop the magazine on my bed and roll to my side, focusing on the back of your head.

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Scent of Victory, The

I've told you the story of Alexa Pittman, Door Woman. And I'm going to tell you the story of, and this is because before she was the Door Woman, Alexa Pittman was: 


Now you know that Alexa wore those cowboy boots and hats and that pair of jeans in "the Door Woman?" Well this Alexa Pittman is the same but quite a bit different. Because one or two years before she tossed all that garb away (?) and wore a leather jacket, tight t-shirt, a pair of shorts, and a pair of high heels (RED).

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Massive Mechanic

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Pete was a tall, buff, blonde haired guy, with a beard looking much like a blonde version of Lou Ferrigno from back in his Hercules days. Pete was a mechanic, the term being used lightly, as to the annoyance of his coworkers Pete was a real slacker. Pete was always on his phone or chatting up the female customers who came in, entrancing them with his bulging biceps or how his shirt strained against the movement of his rounded pecs or even with his sheer height as he beamed down at them his white teeth and pale blue eyes.

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Anna Bursts her Bubble

Anna Waltman Bursts her Bubble


Anna Waltman was sat next to her suite partner on her lawn chair.

Lauren, the most boring person on earth, smoked a cigarette next to her -- not unusual.

Centenary College had a strict no-smoking policy, and Lauren defied it.

Anna took it in stride. Nothing would annoy this girl. Smoke didn't bother her -- neither did Lauren. She was an independent woman.

Lauren decided to get the better of her. She was annoyed at how much better Anna always looked...

"So how many girls have you popped?" she asked.

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Alexa P Vs. Emily B

The Story of Alexa P and Emily B


This is the story of Alexa P,

and how she was burst 'cuz of Emily B.

The two were very best friends, and did high school until the end.

Little did they know, tho', that their hatred for each other would grow-grow.


In high school, Emily spat spitballs;

In summer, Alexa went to the malls;

In classroom, A would conquer B;

she made her jealous, for those to see;


She always got her answer right;

And B thought it was because she was so uptight;

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Inflated Wives' Club, The

"I would just like to thank Linda for volunteering to host this meeting." Marcy began, resting her teacup on her enormous, shelf-like bosom and wondering what it would be like to be able to see her feet. 

"Oh, don't mention it. I've always wanted to host a meeting of the Inflated Wives Club." Linda answered, making a rather prissy hand gesture of exaggerated humbleness and wiggling a little on her enormous rear. "I hope I didn't do too badly on the cookies."

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Olivia, the Inflatable Dancer

She hurried down the hall into her room, she locked the door and bit her lip holding the potion she had purchased from the market place. Trembling, she placed the bottle of magic she bought on the table and changed into something more, suitable. She put on her black silk dancing outfit, that only flimsily wrapped around her breasts and a white thong around her legs.

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Door Woman 3 - Pins

The Door Woman 3 -- Pins


The door woman was there a third time. Her third time there -- the first time, she had bust, the second time, she had burst, and who knew what would happen the third time. But she had to keep this little girl in here. The little girl was sitting at the table.

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