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Commercials and Other Stuff

Anyone know any good commercials or music videos with either weight gain or body inflation in them?


Have at look at any of these adverts:

Diet Rite Cola (weight gain) 

Aerored (belly inflation)

Gas-X (body inflation)

Solano Candy (weight gain)

SKOL Beer (body inflation) 

If you're turned on by the idea of a girl turning herself into a balloon by taking a really deep breath, this is the guy to talk to.

Take a deep breath in. You'll need it.


Yes. Do you know any more?

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Finally, my time to shine! I've got a few:

Gas-X (1998)

Sun Bingo (spherical)

Old Spice (it's an ad compilation, but the inflation one starts at 1:15)


Peñafiel (and another one)

Gazero from Kalbe Farma

ENO (and another one)

Trina (2007)

Mountain Dew Code Red (Head inflation)


There's also a beer commercial with a pudgy dude drinking 'till he explodes while unfitting music plays but I can't be darned to find it again. Always on the hunt for new ads/commercials, though, those things are great in their silliness at times.

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Nesajar ad. One great female in the beginning, cute guy 2nd one. Some other ladies throughout, think like 3 more inflated women.

Their facebook also has vector art of women with some bloated bellies.




That Eno one looks pretty good. Nice find.


Thanks Cosinusitis!


No mention of the Wendy's one with helium? For shame. Mind you I don't know if it's really all that GOOD, the shapes were kind of crappy IMHO, but still.

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Well, this is not a commercial, but seems a good opportunity to point it out and counts as "Other Stuff":

VENOM (The MASK) The Series - Ep17 (Inflate a Flattened The Mask)

A "The Mask" man gets flattened, and a "The Mask" girl tries to inflate him back to normal with a bike pump. She is unable to pump hard enough, so a "Venom" with a green mask comes up, takes the pump, and overinflates this man until he pops (clean)

That whole Youtube channel is filled with short videos of cartoon antics made with CGI, and these types of characters (The Mask and Venom). It's the only inflation I found though

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 Also, thanks for that ENO airplane commercial Cosinusitis. I agree with Threz52. Didn't know it and I like it. For me that woman works very well reacting to the inflating man sitting next to her

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Update: Found the beer one I was talking about at the end of my previous post.

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