Uterine inflation?

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Uterine inflation?

Hello all. I was just wondering if there was anyone on this site who has ever tried/done uterine inflation before. I know that there are certainly a lot of risks involved in it and that it can be leathal, but I also know that it has been done before (somewhere). Just wondering if "somewhere" just happened to be here on BI.

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It's really not safe because of the risk of bubbles getting into the blood vessels and causing blockages, which can kill suddenly and easily, and is a greater risk with the uterus than elsewhere because of menstruation. However, there was a time before i knew this and i did do this a couple of times with my ex-girlfriend a very long time ago (she's fine, we were lucky). What happens is that the uterus fills somewhat, then a small amount of air starts to escape into the abdominal cavity, but the problem is that the vagina inflates first and it's difficult for that reason - it gets too wide.

I really wouldn't recommend it. It's very dangerous and not even very spectacular.




A fellow by the name of lord Magnus who used to be on this site had apparently done many uterine inflations. You'll be able to find his posts if you search BI I believe. There was one post of his I remember reading that explained his process and the equipment he used.


I've also heard that a huge risk is that you can tear the lining of the uterine wall, which is VERY serious.

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I suppose one thing you might be able to do is insert something inflatable and strong through the os cervix, but getting it through that tiny hole and then getting it to inflate, considering it would have to have quite a thick wall, would be a tall order. However, at this point i want to insert an interesting link:


This is about filling the vagina.