Hold My Drink Pt. 1

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This story takes place at the birthday party of a girl named Danielle, and concerns three different groups of her friends, including Danielle herself. It would take far too long to tell you about all three of these groups and what is about to happen between them in one sitting, so we’re going to have to split this story into three parts. This first part concerns the first group.

A Miracle Biological Breakthrough Leads to Delightfully Devilish Pectoral Pumping

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Pool Party to Remember, A

“C’mon, man, you’ll have fun! Trust me.” said Liam, “You do trust me, right?”

“Well… Yeah, I trust you.. It’s just.. You know how I feel about water.”

“I know, I know. You can’t swim.” he replied.

“I can swim just fine!” I snapped, “I just… well, you know.”

“Yeah…” he sighed.

Liam was my housemate and for better terms, playmate. We had met each other a few years back and things kind of clicked. Although I preferred women, I never shied away from getting intimate with him and his boyfriend, Eric.

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Party Prep

Happy New Year!

Party Prep
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Any Witch Way

Any Witch Way
by SvenSvenson

Disclaimer:  Naughty, inflatable themes herein.
For mature audiences only.

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