Story of princesses and balloon suits 2: The Powerpuffy Princesses

It was a nice sunny day at the Mushroom Kingdom and Peach had invited her friends Daisy and Rosalina for a lunch outside.
"It's great that we're at spring already!" said Peach happily.
"Yeah." said Daisy "I was starting to get tired of the winter cold." continued as she turned at Rosalina, who was watching TV in a portable TV set.
Rosalina suddenly stopped on the News Channel.

"And we cut to some breaking news!" said Reporter Shy Guy "A group of Subconians has broke into the Mushroom Kingdom Bank recently and is taking the money away!"

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Story of Princesses and Balloon Suits

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Bowser was feeling great today, he had captured the princess Peach like always but this time he had thrice the gloating because he had also captured Daisy and Rosalina.

He brought them to a room with three holes.

"Okay, put the cages there." ordered Bowser to a Sledge Bro carrying the caged princesses.

He did as his master ordered and placed the cages on the holes.

"You won't get away with this, Bowser!" yelled Peach "Mario will save us!"

"Yeah! You know that it's gonna fail, so let us go!" continued Daisy.

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