site update

Fixed Maximum Image File Size

It was brought to my attention that the image gallery would throw an error indicating that there was no file attachment if a user tried to upload a file larger than 2MB. While the max file size was set to 6MB in the web site config, the PHP configuration still had the default 2MB limit set. I neglected to adjust this when I rebuilt the site.

I've increased the limit to 30MB. Have fun with it.

Rising from the Ashes

Keywords: is back.

On a side note, yesterday was the site's 24th anniversary. Pretty crazy.

I'm just going to go over the basics. Someday I'll share the full saga that was The Great Server Obliteration of 2020.


The Bad News

Upcoming Downtime


At some point today the site will be going offline. Please don't panic, it shouldn't be down for long.

New User Search Tool


I've put together a little something that should help people trying to find roleplaying partners.  It's still very rough and in the testing stagings, so I'm looking for some feedback on it.

Try it here.

Only people who have selected "Please contact me about roleplaying" in their profile appear on this list. You can filter by gender, preferred partners, preferred roles, and inflation types. Give it a spin, let me know how you like it.

Change is Good


Having received some feedback, I've made a few changes.  Read More for details...

User Registration Update


I've added a spam filter to the user registration form.  I'm going to leave it be for a few days to see how well it works.  If it blocks most of the fake registrations (which have accelerated to ~50/day) then I'll disable the requirement that accounts be approved by an administrator.

If it fails, then I may have to rely on CAPTCHAs.  And I really don't want to do that.  I've always found them annoying.

Welcome to the New


The site is dead, long live the site.  The rebuilt has finally arrived.

Here's a breakdown on some of the things that have changed.   Yes, it's long, but please read it.  It has lots of nifty info.


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