Blimp 5

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"Hey you!"

Usually people who didn't know my name and were calling for me approached me from behind.  This one, who was bold enough to go "hey you" to a complete stranger, shouted at me from the front.  She was about eighteen and... well, she was a tomboy, complete with short hair and baseball cap.  Aside from that, she was wearing sandals and a crop top and shorts in that same familiar, super-stretchy, spandex-like material.  They looked brand new.

I blinked. "Yes?"

She stopped in front of me. "Help me out.  You're some big expert, right?"

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Inflated Love!



This was a fun little comic idea that I did while watching the "Tremors" collection back in 2009 on a quiet weekend.  I had been teasing my good friend Kecomaster a bit with this and thought I would at least give it a try.  Not too much to look at, but it was for more of my enjoyment.  :)

Inflated Love!
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