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Lola Pop Hose Air Inflation
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Wiping tears from her eyes Tamara looked at herself in the rearview mirror of her car. Her light blue eyes were strained by red veins that glistened with tears. She brushed the bangs of her brunette bob cut to hide her swollen eyes. Sniffling she put her car into park and got out.

Tamara was a new comedian, but not just any comedian, a prop comic to be exact. But her first set on stage tonight didn't go as planned; being booed off stage in a matter of minutes and even hearing a heckler call her "fatty".

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Not What I Wanted

Rachel was an already curvy women in her early 30s. Her hair dyed black and fashioned like Betty Page's, accented with a bow. She decorated her face in makeup that included dark eyeliner with wings and reddish lipstick.

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