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Widowmaker - Escape

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Widowmaker cursed as she ran through the corridors bathed in red light. Here she was, Talon’s top operative who had a flawless record of missions, and here she was running for her life because she had somehow tripped the alarms. No matter, she had the data-drive secured, all she needed to do was make her escape. Once she was outside, she could slip away into the night to the rendezvous point, so long as the extract team did their job. Shadows danced to the right of the assassin’s vision, and she darted into a supply closet.

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Widowmaker's Weird Predicament (GrowthWatch Pt. 2)

"This...can't be real."

Amelie felt that her Cloaked Captain was thinking the exact same, and she felt the need to bring it up. Reaper was making an odd growling noise, as he did whenever Sombra was waisting his time, who was chuckling lightly as they watched the holographic video.

"I checked it and checked it again, this is real footage," Said the hacker, peering closer at the footage. "He kind of looks good with that...asset."

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