Out of Douse & Being Bigger

The instant Liliace awoke, she perceived the condition of the soil from the shady darkness inside her flower. Her roots knurled in the earth like toes wriggling through sand.

The nutrient balance was different. Slightly more traces of stone. Neighbors. Dozens of them.

She uncurled the large orange petals surrounding her while straightening her back and emerged into the slightly cool morning air and the warmth of the brilliant summer sunlight on her fern-green skin.

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Out of Sprout

(Highly recommended you read the first part, Out of Drought, before continuing!)

It was the pleasant morning sun that roused me awake as I turned my head on the pillow to face my window.

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Out of Drought

Inflation Types:

The sun was striking down — again — on the white shingles of my home when I awoke. I peeled aside the drapes of my bedroom window and could practically feel the heat radiating through the glass. The mornings should never be this hot.

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