Bianca and the Zeppelin

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A fetishist tale of ballooning female loosely based upon Aesop and Lafontaine’s fable “The Frog the Ox”, and the take of this tale on a Sesame Street cartoon.

Not suited for children, and not really recommended for normal people who are not into inflation fetishism.

A huge Zeppelin calmly floated his way over the city sky, massive, powerful and imposing by is sheer size.

Bianca was daydreaming as she saw the huge Zeppelin passing by her apartment window. She found it wonderful.

“It must be so fun to be able to float that way, flying in the air… being a big balloon full of air, swelled the size of a whale…” she thought, slipping lazily on her couch, reaching from her belly from under her shirt with her hand.

“Being so big, so huge and so voluminous must be sooooo uplifting…” she dreamed as she massaged her tummy silky skin.

“You think you are pretty big aren’t you? Well, just watch” she said, vainly taunting the Zeppelin, playful and somewhat lusty.

She took a deep breath, making her belly rise and round up.

“Maybe if I blow myself big enough, I can become as fat as this blimp…” Bianca observed, taking another deep breath, curving her back, making her belly stood up, big and round.

“I want to be a big balloon… A balloon as big as this blimp… I’ll soon work my way to be one, just watch!” she added toward the airship floating outside. Defying and aroused, she blew herself more, making her belly as big as she could.

“Much bigger than that!” she thought, puffing her sexy female frame even more with great effort, getting big enough to feel the seam of her pants creak.

“Can you see it? I’m ballooning up to become absolutely HUGE!” she spoke, more and more excited, as her sight became obstructed by the bold curve of her inflated belly which she pushed upward to be as bulky as she could.

Her belly, inflated and pushed up, became big enough to snaps the side of her pants in a loud rip that let plenty of swelled flesh spread out from her enlarged body.

“See? SEE? Can you believe it; I’m going to pump myself AS BIG AS YOU ARE!” she told the Zeppelin, totally carried away by her expansion fantasy.

Bianca, caressing her immense balloon belly and her widened naked hips that just exploded through her pants, puffed herself up with another real deep breath.

“Ooohhh! I’m SO great, SO BIG!” she moaned, still inhaling and ballooning, as her butt and bosom began inflating like her tummy due to her massive swelling efforts. Her round, already sizeable bottom widened by her big hips overfilled her panties some more with Bianca every breath.

Her fleshy pair of bouncing, chubby pink boobs rounded up like overblown party balloons, stretching her rolled up shirt and black lace bra.

“I’M GONNA BE WAY BIGGER THAN YOU!” she told toward the Zeppelin, object of her challenge and envy, as she swelled, swelled and swelled whole, getting such a big balloon butt her panties snapped.

“BIGGER THAN A HOUSE!” she added as she swelled, swelled and swelled some more, getting so fat her inflating bosom and belly rip open her shirt, tearing it to shred.

”BIGGER THAN A MOUTAIN!” she screamed as she swelled, swelled and swelled even more, bloating her body so big her massively ballooned breast exploded out of her bra.

Bianca was now a grotesquely inflated balloon with colossally exaggerated feminine curves. Her puffy naked body was all round and bubbly, with an over ballooned belly, gigantic air-filled boobs and a butt as wide and curvy as possible. Her bulbous lips and face reddened under the effort, her brow became soaked with sweat. She kept puffing herself with so much dedication and fetishist pride that her silky skin got drum tight; her big belly, bosom and bottom looked pumped up to bursting point, like a rubber balloon about to explode.

Bianca felt absolutely wonderful as she got to the very absolute volume her air-filled balloon body could get, being so big, so huge and so wonderfully voluminous that she couldn’t go any bigger without popping…

“BIGGER THAN THE WORLD!” she finally screamed, still puffing herself as she difficultly swelled, swelled and swelled so much that… KABOOM! She exploded! She got so big and burst so suddenly that nothing was left of the poor Bianca.

Then, maybe, for a second, a strong, vibrating presence of absolute lusty joy and overblown pride floated around the spot were the hugely ballooned gal had blown herself into oblivion by the dramatic fulfillment of an unbound expansion fantasy.

As the thunder of Bianca self achieved explosion still resonated in the air, the huge Zeppelin that inspired that overly fetishist episode calmly floated away in the city sky, still massive, powerful and imposing by is sheer size, just like Bianca before she exploded with a lustful smile…

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