Instances of Female Chest Inflation via Breath

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Instances of Female Chest Inflation via Breath

I decided to compile a little list of most of the instances of female breath-induced chest inflation that I know of. There's not a lot but it's better than nothing!


Kung Fu Hustle — The Landlady has a special ability called the Lion's Roar which involves her inhaling very deeply and letting out a stupidly powerful scream. She does this three times in the film, and the second and third times feature breast expansion as she inhales.


Cheapo by the Dozen [Stripperella] — Towards the start of this episode, a man drives into a river and almost drowns, before Stripperella decides to inhale, blowing up her breasts in the process, hold her breath and dive in to save him.


Beneficios [Club La Nación] — In this 2019 advert, a woman inhales deeply three times. The first time makes her stand up taller. The second time the camera focuses on her rising chest, and it expands to the point of a button popping off. The third time has her blow up like a balloon and float through the city, eventually coming back down and deflating.


Goon Hollywood [Private Olive Oyl] — When Olive and Alice are "drinking around" during the shooting of a film, Sergeant. Blast decides to get things moving. She inhales deeply, bulging her chest to the point of button gaps forming on her uniform, and yells "ACTION!" so loudly that it causes a gust of wind.


Fisherman's Friend — One Italian Fisherman's Friend advert features a woman at a pool table who takes a lozenge and then inhales so deeply, that a button shoots off her shirt, implying that her chest swelled.


Party Pop [Blow Up Girls] — This online video revolves around Nikki walking in on Sophia doing something strange. She is inhaling several deep breaths, each one inflating her breasts, and then blowing it into a balloon. Nikki then approaches her and watches her do it again several times, and the inhales soon start filling up her belly and ass as well. Eventually Sophia locks lips with Nikki and blows all the air into her instead.


Bursting the Blowhard [Blow Up Girls] — Nikki has grown tired of Sophia showing off her ability to pump up her breasts by breathing deeply and filling them up. In a "Frog and the Ox" kind of manner, Nikki tells Sophia about a woman she supposedly saw with absolutely humongous boobs. Sophia says that she can easily surpass that, and so starts huffing and puffing and puffing and huffing to the point of bursting.


The Good, the Bad, and the Busty [TaylorMadeClips] — This video revolves around Taylor, who is well-endowed, teasing Brandy, who is not so much. Brandy soon begins to breathe deeply out of anger, and this causes her breasts to slowly begin to expand. Taylor eventually notices and a competition ensues. Brandy takes deep breaths and squeezes them in to inflate her breasts, while Taylor uses the classic thumb blowing trick. Taylor eventually pops.


Virtual Stranger [Totally Spies] — Towards the end of the episode, a character known as the Walking Tornado stands before the three spies (and Britney) on a raised ledge. She then inhales very deeply, arching her back and swelling the curve of her breasts a bit, before blowing gale-force winds at the protagonists.


Reimu Hakurei Blowkiss [Imbapovi] — A portal opens and out comes Yukari who immediately begins to advance on Reimu. She hugs her tightly before taking a deep breath, inflating her breasts noticeably, and accompanied by the sound of them filling up. She then begins to puffkiss Reimu to a huge size.


Miku Balloon B2P [Imbapovi] — This video revolves around Hatsune Miku in a business outfit blowing up a blue balloon to an immense size. Her chest expands and contracts noticeably throughout the video, and at the end, when she is out of breath, she inhales such an immense breath her breasts inflate to five times their original size, and the subsequent powerful exhale is enough to finally pop the balloon. This video is now rather hard to find.


Miku Hot Water Bottle B2P [Imbapovi] — This video, which is also now hard to find, starts off with Miku taking two very deep breaths that noticeably push out her breasts before starting to blow up a hot water bottle.


Sonic the Hedgehog — Dulcy the Dragon, and her mother Sabina, both have the ability to inhale huge amounts of air, inflating their chests to the point where it resembles reptilian breasts, and exhaling it in the form of gale-force winds or ice. Dulcy uses this ability three times while Sabina uses it once.


Episode 49 [Monkey Typhoon] — Happens twice. Marie (or Marri), the drum-playing member of the villainous quartet, uses her drums to create an illusion of her growing bigger and bigger. She taunts the Asobots a little before inhaling very deeply, inflating her breasts, and blowing them away in a gust of wind. She does this again later, with the gust of wind carrying on and on until she is stabbed in the chest and the illusion dissolves.


I could've sworn I remembered Babs Bunny doing this once...


 I'm kind of a Tiny Toon nerd.

Tiny Toon Adventures (1990 series). Episode "Her Wacky Highness". It's one of the earlier ones in broadcasting order. I think before episode 10. It's a half hour cartoon (well, actually around 22 minutes, commercial breaks extend it to 30 min).

 It kind of works as the introductory episode to WackyLand.

 Babs Bunny makes fun of teacher Elmer Fudd, who happens to catch her while imitating him in a moking manner. So he sends her to the principal, who sends her home with a letter for her mom about her behaviour in school.

 (Here comes the deep breath part)
 Babs back at home. Her mother read the letter, and is complaining to Babs about her not controlling her prankster behaviour. While being scolded, Babs is still having fun practicing funny expressions (which ironically is something we would expect to give her some good scores at some class at the Looniversity). Here's when Babs takes a HUGE deep breath, and then grabs her chest with her two hands forcing the air into her head, deforming it.

 And it happens to be animated by the japanese studio TMS (Tokio Movie Shinsha or something like that), which was considered to have the most skilled designs and animation out of the studios working on the show. The sighting it's quite impressive actually.



Beneficios [Club La Nación] — In this 2019 advert...

That's a heck of a find :) 


I looooove huffing and puffing and puffing and huffing to the point of bursting!

Breathy Chest Boi

Adding five more:


Butt Out [Tiny Toon Adventures] — At some point in the segment, during one of Babs' protests against Roderick and Rhubella's smoking, Rhubella takes a deep drag, noticeably inflating her chest, and puffs a big cloud right in Babs' face.


Her Wacky Highness [Tiny Toon Adventures] — Babs is being scolded by her mother for being a prankster, yet still pulls stupid faces. This includes taking a massive breath, inflating her chest, then squeezing it and shoving all the air into her head. (Thanks pballooned for the actual context of this scene)


Unknown [Animaniacs] — During this segment of Animaniacs, all three Warners, including Dot, inhale very deeply and inflate their chests. Then they yell what sounds like "FLAMEAL".

(Might need some help with context on this one)


Double Puffkiss [Imbapovi] — This starts with Imiku and Anna (owned by Puffylover1) eyeing each other and then taking turns inhaling very deeply, inflating their breasts huge. Then they lock lips and somehow blow into and inflate each other at the same time.


Dragon, Interrupted [GraphiteGolem] — In this animated student film from 2002, a princess appears to be in trouble. She reads a storybook about a princess calling for help. Then she inhales, inflating her breasts a little, and yells for help loud enough to get the attention of a knight.