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Stress Inflating

Jhanavi plops down on her bed, making her bounce briefly on the padding as she rests her back on the wall. A low groan escapes between her hands which covered her face, hoping that the distressed noises would help relieve some of the stress she was feeling from work.

The sun gently shined on her as Jhan sat on her bed, mumbling under her breath. The colours of her blue jeans and dark shirt glowed under the light of the outdoors. 

With one last groan, Jhan let her hands slide off her face and fall onto the bed, still slouched back against the hard wall.

“Work work work…” Jhan says under her breathe, “Wouldn’t be so back if every day wasn’t so stressful and— dumb!”

The woman lets out an annoyed sigh, now resting her head against the back of the wall as she just sits around and tries to take her mind off of the stressful day, during which her eyes slowly wander around her small space.

As she scans the room, her mind is immediately taken off work when her eyes set upon a silvery cylinder which just got struck by the sunlight, making the metal shine and sparkle. Jhan blinked as she looked at it a bit longer, before finally getting herself off the bed.

Jhan strides over to the corner, moving and shoving a couple of things out of her way before she got to the cylinder that the sunlight had revealed to her, “I— still have this?” She quietly says.

She bends over, getting a good grasp on the cylinder before pulling it up into her arms, and bringing it back over to her bed where she lets it drop onto, the hose attached to the cylinder flings around and falls down at the woman’s feet.

Jhan looks down at where the hose fell down in front of her, following the long hose up her bed and back to the silver cylinder that had the letters “HE” written on the side. A mixture of thoughts and emotions bounced around in her mind.

“Well… This seems like it could be a good way to destress…” Jhan says, plundering what she should do.

“Oh screw it! After this past week I deserve some time to myself.” She declares, bending down and picking up the hose.

In her other hand, Jhan takes out her phone and opens up youtube. What she was about to do was something she’s done before, but not in a while. Everyone has their own of relaxing and relieving stress, some like to eat ice cream, others like to take a shower, Jhan however has her own little ritual she loved doing to relieve stress.

She first chose some kind of music, nature sounds or asmr playlist to listen to. This time she chose a playlist of relaxing asmr sounds. Jhan started up the playlist, turned up the volume and placed it on a table nearby.

Jhan then eager stepped back, looking around her and adjusting the area around her as needed to make sure there was enough room for the ritual.

She walks over to her bed once she’s made a clearing, grabbing the valve on the top of the helium tank, and cranking it open. The cylinder hissed to life, sending a gentle breeze of air out of the nozzle of the hose. She aims it towards her hand, feeling the gentle breeze.

“A little faster~” she says, going back to the valve and opening it up even more, making the flow of helium out of the hose more powerful.

Jhan smiles, stepping back out into the middle of the area she cleared out, hose eagerly in hand. She glanced down at the hose she held in her hands, feet shuffling below her as her hands began to move the hose towards her mouth. With one last eager motion, she pushed the hose between her lips, making sure it was sealed between them.

“Mmmph!!!” Jhan squealed in surprise as her cheeks immediately puffed up as the helium pushed its way into her.

She had almost forgotten what this felt like, it had been so long. She giggled as the helium rushed down her throat and into the rest of her body, filling every corner of her body rapidly. The feeling was almost ticklish, helium brushing against every corner of her as she filled. It didn’t take long before she was out of room, and the helium had to make more room.

Jhan’s eyes popped open with surprise as she felt her jeans get tighter. She gently took she hands off the hose, making sure it’d stay in her mouth before she reached behind her. A tingle went up her spine upon placing her hands on her butt. It was growing! Her jeans tightened around her buttocks as it grew and filled up like a balloon, pressing into the fabric more and more. 

She smiled joyfully, bouncing up and down in place with excitement, she must of really missed this. She kept her hands on her bum as it expanded more and more into her hands, growing bigger and bigger, rounder and rounder, full of helium and still inflating!

Her backside quietly began to squeak as her backside became bigger and rounder under the fabric. Jhans jeans were visibly becoming taut as they stretched around her ballooning bum, fighting to keep it contained. More squeaks emitted as she ran her hands along the growing surface, looking back and laughing happily at the expansion.

Her attention suddenly was drawn away from behind her, wiping her head back in front of her to see two orbs slowly pushing her black shirt out more and more. To her excitement, those growing orbs was her own chest. 

One of her hands slide off her ballooning rear, now resting on her chest as it stretched out further and further, squeaking like a balloon just like her backside. The inflation of both was fairly fast, filling up her clothing more and more. 

As her chest ballooned up bigger and round, her shirt slowly began to ride up her body, revealing her stomach underneath as the once perfect fitting shirt slowly began to look small on her as her chest inflated full of helium.

Jhan groaned happily, one hand on her rear and another on her chest. She closed her eyes, taking in the moment, enjoying the feeling of her inflation. Both of her inflating parts squeaked and pushed against her clothes. Her shirt struggled to cover her entire torso, exposing the bottom half as it began to focus on keeping her growing chest in, and her bum was squeaking loudly as it pushed against her jeans more and more, straining them and making them more taut, as if her blimping backside was going to burst out of them.

Jhan’s quiet bliss was interrupted as she felt her belly push out. Her hand slide off her now sizable chest and onto the skin of her stomach as it surges out in size, pushing her fingers apart as it fills with helium under her hand. Jhan remembered what this meant, the transformation for her favourite part of the process was starting, and she had every intention of enjoying each stretch of her skin, every squeak emitting from her ballooning curves, and all the helium that was forcing her body to become less and less familiar as she got bigger and rounder.

She removed her hands from her belly and rear, letting them fall to her sides as her eyes lazily closed, happily letting out a groan as she stretches out bigger and bigger. Her jeans now struggling to contain the entirety of her big, round backside as it puffed up, squeaking and creaking, testing the seems of her jeans as it fought not to burst apart. Her shirt now hugged comfortably against her big ballooned orbs of her chest, no longer covering her beachball stomach. Her belly squeaked freely, not being held back from any clothing and ballooned out without anything holding it back.

Jhan was enjoying the feeling and the cute sounds emitting from her body, feeling as more and more of her body ballooned up. Her sides puffed out with her stomach, joining its roundness. With a loud squeak, her arms and legs began to slowly puff and get absorbed by her body. It was at this point that the balloon woman was becoming completely helpless as all of her inflated assets began to merge together, stretching her clothes out even more.

The button on Jhan’s jeans strained to hold on, causing a little bit of pressure for her as her body fought to outgrow her jeans. Suddenly, the button ‘snapped’ and flew off her jeans, hitting the wall like a bullet. From there, the zipper on her jeans slowly unzipped, allowing her body more freedom to inflate bigger without constraints.

It didn’t take long from here for Jhan to become unrecognisable as a woman, not even human! Instead, she was nothing but a giant ball, like a beach toy, filled to the brim with helium, the perfect balloon woman. She opened her eyes lazily, her hands and feet cutely wiggling around on the sides of her round body. A small and cozy smile formed on her lips around the hose, groaning joyfully.

Her inflation didn’t stop with her body rounding out; however, the helium tank was still pumping away. With no way to remove the hose or stop the helium tank in her helpless state, she was at the mercy of the helium continuing to stretch her ball body out bigger and bigger. She didn’t mind though, she was enjoying her helpless state. More and more helium was filling her up, which soon caused the next part of her inflation to begin.

With squeaks filling the room, her body began to lift off the floor, almost magically floating into the air slowly and majestically.

Jhan wiggled her sunken hands ecstatically, muffed squeals of joy were able to be heard behind the hose as she felt herself lift off the ground. Bigger and bigger, higher and higher, louder squeaks that continued to make her insides tingle as she stretched out like a latex balloon, that’s all Jhanavi was now. Jhanavi knew this as she floated up towards the ceiling, groaning happily, her clothes straining, her room filling up more and more with her body. She was no longer a woman, she was just a balloon. 

And that’s how she wanted it.

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