Cheerleader Scorned A, Part 3: Intermission

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Jordyn sat cross-legged on the glossy wooden floor, back against a tall metal cylinder, a red rubber hose cascading over her shoulder to lay dormant in her lap. She busied herself tying off a brightly-colored balloon, fingers tripping over each other in an effort to resolve the tangle of ribbon and latex. Finally, with some difficulty, she knotted it and moored it to a rack of folding chairs wheeled out into the center of the gymnasium, where it bobbed up to join a depressingly small multi-colored bundle. She leaned back and sighed loudly.

"Twenty down, two hundred billion to go."

No response came from her only companion in the whole cluttered, half-set-up expanse. Mia, her fellow cheerleader, cute and slender in her ripped-up jeans and snug tank top, humming away to the music blasting too loudly from her earbuds as she lay prone on the floor facing away from Jordyn. She kicked her legs absentmindedly as she stenciled bold block letters onto a banner spread out before her, one shoe dangling casually from her foot and the other forgotten on the floor.

Mia. Not Kaylee. Not the last captain in Jordyn's sights. An excitable girl, and bubbly, but an innocent bystander. Kind of. There was very little love lost between them, that was for sure, though Jordyn suspected the animosity wasn't actually mutual. Either way, Jordyn found it nauseating, the stereotype she embodied so well; lithe and acrobatic enough for the top of the formations, long platinum hair that whipped around in stunning arcs as she spun through the air, dumb as a post's embarrassing nephew. Those brilliant blonde locks were the only thing of value that ever sprouted from her pretty little noggin.

Jordyn fished in the bag for another balloon. She stuck it on the end of the hose and reached behind herself to twist the cylinder valve open just a bit. Helium rushed into the balloon, stretching it out into a sphere. It grew steadily, going gradually translucent and slowly distorting into an overblown pear shape. Its expansion slowed as she watched, still stuck on the end of the hose, sounding an audible rubbery complaint and then popping with a sharp crack.

Mia started at the noise, yanked out one earbud and propped herself up on one elbow to turn back toward Jordyn. "Everything OK back there?"

"Yeah," Jordyn said, "Sorry, just got a little carried away." She gave an apologetic little shrug and swerved the subject. "When's Kaylee getting here, anyway?"

"Hmm," Mia said, lost in thought. "Oh, right! She said she couldn't come today. I think it was something important? Cause she really needed me to fill in for her."

Jordyn crumpled the bag of balloons until her knuckles flashed white. If she'd really gone through all that maneuvering just for a front-row seat to stare at Mia's distressed denim, she may well be furious enough to, to...

She smiled a little.

"You're sure she's not just showing up late?"

"Super sure!" Mia said with the usual overdose of bubbly enthusiasm. "Why, is something wrong?"

"Nah," Jordyn said, affecting a casual tone. "Just wondering if I'm gonna have to inflate all these stupid balloons by myself."

"I can inflate some if you want!" Mia said brightly.

"I'd like if you inflated a lot," Jordyn volleyed back. "But where should we stick the hose?"

"Ooh, I'd make a cute balloon!" Mia giggled, "Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh!" She spread her arms and legs to pantomime being inflated, her fashionably ripped jeans stretching tight over her wiggling rear. One spot in particular caught Jordyn's attention, a patch of lime green fabric and a slice of pale skin peeking out where the denim pulled apart near her back pocket. She grinned and sprang forward, hose in hand. There was no missing that bullseye.

"Oh!" Mia gasped, blinking in surprise. "Ahh!" She cried a moment later as the cylinder valve squeaked behind her and the hose jumped to life, shooting a blast of helium right up her rear. It gushed in rapidly, twisting and turning and spilling out into her stomach as she started and squirmed, scrambling for purchase with her knees and elbows over the smooth wooden floor. The feeling was powerful, unexpected, but not at all unpleasant, holding her in its grasp even as the edge of shock died away. But before she could get her wits fully about her, it was over; Jordyn closed the valve, shutting off the flow but leaving the hose, and its payload, stuck firmly inside her.

"How'd that feel?" Jordyn said from behind.

Tension fled from Mia's body, and she let out a gasp that was more than halfway to a moan.

"That good, huh?"

Mia's cheeks went hot and she shivered in the aftershocks of sensation. Strange and sudden and awkward as it was, the memory of that rush of slick pressure deep inside her was undeniably enthralling. And, she had to admit, so was the pointed teasing driving it all home. Jordyn, cute and in control, seeing right through to that basest of bizarre desires, and more than willing to indulge her. Mia's heart raced at the thought of what might happen if they kept on going, but that was nothing compared to the ache at the idea that they would simply let the moment slip by. She needed to feel it again, if only briefly, to taste that furtive glee of taking things just a little further.

She raised herself up on one elbow again to look back over her shoulder, and as she did so she could feel the forced injection shifting inside her. Her normally flat, toned midriff was bloated already from the short blast she'd been given. The tiniest hint of where things might take her.

"You can... try a little more," she said after a pause, and blushed deeper.

"Hmm," Jordyn said, meeting her eyes and smiling and running a finger in circles around the cylinder valve, "how 'bout a lot more? I wonder how much we need to fill you up before you fly?"

"—Fly?" Mia's stomach did a somersault at the prospect. The balloon's worth already in her belly was hardly even a beginning to how much they'd need. She thought of how big a bundle it would take to lift her off her feet, all crammed inside her own body instead. In her imagination she felt that little bit within her multiplying relentlessly, dominating her, making a mockery of her slender little figure as it filled her up from head to toe, forcing her to struggle and stretch to contain it all...

"Mmm-hhm!" Jordyn nodded enthusiastically. "Instead of a hundred little balloons, we'll just make one big one. One really, <i>really</i> big one. Sounds fun, doesn't it?" Stifling a giggle, she gripped the valve, and attempting to stop her was the last thing on Mia's mind.

The valve twisted and the hose jumped and Mia broke her silence with another sharp "Oh!" as the new gush of air invaded her shapely little rear, tickling viciously as it rushed up into her. She kicked and squirmed, pumping her hips and clenching her toes, slipping from her elevated perch to bump her chin on the floor. It was just as she'd imagined, the feeling of the mass inside her doubling in size. Tripling, quadrupling, with no end in sight. Her breath caught and slipped out in shuddering sighs as she lay there, letting it pump her up, an endless torrent with a shamefully sensual edge. Her stomach rounded out beneath her, pushing through the growing gap between her top and her beltline, raising her up on her own growing bulk. She felt the pressure trickling into her breasts, too, massaging gently from within, making her groan and bite her lip.

Oh God, she thought, she really was inflating. Being treated like a toy. Like the balloons Jordyn had blown up so casually. And, worst of all, enjoying it more than a little bit. A deep-seated, satisfying feeling of fullness developed everywhere beneath her skin as the gradually increasing pressure squeezed gently out like some sort of inverted, full-body hug. Her top stretched noticeably and jeans pulled tight around her ass and her thighs, tugging at the edges of the rips in the fabric, growing noticeably snug against her crotch. Vivid suggestions of things to try when she got home leaped into her mind, but so did a certain reticence toward bursting out of her clothes right then and there. Still, there was no pressing danger for the moment. Or the next...

The sound of snapping threads along her sides pulled her out of her reverie. Perhaps those far-flung dangers were perhaps closer than they'd seemed. She'd underestimated just how big she could get so quickly. Visions of the consequences of that overindulgence piled onto the scales against the leaden weight of her reluctance. If nothing else, they could always reconvene...

"I..." she finally said after another moment's argument, "I think we should try this somewhere else."

"Really?" Jordyn said behind her. "You don't sound very sure about that."

It was true. Her voice was thick and heavy with wistfulness, shackled by her not-so-secret desires. She opened her mouth to press her case, but Jordyn continued over her.

"Don't you want to show everyone how big and round and pumped-up you can get? Isn't that what you're excited for? Besides," she said, flatly, "I'm not leaving until this tank is empty, and blowing you up is a lot more fun than dealing with those little balloons."

Trepidation trickled into Mia's cavernous belly, hitching a ride on the burgeoning pressure within. "Ohhh," she said, pounding her toes against the floor, "I'm so full!" She reached behind herself in search of the hose, hand fumbling over the shockingly unfamiliar curves of her own body.

"Nuh-uh," Jordyn cut in with an edge to her singsong voice, her fingers curling around Mia's wrist, "You're not flying yet."

With rising unease Mia swung her free hand around to remove the hose instead, but before she could grasp it, something hard and heavy crashed onto her back. She grunted at the impact, which may have knocked the wind out of her if not for surplus she currently contained. Instead, her whole body bounced with it, billowing out briefly to the sides as the lifting gas displaced and spread inside her and then snapping back. The smooth metal of the helium cylinder met her fingers now, pushed over onto her back and blocking access to that vital port. She made a clumsy effort to dislodge it, but Jordyn seized that wrist as well and brought them both back, pinning them together behind the cylinder. The sound of peeling tape met Mia's ears, and then wide strips wound around her wrists, securing them tightly in that position. A brief attempt at wrenching them apart proved absolutely futile; in the space of a moment, she'd become bound and totally helpless, free for Jordyn to pump up as long and as large as she wished.

Inches piled onto Mia's waistline as she wriggled and kicked, fighting the excesses of that horribly tantalizing offer she could no longer refuse. She should be horrified how she no longer had any say in the way her body billowed out beneath her, groaning faintly now as it stretched, with no sign of when or if it ever would stop. But those laser-targeted teases, the feeling of it all rushing in, of being filled up entirely, pressure swirling beneath her ever-tauter skin, of there being so much more of her than ever before and every inch of her crammed with that novel sensation... whatever she'd meant to say in response to Jordyn, all that came out was a long, shivering groan.

"There's a lot more where that came from," Jordyn said, and giggled, and strode around to Mia's front. She kicked aside the half-stenciled banner before her and lay down in its place, chin propped on one hand with the roll of tape still in the other. Her eyes betrayed her warm smile, wandering hungrily over Mia's expanding form, taking in every little twitch and squirm, every bit of forced expansion. It seemed to Mia as if she could somehow see the sensation of her bra strap digging into her back, of her belt biting into her billowing midsection, of her constricted thighs bulging through the multitude of rips in her jeans. Of the creeping lightness to it all, promising to overcome her slender weight sooner rather than later and send her airborne.

There was certainly no hiding the way her breasts and her belly swelled out beneath her, round and taut as if she'd swallowed a life raft and increasing in their pneumatic bulk every second. Nor could she think that rubbery creak now sounding over the low rush of compressed gas could escape Jordyn's rapt attention, or the intermittent grunts of effort like the snapping of threads that showed her clothes weren't the only things beginning to strain under the pressure.

"Please," Mia managed to force out, "Stop, I'm gonna—mmph!"

Her words disappeared beneath a strip of tape, and then several more for good measure.

"You're gonna what? Burst?" Jordyn said in a theatrical tone, as if she'd just now considered the possibility. "Fill up with helium until your cute little body can't hold a single bit more and keep on going? Feel yourself growing tighter and tighter, helpless to stop it as you squeal and squirm and finally explode?"

Jordyn paused, eyes alight, leaving a chasm of silence for Mia's stomach to trip and fall into. "We should give that a try, now that you bring it up. But first, let's get you off the ground."

She reached out behind Mia's head to where the valve on the tank now lay and gave it a hearty twist, causing the hose inside her to erupt with a torrent of helium that made the jet previously pumping into her feel like a trickle by comparison. It blasted up her rear like a firehose, slick and voluminous, sending the growth of her balloon body into overdrive. She cried out helplessly into her gag, cheeks going crimson as her internal pressure skyrocketed, struggled in vain to free her wrists from their bonds. It was too much, too fast. Jordyn met her eyes and giggled, puffed out her cheeks in mockery. She was the one in control, enjoying every second of Mia's total humiliation, her utter domination. Of blowing her up like one of the balloons she'd burst just to see what happened. And despite it all—or because of it—that sensual edge cut ever deeper, not just in the pleasurable pounding of compressed gas but in overwhelming fulfillment of her shameful desires, the tantalizing ache of knowing things weren't nearly over. She squirmed to the sound of Jordyn's cheers, promises of flight occupying her mind as the rips in her jeans widened and her top began to pull apart along the seams, the unyielding leather of her belt growing painfully tight between them—


Her belt buckle tore its way through to the next notch and her body surged out to fill the new space, expanding out so rapidly that she bounced a few inches into the air from the force of it. She hung aloft a second longer than she would have expected before drifting back down as if through water. For all the steady growing lightness she'd felt within her, it came as a shock to experience it in action, to discover that even with the additional weight of the cylinder on her back, she'd been pumped so full of lifting gas that she was very nearly buoyant. She sounded another muffled complaint, which Jordyn pointedly ignored, as her belt squeezed her hips like a vicegrip again.


Mia lurched into the air again, higher this time. Six inches, a foot, a foot and a half. Her body lingered, seemingly uncertain about whether it wanted to go up or down, before bobbing leisurely back toward the floor. She bounced a few inches on impact despite the sedate speed of her landing; her breasts and her belly were firm in their roundness now, stretched taut by the raging pressure beneath her skin. Just like those balloons in the bundle going tense as they inflated, creaking with strain before—


She went airborne once more, and as she reached the apex of her trajectory, she felt the balance shift. The buoyant gas crammed inside her met the pull of gravity head-on and slowly, inevitably, began to win out. She hovered, weightless, for a moment, and then began to rise again.

"MMMPH! HMMN!" she cried in alarm. Every inch of altitude brought her closer to drifting out of Jordyn's reach, past all possible help. And she had no illusions about what would happen then. One foot she rose above Jordyn's prone form, two. She kicked out, squealed more desperately into her gag. Three. Jordyn let one more agonizing instant pass before coming to her aid, springing to her feet and reaching out to hook a finger into her belt buckle. She tugged her over by that tenuous point of contact to the rack of folding chairs that hosted the multicolored latex bundle, looped a length of ribbon through her belt and tied it deftly off. Mia rose to the limit of her tether and bounced with a quiet twang that evened itself out as she pulled smoothly, constantly upwards. Just one balloon among many.

"There we go!" Jordyn said happily, "One Mia balloon, ready to show off! Feels like I'm forgetting something, though..." She put one finger theatrically to her chin as Mia swelled before her with the sound of stretching rubber and snapping threads, shouting pleas that died inside her bloated cheeks. The hose stuck up her rear was relentless, pumping her up as rapidly as ever. Seconds passed, tightness rippling through her body, and her belt the tightest of all...

“Oh! Right!” Jordyn said, reached over Mia’s head to the valve on the helium tank.

Mia dared a tiny sigh of relief.

“Lefty-tighty, righty-loosey, right?”


Mia's eyes went wide as the valve squeaked and the already-ample jet of helium ratcheted up to full blast, doubling in volume. Her body followed suit, surging out in all directions as her very skin creaked and whined at the strain of it.


Her belt was no match. It tore open completely, unleashing one final spurt of growth that ripped through her top and tore her jeans to tatters. The bottom fell out of her blimped-up stomach as her untethered bulk began to drift skyward again, but Jordyn came to her rescue once more, grabbing her by her swollen cheeks and pulling her back down. Face to face she hovered, head cupped in Jordyn's hands like a lover's, the rest of her body tugging insistently toward the ceiling. Jordyn stared into her eyes, smiling warmly, coyly. Then, tugging her gently in, she planted a kiss first on one cheek and then the other. Mia blinked in surprise, molten heat spreading from the touch of those soft, eager lips. Jordyn giggled softly, nearly nose to nose with her.

And then she let go.

Mia squealed into her gag, hot with humiliation and indignation at her final betrayal, kicking out helplessly as she rose out of reach. Ten feet she soared, twenty, before she finally bumped against the slanted ceiling and came to rest, totally immobile. Nearly naked and half-spherical, her legs splayed outward from the internal pressure while her wrists remained securely tied. Her exposed bra constricted her massive breasts like a pair of colossal lime-green groping hands, her panties in matching vivid color cutting low and tight across her hips. Between them, her belly ballooned out rapidly, free from all restraint. In her inverted world she felt as if she were laying on her back with a firehose up her ass, the horrible pleasurable rush filling her up and pinning her down against her new floor, panting and groaning as her skin pulled drum-tight around a hundred cubic feet of helium and counting.

On the floor far below she could see Jordyn reclining back, watching her raptly. With a casual air she reached into the little bag of balloons and picked one out, put it to her lips. One breath, two, three it held before its rubbery straining peaked and it burst with a sharp crack that echoed in the space between them. She followed up her display by fishing out her phone and pointing it upward. The tiny light of the camera winked on, then she met Mia's eyes with her own and grinned.

Mia groaned pitifully in response, clenching her toes and drumming her heels against the ceiling. Every inch she swelled, every little squeak and squirm and transgressive little moan piqued Jordyn's sick curiosity. And she couldn't stop herself from putting on a show. Even if some would-be savior came strolling through the doors this instant, there was no way they could reach her in time. Her only hope was to somehow withstand all the helium cylinder had to offer, but she knew there was far, far more crammed inside it than she could ever hope to handle. Even as she trembled a stone's throw from the brink, body singing with the strain, it blasted its contents into her without slowing a fraction. She could double her colossal size before the cylinder even began to slow, and she didn't have nearly that far to go.

Another moan slipped out between the grunts and groans of effort in holding herself together. Her cheeks burned at the shameful excitement of it, the deep-seated desperate longing. The ultimate conclusion to her indecent desire to be pumped up like a disposable plaything. Pressure soared within her, invading every nook and cranny of her body, promising the most exquisitely humiliating end. Everywhere was that feeling of fullness prying determinedly outward, backed by the incessant tickling of compressed gas flowing beneath her ever more sensitive skin.

And that did mean everywhere.

She felt throbbing it at the summit of her bloated belly, oh so far away. At the spearpoint tips of her nipples, aching to break free. Inside her bloated cheeks, swollen to the size of grapefruits. And right between her widespread legs, where her most intimate region puffed out, rubbing against itself in its growth. She gasped in sudden awareness of it. A spark alighting on the apex of the turgid, pumped-up nexus of her pleasure, far beyond anything she could do about it. Catching, growing, threatening to consume her.

Mia moaned and moaned again as the spark kindled into a blaze. At the endless internal rubbing far below, tickling and teasing where she could do nothing to shake it off. It was all she could do to simply squirm in place, her body too round and stiff to even grind her hips against the empty air. There would be no blessed outside resistance to set her off. No hurrying it along. And certainly no escaping it. Tongues of pressure licked her, savoring her, content to finish her off at their own pace. A buildup dynamic in its regularity, pulling back teasingly when she squealed for more and forcing her onward when she begged for a moment's reprieve.

Heat enveloped her. Pangs of tightness rippled through her body and didn't ebb away. Her cries of muffled exultation mingled with the ever-louder rubbery complaint of her stretching skin as she battled against the pressure working to overwhelm her. Each second she endured increased the strain, the hunger, the desperation for her final release. She welcomed in that endless jet, the rising tempo of its swirling caress, the delicious shame of nearing her absolute limit. It pressed on, steady and inescapable in sweeping her past the point of no return.

Mia's eyes rolled back, her whole body quivered, and she screamed against her gag as she climaxed. Gone was the steady, deliberate buildup, replaced by a shuddering riot of sensation erupting between her legs. Again and again it lanced through her, making her clench so hard she ached, threatening to shake free the tenuous grip by which she held herself together. Waves of pleasure crashed through her, flooded and inundated her, ebbed briefly back only to build up higher than before like an incoming tsunami. She was a slave to the jet of helium rushing in through her ass, pumping ever more pleasure into her even as the pressure built up to burst her, not like a balloon, but like a bomb.

Her body pulsed outward as she climaxed again and she caught herself just in time, marshalling every last bit of strength against the onslaught. Her expansion slowed but didn't stop, picking up speed with a strained creak loud enough to echo off the walls. She couldn't hold it back. Pleasure tore through her more violently than before, squeezed and sweetened by the precious little time left to enjoy it, spiced with the shame and utter humiliation of her final defeat. In her entire colossal body, from her bloated cheeks all the way down to her clenching toes, there was absolutely no more she could possibly hold. And yet it kept on coming. She was going, going to—

Jordyn watched from far below as Mia reached her quivering limit and finally exploded, sending bits of bright fabric raining down like multicolor snow. She finished her recording and lay back in awe, biting her lip and sending her fingers down to her beltline. Reluctantly she restrained herself, but she couldn't stop replaying that glorious moment in her mind's eye. Marveling at Mia's performance, the way she'd squealed and moaned right until her pumped-up body detonated with a blast like a cannon. You didn't need a particular grudge with a girl to squeeze a good time out of her, it seemed. The possibilities there were endless. But she could indulge herself later. For now, she stood up, reached out and snatched the largest drifting bit of Mia's shredded outfit she could find as a souvenir. Then she gathered up her bag and with one last wistful glance back, slipped the scene by means of the back door; poor Mia had doubtless drawn the attention of anyone within a mile or two, and Jordyn didn't particularly feel like explaining the swirling scraps of shredded fabric and what they had to do with the fact that every window twenty feet up had suddenly shattered. Or how she’d managed to jam an entire helium cylinder into the rafters, still hissing away through the rubber hose attached to it.

Author's Note: 

Did I just write a spinoff to a decade-old unfinished series? Hell yeah I did.

The original version still on my DeviantArt had Mia as an entirely unwilling inflatee, but in playing around with alternate framings I found myself falling readily back to the old standby of inflation as an overpoweringy pleasurable sensation and a subject who is not-so-secretly into it despite the obvious dangers. In this case, I do think it lends itself to a more engaging playful-until-it's-not dynamic between the two, and adds a nice extra element to the final buildup. Either way, it's been fun to revisit an old series and engage in Jordyn's gleeful enthusiasm for blowing girls up.

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I read this on DA some years back. glad to see you are still at it and making quality writing. ;)

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Welcome back!

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