Questions about Ball Suits

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Questions about Ball Suits

I've been thinking about getting an inflatable ball suit for a little while, but I have a few questions for those of you who already have one:

What's the best place to get them from?

What's it feel like wearing it while it's inflated?

Are there any real safety concerns to worry about?

Is it something I could easily inflate/deflate on my own?

Godzilla_Air (not verified)  I had this Ball Suit last year.  To answer your questions...

Best place to get them from... Either BeiLe, where I got mine.  Now they also make a sort of peanut shaped one as well.  It can also be inflated without the belt.  Or Hongyi Inflatables.

Feel when wearing...  It is a tight feeling, and aslo odd when you try to walk, as you can see in my video.

Safety... Rolling over when in one, you are more likely to go head first into the ground.  Also popping, if you go over anything sharp.

Inflation (and getting in and out, on your own)... You should find it easy to inflate, as the valve is close to one of the arm holes.  Deflation takes a while, as you have to wait untill the suit has lost enough air.  Then you can undo the outer layer Zip, to let it deflate fast.  Putting it on, and taking it of, if you will be on your own, is something you can do.  But you need to have the zips at the front of the ball, as you can see in the video.

Hope these answers help.


They certainly do, thank you very much!

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In terms of safety, the valve is within reach of a hand. And if you fall over, you're just gonna fall on your butt with your hands up, it's not like it's reinforced on the inside to *force* you to stay oriented. I've inflated mine to the point where it lifts me off the ground, and that amount of pressure squeezes so tight that I wouldn't want to stay there for long enough that being stranded on my side could ever become a problem. (It's *real* hot though.)


Thank you for the answers!


So after a good while of thinking on it, I'm gonna go ahead and get one.

I've just got a few more questions about it before I do, though.

Is BeilLe a good place to get one from? Theirs were the least expensive I could find, I just want to make sure I won't get ripped off or anything.

Also, what's a good sort of pump to use that'll inflate it relatively quickly, and does one come with the suit?

Finally, how much maintenance would it need? Is it something I could just keep in a box when I'm not using it, or do I need to regularly keep it from getting too wet/too dry or anything?

Thanks again for helping me with these questions, I can't wait to finally have an inflatable suit of my own!