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"Oh no." Sandy fretted, going between looking nervously over the edge of the boat at the water, and looking just as nervously at the water slowly filling the selfsame boat. "Ohhhhh no."

"Sandy!" Devin shouted.  He and Amelia were the first to bail out, and both were looking up at Sandy as she paced the deck. "You need to jump!"

"I can't swim!" Sandy wailed.

"It isn't that deep, you'll be fine!"

"I'll drown!"

"It really isn't that deep," Amelia added. "Devin is standing on the bottom, and it's only up to his shoulders."

"Yeah," Devin added. "You could just walk back to shore."

"...walk?" Sandy's face lit up. "That's it!" She hurried over to the chest at the stern of the ship, throwing the lid open and digging around inside.

"Right, just hop over the edge and..." He trailed off as Sandy pulled out an air pump. "...what are you doing?"

Without replying, Sandy set the pump onto the edge of the chest, kicking off her shoes and leaving her standing on the damp deck in her stockings.  Plugging the end of the nozzle into her navel, she began to work the handle with both hands.  At first she felt something pushing against her stomach only for it to give way, replaced with an increasing stiffness from the knees down, like a painless cramp.  The stiffness receded in her legs, growing stronger in her feet until, with another pump, they puffed out in all directions, bony toes turning more padded and oval-shaped.

She continued to pump and they grew, stretching forward and out across the deck.  Her toes took on a spherical shape, pressed together in her stretched hosiery, and there was a faint yet visible bobbing to her movement as she bounced up and down on the pneumatically-padded heels and balls of her feet.  As they neared double their normal size a faint squeaking could be heard as her toes began rubbing against one another, stretching her stockings to transparency and tugging the thigh band downward as they fought for room.

From their position below Sandy, Devin and Amelia could only wonder what their friend was up to, seeing her pump furiously before heading to the side of the boat with a bow-legged waddle.  Taking a seat on the railing, she slowly pivoted towards them, her movement buffeted by two enormous and quite -round- feet.  Her thigh-high pantyhose had been reduced to thin ankle socks, the dark material pulled across two small rafts with five grapefruits at their fronts.  As her body came to a stop they hovered over their heads, toes still wobbling gently from the movement, creases and lines on her soles pulled smooth.  As she set them onto the surface of the water she didn't merely float but -stood-, having gained several inches in height through her pumping.

"See?" Sandy said triumphantly. "I can just wal-" Her legs began gliding apart, feet sliding on the water.  Her hand flew to the boat's railing as she slipped to and fro, eventually falling roughly back onto the railing in a sitting position. "Um."

"Maybe you could step on my face for friction and push off of me to go forward," Devin suggested.

Amelia gave him a withering look.

"Look, I don't hear -you- coming up with ideas."

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Very NICE!

I love stockings and feet.

Also I approve Devin's suggestion, but I would like to be in his place.