Cartoon, Movie, etc. Inflation Scenario

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Cartoon, Movie, etc. Inflation Scenario

*DISCLAIMER* I'm not trying to make this weird (plus some of inflation is weird) because i keep my fantasies to myself and i'm not trying to get into people's business. Please don't be gross or risky. (If your into that, keep it to yourself) Not everyone is a fan of it. I just want to keep this as a discussion for people that are into this but not to an extent.

What inflation scenerio/scene from a cartoon, movie, video game, etc would you want to put yourself in as either a witness/inflator (you that is inflating someone or watching it happen) or an inflatee (instead of the character you are the one inflating)? This goes for both Inflators and Inflatees so no one's alone.

For Example, I want to be in Space Jam as Stan inflating or watching/inflating him. Another one would be I want to be Aunt Marge blowing up or I want to be Harry Potter screaming shut up to Aunt Marge and watch her inflate.



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Stan from Space Jam for sure is mine. And I'm stan.


Cell from DBZ and I'm cell