I'm thinking of making a private inflation superhero.

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I'm thinking of making a private inflation superhero.

Hi. I'm new to this site (well i'm made an account for the first time) and i made a previous post of quizzes that i made just to test out the forums, but that's besides the point. I've been thinking about making a female superhero that has the power to inflate her body to either be strong, fly, or protect herself. She starts inflating by puffing up her cheeks. If she puffs her cheeks, she only inflates slowly but if she puffs her cheeks with force, she inflates faster. She doesnt always float. She can still walk and run and if she wants to fly, she can jump to let her body float. She has strength that allows her to punch and kick objects. She can turn back to normal by either burping, letting the air out or popping (in a cartoony way) and be back to normal. She could even have a sidekick (maybe male). Her name could be Pufferella because she puffs her cheeks to blow up. I still don't know how he she gets her powers but i'm thinking about her getting them by accidentily sucking in some experimental helium. IDK. If you guys can give me some ideas or thoughts about this, I can probably make a superhero that this community will love and cherish lol. :)

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Good luck.

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I think your super heroine is the best in this community tbh. I hope OP can make one just as good as yours. Hehe.


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Thank you!

I hope he can also.  I'm always down for more inflatible spandex :)

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It started with Airtankgirl. Next Pufferella. Soon, we'll be forming the world's shittiest Justice League out of inflatable people.