Having to hide?

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Having to hide?

How many others here have to actively hide this interest? I really want people to talk about my inflation interest but the few times I've attempted telling people in my life it's driven them away. 


I only ever share this fetish with friends that are okay with it. It's easier to find people to share with using sites like this but it's also very risky. 

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I get that. Even in places like this I'm very selective about what personal info (if any) I give out. Love to make new friends but life has taught me to use proper safety and boundaries.

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If you're talking about in real life everyday friends. My question is why would they need to know about it? It's a kink, something that arouses you and gets you off sexually. Why do your friends need to know that info? A significant other yeah I can see you wanting to share it with them you know when the time is right. But your buddies? Why? At best they give you shit about it and rib you about it. Because as much as I love inflation lets not beat around the bush here, shit's weird. So, rightfully so they would razz you about it. Worst case scenario like you said you weird them out and they cut ties with you.

Even in the event you do find someone IRL who is also into it and a friend now what? Are you going beating off together? Which is another whole can of worms right there haha. I just don't see a reason to tell IRL friends. You want to make friends who also have this interest, do it here. Or on other discords or whatever, just do it online. Much safer, much more likely to get a positive responce, much less pressure. At least that's my thoughts on the matter. 

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Seconded. I don't see the point in talking to friends about it. Would you want to know all the stuff your friends are into? Probably not.

There is a point in talking to sexual partners about it, but that's completely different.

Maybe none of this applies if you're Gen Z. I don't get their social dynamics at all.

If you want to talk about inflation, though, you've got us. We may be more fun because we actually get it.


It is frustrating, and sadly it can be difficult finding people to talk to in real life about this. Just know that there's nothing wrong with it. I struggled for years, projecting my own insecurities and fears on others. But when you find some good ones, real ride or die friends, they may raise an eyebrow, they may think it's a bit odd, but real friends won't be driven away just because you have a fascination with inflation.

Until then, you always have us here! Any subjects or topics you want to talk about? I'd love to hear from you!