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Emily waved goodbye to the librarian as she took her books and started walking back home. She was halfway through her first year of college. Winding her way back to her apartment, she looked through her study materials. Luckily, she had passed the midterm exams. But now there was so much more. Closing the door behind her, Emily set her books on the table before flopping onto her bed. She was exhausted.


Emily raised her head and found a black furry face looking at her.

“Hey Max,” she said as she reached for her cat. Max leaped away leaving her spread out on her bed. "I guess that's a no on cuddling today. Guess I'll just browse online. As usual." Emily said the last part with a sigh. College kept her busy, so she didn't have too many friends. Added to that, she didn't consider herself too much to look at. She was short and skinny. At least she had Max to keep her company, half the time. The other half she usually was looking online. Sometimes she'd try some life hacks, or read through theories.

Emily started scrolling through. There were some interesting things, but not worthy of looking any further into. “Huh? What’s this?” She found herself looking at a picture of a tan flesh colored orb. Almost like… no. Emily clicked on it and found herself on an odd site. It was all about inflation. This one woman claimed to have inflated recently, and the orb was actually her belly. “That’s not possible, right?”

Max stared as Emily rolled out of bed and began looking through her closet. Soon she came out and held out a small pump with a triumphant pose. “Found it Max!” Max simply tilted his head and wondered what his owner was planning. Emily got back on her bed and propped her head up. She had a tv remote and a pump. One for entertainment, and the other to experiment. If the online site was to be believed, all she needed to do was pump herself full of air.

Settling in she stuck the nozzle of the pump in her mouth and began. She felt ridiculous as her cheeks puffed out and her lungs filled. There was no way this could work! Suddenly she felt the air rush down her throat. Emily continued pumping. She was feeling fuller and fuller. There was an unusual tension forming inside her, growing and puslsating with each pump. Emily watched as her flat stomach begin to rise, steadily growing. Her jeans began getting tight. She grunted as her newfound belly began straining against the jeans.

Emily spit out the nozzle, “Max it worked!” She began undoing the button on her jeans and laughed as her belly came forth as the tension was relieved. Running a finger along the curve she moaned as the feeling was unlike anything before. Emily began undoing the buttons along her blouse to allow for more room to grow, revealing her supple pale skin underneath.

Returning the nozzle to her mouth she began to pump again. After going through the initial phase, her belly began growing again. Rounder and higher it rose. She went from somewhat pudgy to fully pregnant quickly. Emily loved the feeling of being so full and round. Each pump made her feel better and better. Slowly she noticed her growth decreasing. Emily figured she might be running out of room. After a few more pumps she set aside everything and felt the curvature of her own personal balloon. She rubbed and squeezed the sides, eliciting several moans. Emily guessed she looked like she’d swallowed a beachball. After a few minutes of admiring her growth, and setting off the pleasure receptors in her mind, Emily turned on the tv.


Emily felt a shift and released another moan as Max hopped on her bloated belly.

“What are you doing you silly kitty?” she said with a giggle.

Max just closed his eyes and fell asleep.

“You like that Max?”

Emily sighed. She doubted she could change his mind. But ot wasn’t so bad. Maybe she’d blow up like this for him every night. Emily laughed. She decided that she’d be Max’s new cushion, at least for now.

Author's Note: 

This is the third instalment in the Expansion series. I hope you enjoy! Don't worry, Maddie isn't gone, just took a break.

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When's the next installment?

When's the next installment?