Expansion: Limits

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It had been a few weeks since Maddie had started inflating. She now went to sleep every other night feeling full, but she hadn’t gone back to how big she was before. Now though, she was ready. Clearing out the center of her apartment, Maddie once again put on some comfortable clothes. This time, she pulled out a small air compressor connected to a switch and a hose. This way she could turn off the air if she needed, but her belly couldn’t get in the way of pumping.

Maddie smiled as she raised the nozzle to her mouth and flipped the switch in her hand. The air compressor kicked on and she immediately felt a difference. The air rushed into her and soon filled up her cheeks and lungs before releasing deeper inside her. The ball of tightness gathered and started pushing her stomach out in no time. Maddie placed her hand on the side of her stomach and felt as it pushed her fingers apart and away as it grew and rounded. In no time she was begining to look pregnant again.

Her shirt rode up her belly as it pushed out, growing more distended by the second. After only a minute she returned to her previous size. Her hand paled in comparison as she felt the electric feeling of being so full. And bigger she grew. Maddie kept on getting large, having to shuffle back as her belly took up more and more room. She felt her massive belly begin rubbing against the floor. Her view now mostly consisted of the flesh colored orb as it grew both taller and wider than her. Now she began questioning exactly how much could she grow?

As the minutes ticked on Maddie was forced to the ground. The bottom of her belly was pushing up against the floor. It was even begining to brush her nose. Something beyond her vision started rubbing against some unknown part of her. Maybe a table or something of the sort, but Maddie couldn’t see. The feeling made her moan, her skin stretched so tight. Gradually, a new feeling started to come in. It was different from the tightness of before. It was sharp, like needles were pricking her from every inch of her belly. 

Maddie spit out the hose and took some deep breaths. She’d finally done it. Switching the compressor off she stroked the side of her massive belly. It had grown enough she was pretty sure she felt the ceiling on the other side. She laid flat on the floor, feeling herself. Her belly was close enough that just sticking out her tounge, she could lick herself. Maddie giggled. She had reached her limit. She tried to see if she could get up, but just resulted in more pressure and pain, followed by a moan of pleasure. “Oh well,” she thought, “I’ll just have to wait.” She just hoped her moans wouldn’t be heard as she played with her new size.



The next day Maddie finally reached a barely managable size. Her belly was back to being as round as she was tall, but at least she could stand up now. Waddling around the apartment she found her phone and took some pictures. They weren’t great, but they would do. She uploaded them to the sight and showed off her curve. Now that she knew her limit, she probably wouldn’t get that big again in a while. Maddie shrugged. As long as she felt full, she was happy.

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Second in hopefully a series.

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Promising ^_^

Being happy is a sign of the calling, maybe it's her thing! Stretch wider, hold tight, fly higher! ^_^

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Thank you so much!

Thank you so much!