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I'm just curious if I'm alone here but over the course of MANY years, I've collected many many videos that have not only been removed from specific sites, but seemingly from the internet itself and I was wondering if anyone else has been don't this as well. Recently I've noticed not only an extreme lack of new content but a lot of old stuff is being removed from everything (youtube, Twitter, Instagram, deviantart, ect) almost seems like the "inflation community" as a whole is dying/losing its spark

Well, it's been fun

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I think it's less to do with the community side of things and more to do with places where it gets posted.  Basically every platform is desperately trying to root around and purge anything and everything even VAGUELY "not-advertiser-friendly" to placate their advertiser overlords.



1. Making fantasy inflation a reality

2. Advertizers will CRAVE to have as much inflation vids as they can host and will preserve them for eternity!

3. The hard part: stop the viewers of those ads from flying away, bursting or whatnot

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I think the community overall is still plenty active, it's just that the hotspots of activity are a moving target.  After all, it's happened plenty of times over the years as the internet has changed.  There are a number of Discord servers in particular that seem like a really active place for inflation fetishists right now, but a lot of it moves too fast for me to keep up with these days.

Another contributing factor to the appearance of inactivity is that it's easier than ever for content creators to monetize their work.  So a number of artists have moved on from DA (which has always been a bit of a hostile place for inflation artists) and are exclusively posting their stuff on Patreon.

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You appear to be exactly the kind of person I've been wanting to get in touch with.

If you have found any other video hoarders, get them together. I'd like to try and set up some kind of place for this community's lost media.


I've been hoarding stuff for a while, looking forward to sharing it!


I won't deny that when I see something that I like on youtube or whatever, I download it ASAP before it goes away. 

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I have a bit of a collection, but sadly, most of the things I'd like to have were gone before I had the ability to back them up. :/