Self-Indulgent Competitive Inflation Story, A

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Sydney gave a disparaging laugh as she looked me over, setting her hand weights onto the gym rack.  "I hope you don't think you can -really- out-grow me." The tanned blonde heaved in a deep breath, her orange sports top stretching as her breasts and belly billowed out to beach ball proportions.  Another breath and her ass and limbs bulked up, their sudden width and conical shape forcing them out to the sides before a third breath simply pushed her body out in all directions, leaving her as a six-foot balloon with two domes on her front and the vaguest implication of human anatomy.

Saying nothing, I sucked in air, feeling a brief moment of resistance before everything began to stretch.  Air rushed into me as my gut rose up, pushing up my shirt before it grew snug across my shoulders.  As my limbs bulked up it began to tear, the seams pushed apart before the remaining strips cascaded to the ground.  By the time I stopped my pecs were on par with Sydney's chest, as was the rest of me to her.  My sweatpants had stretched admirably, covering my lower hemisphere; I must've bought clothes from the same place as her. "I'm doing good so far," I replied.

I heard a sharp intake of breath before seeing her swell, rising above me.  In response I puffed myself up, watching myself in the mirrored walls as I grew, and seeing the remaining members of the gym stare before leaving.  As my head grew level with Sydney's she inhaled again, her mane of hair touching the ceiling, and I breathed in once more to match her.  We were two oversized weather balloons, beginning to press against everything in the room: The workout equipment, the walls, and each other.  I could feel the warmth emanating from Sydney's belly, and the pressure rise and fall as she breathed.

"A lot of guys get this far," she said off-handedly. "Then I just puff up and -squeeze- them until they POP." A whoosh and a creak, and I felt the wall of her body press into me.  Undaunted I filled up in response, the air in me pushing back, my body growing more firm against the building itself.  I felt people squirming beneath me to escape as, at first, glass cracked, followed by the warping of metal.  My neck swelled up around my head as it was pushed down by the ceiling, and I felt the pressure inside of me rise as the building grew more constricting.

"C'mon," I heard Sydney say to herself between breaths, "c'mon!  Pop already!"

Eventually something gave, but it wasn't either of us.  The walls of the gym cracked before crumbling, forced apart by our expanding bodies.  With nothing to hold the pressure back it sought release, and our bodies shot outward in all directions, the roof falling to bits before being launched across downtown.  Our blimped bodies wobbled and shuddered, now twice as high as the structure which once contained us. "Aw man," Sydney exclaimed, "I liked that place."

"Did you think you were going to pop -me- in there?" I sucked in another breath, growing another yard up and out.  My cheeks had grown to be near-perpetually inflated, two orange-sized bubbles that grew and shrank like billows with every breath.

"I was kind of hoping." There was deep "whoosh" and Sydney rose just above my height. "But now you can pop yourself -for- me."

We billowed up to four stories, then five, two human hot air balloons in the middle of the city.  More and more of the roads and buildings around us were covered in shadow, and more citizens began to notice our expansive rivalry as we pressed into buildings, our sides squeezing down side streets as we filled the spaces between them.  Rather than slowing down, our rate of growth was increasing, gaining faster with greater size.

As the tops of buildings disappeared beyond our horizons I felt Sydney's body press into me again, forcing me against the structures around me.  I briefly thought of the tight confines of the gym, but it was short-lived, as our titanic forms pushed the other back to the sound of bending girders and crumbling concrete.  What we didn't shove over we simply outgrew, now hundreds of feet high and around.  We neared, then exceeded the size of the largest skyscrapers, unable to be ignored not just because of our size, but because of the sounds: Low, bassy creaks as we grew, and the deep rushing of air as we breathed in time and again, sounding like a storm was perpetually brewing, punctuated every so often as we shouted to the other.

"Hey!" Sydney bellowed, followed by the "whoosh" of air as she swelled out another block in size.  Her voice sounded deeper and more resonant.  "Good job!" Whoosh. "I'm actually-" Whoosh. "-having to-" Whoosh. "Put in effort!"

"Effort?" I heaved in air with a force like a hurricane, pulsing outward dozens of yards at a time. "I haven't-" Whoosh. "-been trying-" Whoosh. "At all!" Whoosh.

I felt the tops of buildings brush against my underside as above me, the clouds growing ever closer.  Sydney and I had gone well beyond even the largest of balloons, progressing towards small moons.  But we were far smoother, with two too-round mountains on our fronts and rears, and dimpled hills where our hands and feet sank in.  To say nothing of how we were still clothed, albeit with out outfits impossibly stretched.  Nobody could mistake us for celestial bodies.

At least, not yet.

The tops of our bodies pushed into the clouds, and I watched as they streamed into Sydney's open mouth; a second later I followed suit, feeling the dampness on my face and body as I cleared the skies with a single breath.  Each time one of us grew we pushed into the other with our belly, sending a ripple across our surfaces as we nudged ourselves apart, only to come together again in a matter of seconds with a loud, bassy "thump."  As the ripples passed downward between my legs they set me trembling and throbbing, and if the pleased sighs I heard were any indication, Sydney was enjoying them as much as I was.

The blue skies began to fade to black as our heights grew to miles, and still we grew, unable to give the other the satisfaction of victory.  Our breathing had become long, deliberate huffs, causing our bodies to let out a creaking which rolled across the land in a deafening wave, and drawing out the pauses in our sentences even further.  From what I could see of Sydney's body - our bodies were -all- I could see at this point - the top of her chest was beginning to take on a faint transparency, and it probably wasn't the only place.  "Sydney!" Huff. "You're looking!" Huff. "A little!" Huff. "Thin!"

"That's!" Sydney huffed. "As easy!" Huff. "To see through!" Huff. "As you are!"

My breathing grew labored as I had to work more for less growth, the pressure steadily mounting as my body protested noisily.  Across from me Sydney's pace slowed just as surely as my own, her titanic globular figure joining mine in a duet of groaning and throbbing.  As I pulsed outward once more, gaining a few mere yards, I felt my breath catch in my throat, and I clamped my mouth shut just before it rushed outward, feeling my cheeks balloon on either side of my head.  But this was not the end to our growth; as the sun's rays beat down the immeasurable amount of air within us heated up, shifting and eddying, trying to find room that didn't exist.  The creaks became groans, my feet flapping as I balled up my fists, trying to will out even a few more inches of space as every bit of my body quivered.

Before the two detonations which flattened most of a county and could be heard across the state, I heard Sydney say one thing.

"Maybe we can call it a draw."

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