Body Inflation pick up lines

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Body Inflation pick up lines

Been seeing a lot of cute, funny and even some naughty pick up lines recently and it got me thinking about possible pick up lines to do with inflation.


any thoughts on possible pick up lines or just general discussion on it?

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How about we split a bottle of helium ?

Hanz Popper

Hey lady, you need some air.


Hey miss, you want to feel blue in the right way?


Hey girl, do you mind if i fill you up.


I like my women like my corn: sweet, hot and ready to pop.

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Oh my goah I love these, especially that last one!


"Hey, love your style. Looks like it's out with the old, in with the pneumatic."


Are you a helium balloon because (you lift me up/you're making me 'rise')

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I'm thinking of the lead in after the pickup line fails and the girl says "blow me" :)

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Simple and sweet!

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But...if you use a pickup line on an inflationist and she responds with "Blow me," doesn't that mean it succeeded?


Hey babe you know why yould beat me in a fight? Because you'd roll with the punches.


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I think this is the winner.  I'd probably fall for this one.


Just drop the "here" from, "you come 'round here often?"


*Offers a stick of--*


"Wanna have a swell time?"

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Hey babe, looks like I took your breath away. How about I blow it back into you.


That's as good as it gets from me.

Hanz Popper

This. This is gold

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These are amazing!

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Hey baby how about I give you a breath of freah air.

Things certainly blew up in here or maybe that's just you.

Some people have an inflated ego but I think I would rather have an inflated you.

Is that hissing sound I hear because you're so hot? Or are you just blowing up right now?

You must be an air pump because you're inflating my dick.

That's all I got right now.

Falcon Pawnch!


Come, let's go find your friend's titbits

Excuse me, do you have a spare airtank?

They ask us to fill at least ten feet wide for safety reasons

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Some people have an inflated ego but I think I would rather have an inflated you.


I think we have a winner!


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hey girl are you a bike tire because i would love to pump you B) wait why are you calling the cops it was a joke i was joking oh god oh fuck

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"Daaaaaaaaayum girl!  You look ready to POP!"
(implying exceptional curvitude; 'ready to blow' also works)