Bust or Burst

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Darryl could hear a muffled sssss…mmmmm….bzzzzz as he approached the bedroom door. He knew Olivia was home alone. She wasn’t in the rest of the house, so she had to be in the bedroom. The ssss…mmmMMMmmm…bzzzz continued. His curiosity piqued, Darryl turned the knob and opened the door. The light was dim, but he could make out his wife’s outline on the bed. There was a helium tank next to the nightstand, Olivia was using her right hand to probe her nethers with her favourite vibrator while clutching a large pair of rounded pillows to her chest with her left. “Oh my god, Livvy, are you masturflating?” Darryl exclaimed. 

Bzzzzz…ssssss…mmMMMmmMM…Sure enough, as his eyes adjusted to the low light in the bedroom Darryl could see that Livvy had a hose from the tank clamped tight in her mouth, and the pillows he thought he saw his wife clutching were no pillows at all but her inflated breasts rising up through the oversized INXS T-shirt she was wearing. 

He couldn’t believe it, he’d heard of masturflation, it was supposed to be the newest craze in auto-erotica, but he didn’t think it was real. Like auto-erotic asphyxiation years ago, it was hinted at and joked about in certain circles; the masturflator was supposed to keep inflating themselves until they orgasmed. As the pressure inside increased, the sensation was supposed to be incredible. But masturflation was just a myth wasn’t it? No, he had proof right before his eyes that it was real. As Livvy stimulated herself with her trusty vibe, she kept pumping herself up with helium and playing with her wine cork sized nipples, all the time moaning in ecstasy and frustration. 

Darryl watched his wife knowing that when she set her mind to something nothing could stop her, she was like a pit bull with a bone, and this could be dangerous. 

He was very aware of her Mmmm..MM..MM..MMM…Bzzzz…and all the time the hiss of the helium tank. Lately their love life had been a little tepid, both were tired, both were anxious, the pandemic had been rough on their mental and emotional health. It was causing Livvy to need more and more stimulation to take her mind off the situation and to achieve release. 

Darryl was very aroused, watching his wife masturbate had always turned him on, but this was new, this was dangerous, and it was extremely hot. However, Livvy was completely unaware of her husband, all she knew right now was a building pressure in her groin and her breasts. The tank was pumping her up her bust and her arousal. She crossed her ankles and clamped her thighs tightly around her vibe in an effort to feel every bit of the buzz in her clit. 

My god she’s getting big thought Darryl. She was basketball sized when he walked in on her, but now her breasts were the size of space hoppers and her shirt was pulled skin tight over them. In fact she was getting so big, her left nipple had slipped just out of reach of the outstretched fingers of Livvy’s left hand. Still the hssss…bzzzzz…mmmmuuhhhmm continued.

Darryl knew Livvy needed nipple stimulation to orgasm, their foreplay included lots of sucking and licking, even a vibrating clamp on occasion.

Without that stimulation, she might not climax, and if she didn’t climax, she just might burst. Darryl knew he had to act quickly to help his wife orgasm and stop building pressure inside herself. Stepping onto their king size bed, Darryl placed a foot on each side of Livvy and began to tease and stroke her nipples. Livvy responded with a throaty mmm…mmm…MMM…mmmm, but the hose remained clamped in her mouth and she continued to inflate. Her breasts had taken on the shape of hot air balloons, fuller at the top and narrower where they joined her torso, bumping together with a hollow thunking sound as they grew up and tighter. Darryl increased his efforts on her nipples, rubbing, tweaking, licking, not sure how much she more she could hold. Darryl was scared for his wife, but so turned on as well, as he stroked her left nipple and sucked her right, he unbuttoned his jeans and pulled his boxers free of his hardness. He couldn’t help himself, he had to ram his shaft into that wall of pressurized cleavage. Harder and faster he stroked her nipples, deeper and deeper he pumped himself into her balloon tits. The relentless hissing continued, the never ending buzz of the vibrator filled his ears, and Livvy’s moans of pleasure were deeper and more intense, her breasts started to creak and squeak while trying to contain the ever growing pressure within. She was close to climax, and to bursting. 

The helium pumping up Livvy’s breasts pushed her nipples slowly out of Darryl’s reach but he couldn’t stop his thrusting. His movements became automatic now. As his wife’s billowing bosom swelled tighter and tighter turning nearly see through from the pressure, Darryl came, he couldn’t stop himself. Livvy arched her back, her massively swollen breasts shuddered and towered above her, her nipples nearly grazing the ceiling. Darryl heard a soft pop when he expected an eardrum shattering BOOM! 

“What took you so long? Asked Livvy, “I was done 15 minutes ago.”

“I thought you were going to burst yourself.” Darry breathed. 

“This was all for you.” She squeaked, “I knew you needed a release, so I thought I’d let you join in my solo fun.” Her voice was higher than normal because of the helium. 

“But your boobs were ready to explode!” Retorted Darryl. 

“Oh don’t you worry about that,” Livvy answered with a twinkle in her eye “I’ve been much bigger.”

With that image in his head, Darryl collapsed on the bed.

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Really good. Just wish it was

Really good. Just wish it was long.