Taking Advantage

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Her watch beeped three times, signaling seventy-five percent ripeness.

"Paul!" Jessica called out, flapping her arms on the bloated sides of her filling form. "Paul, it's time! Hurry!"

The sound of rushed footsteps could be heard coming down the hallway, panting breath coming from her best friend as he turned the corner, holding onto the doorframe. He pulled up his brown shorts, adjusting his round fogged glasses on his face. "I'm...here!" He said between deep breaths.

Jessica sighed, a smile on her face. "Took you long enough. I can already feel myself getting tight around the edges. Marks might be forming, I'm not sure."

Paul walked up, checking the circumference of her slowly rounding body, letting out a sigh of relief as he placed his hand on her. "No marks." He pressed his hand into her side, the palm barely sinking an inch in. "Already? Jesus christ!" He pulled his hand out, hurrying around to the other side of his friend. Jessica knew that what she was doing was wrong as she sat there, fist clenched as she tensed her body to feel more taut than normal. 

Jessica had been diagnosed with a rare blueberrying disease two years ago. It just randomly happened one day while she was nineteen. Her skin became permanently blue, her body starting to fill up from that day forward. Luckily they were able to get her to the local hospital's juicing room in time before the worst happened. Since that day, she's followed a daily schedule of staying at home, living off of the government benefits, with her best friend who doubled as her personal assistant. Once a night, every night, Paul would roll Jessica to the in-house juicing machine, which was located in her room, to juice her and empty her out, giving her another day of relief before they had to perform the dance all over again. For the past few weeks though, Jessica has been obsessed with this drama show Behind The Voices, said show always coming on around eight at night while her usual juicing time wouldn't be until another hour after. Jessica was also lazy, spending most of her time in the living room, playing on the various game systems she owned and wasting the day away until late into the night, only returning to her room after being juiced. She knew that she could always walk and just fill in there, enjoy her show while she expanded and get juiced at the end, but she knew that Paul was always happy to help her. Why walk when she could always just play for a bit longer and get rolled there later?

Jessica's head brushed against the carpet as Paul rolled her down the hall, keeping her body tense to keep up the act. It wasn't long before she was rolled into the juicing machine, a large mechanical clamp surrounded in glass. When Paul closed the glass door, she finally relaxed, her bloated figure flattening at the bottom from the released tension on her muscles. Outside the glass, Paul turned on the machine, Jessical walking out slim and limber seconds later, a towel draped around her chest, tied at the top to keep it from falling down and scarring her friend. She held her wet clothes, Paul coming over with a basket for her to put them in.

"Thanks again Paul." Jessica said with a smile, briefly glancing at the clock and seeing it was seven fifty-five.

Paul put the lid on the basket. "Hey, no problem. Have you called the doctor yet and asked for an appointment? You've been filling up faster and faster these past couple of weeks."

"Yeah, I called him a couple times." Jessica lied, pulling her long black hair to the side and wringing it out in the machine. "He said he'd call me back once he has an opening. Shouldn't be too long now."

Paul looked at her, a bit skeptical. "Seriously, I think you need to push a bit harder. I don't want something bad happening to you."

"Nothing bad is gonna happen to me, don't worry." She giggled, tying her hair back. "You worry about me too much."

"I do not." Paul stated as he turned to leave. "I'm just looking out for you." Paul left the room, closing the door behind him. Jessica sat on the bed, leaning back onto her pillows and grabbing the remote. She turned on the television, turned up the volume, and enjoyed her show with the most satisfied smile on her face.

An hour later, Jessica's cell phone rang, a chip tune of Behind the Voices's theme song jingling. She read the caller ID, picking up the phone. "The episode was absolutely perfect!"

"I know! Talk about suspense!" Sabrina answered on the other side, both of the girls squealing together.

"I can't believe Nathan was the one cheating this whole time!" Jessica continued, laying out on her stomach. "He even had the balls to hire a private investigator to see if his girlfriend was cheating on him!"

"That's nothing compared to the fact that Aubry has been pregnant for three weeks and she doesn't even know who the dad might be!"

"I mean she sleeps around a lot, so it could honestly be anyones!"

Paul walked up to the door, the basket of now dry clothes in his hand. He prepared to knock on the door as he heard the girls chat.

"Okay, maybe I do feel a little bad." Jessica admitted. "Not enough to miss the show, fuck no, but still bad."

"I mean, you're gonna have to tell Paul eventually."

"Tell him what?" Jessica quested back. "I can't just walk up to the man and be like 'Hey, you're my best friend and all, but recently I've just been using you because I'm lazy and wanna be upstairs sooner to watch a show!' Do you have any idea how much that would piss him off?

"Aw he'll live." Sabrina reassured her. "What's he gonna do, not roll you?" The two girls laughed as Paul rested against the wall, listening in and hearing everything. He took a deep breath, deciding now wasn't the time to start an argument, not this late at least. He stormed off back to the laundry room, waiting until he knew that Jessica was off the phone before going back to return her clothes.

Her phone vibrated happily in place two weeks later, jittering back and forth on the oak nightstand, excitedly waiting for its owner to pick it up. Jessica groaned, rolling over onto her side and grabbing the phone with her blue tinted hand. She turned off the alarm, taking the time to check her watch with her half-open eyes.

Ripeness: 3%

"Alright, nothing bad today I guess." She said to herself as she sat up, lifting her arms with a mighty yawn and cracking her back. "Nothing bad at all." She stepped out of bed, putting the sheets back up as she yawned once more, leaving the room and heading over to the kitchen. To her surprise, Paul didn't already have breakfast ready. She checked the clock. Sure enough, it was nine o'clock. He should be here right now. Jessica simply shrugged, going over the cabinet and taking out a bowl for cereal.

Hours passed before she sawn him, deep within The Legend of Zelda, Link's Awakening before she noticed him come into the living room. Paul rested against the doorframe, watching her for a bit, his presence silent. Jessica beat the third boss in the game, throwing her arms up in the air as she cheered. "Whoo! Take that you slimy son of a-"

"Looks like you're really having fun there." Paul finally spoke.

Jessica jumped in her chair, the little juice that was already inside of her audibly sloshing around her a bit. She took deep breaths to calm down, turning her head to look at him with an upset expression. "You scared the shit outta me!"

"I didn't wanna disturb your fun, I'm sorry." Paul apologized, but his voice sounded stern.

Jessica turned back to her game, grabbing the controller she had dropped on the floor. "Geez, are you okay dude? You seem a bit more tense than usual."

"Oh I'm fine. Just...annoyed. I'm a bit upset."

"With what? Did one of the managers at work make you clean the bathrooms on your break or something?"

"No, not that. I'm just annoyed at the fact that my best friend for almost ten years has basically been using me to catch her show on time."

Jessica paused her game, knowing she'd been caught. She stayed silent for a few seconds, thinking hard on what to say. She turned towards him, a nervous smile on her face. "You know about that huh?"

"I've known for almost two weeks now. I heard you and Sabrina talking on the phone about it. I didn't think it was true, thought it was just a one time prank or something, but I started picking up quickly on how fake it was." He started counting on his fingers. "You've been purposely tensing yourself to feel more full than you actually are. I can tell because you always ball your fist when you tense up, and if you were full you wouldn't be able to do that. Since that show came out-which yes I did look it up-your fill rate has gone up which it never has in the last few years you've been like this. You even turned off the beeps on your watch so that I couldn't hear it signal how full you are."

"I did not!"

"I stood right here around the corner and listened! Your watch didn't go off, but you still called me screaming 'I'm getting full!' and 'Hurry up!'"

Jessica took a deep breath. "Listen, I didn't think it was that big of a deal!"

"Not that big of a deal?!" Paul barked back. "Do you have any idea what I go through each night when you're screaming that stuff? I have to stop whatever I'm doing to rush over here to make sure that I don't end up losing my best friend to this stupid...this!" He gestured to all of her. "My heart is always pounding, my feet are always sweaty, and my back hurts like hell whenever I have to push you because you're fucking heavy!"

"I'm sorry, okay!" Sarah answered. "Jesus calm down! You're getting your ass in a twist about this."

Paul took a sharp inhale inward, letting it out slow. "I don't care what time you start calling for me, I'm not coming to get you until nine. Your usual time."

Jessica spun her head back around. "But I'll miss the show!"

"Your room is literally right there!" He pointed down the hall. "Even if you can't fully walk, I know you can fucking waddle down to it and wait there!"

Jessica pointed to the tv with her remote. "But video games..."

Paul threw his arms in the air, marching off. "You're fucking hopeless!"

Jessica turned back to her game, unpausing it and continuing to play, her mood ruined and stale. She knows that what she was doing was wrong, but the show was just so good. She couldn't afford to miss a single second of it! She checked her watch before going into the next temple.

Ripeness: 15%

Yeah, she had plenty of time.

More hours passed, more temples cleared, more comfy the couch became. Eventually, Jessica decided to only lay down and watch a Netflix marathon of movies, putting her controller away and relaxing her body on the seat cushions, rubbing her stomach as she reached thirty percent ripeness. She had to admit, expanding did feel good. It sent strange but enjoyable sensations through her body when she really concentrated on it. The juice building inside of her stomach, swishing and sloshing about with only the tiniest of movements. It put a smile on her face that wouldn't be wiped easily. As the auto-play continued to show Jessica movie after movie on the streaming platform, Jessica's body grew outward. Around two o'clock, her stomach was already almost the size of a car tire, lifted upwards because of the juice inside. The liquid would have been moving up to her chest at this time, inflating and filling her already sizable breast into larger ones, rivaling and dwarfing full basketballs by two-thirty. At fifty percent ripeness, Jessica's stomach had filled to about five feet wide. At this point, Jessica had to sit up and allow her upper half to rest on her rounding form as the movies continued, her breast the size of almost-full beach balls, her thighs the size of Thanksgiving turkeys, arms still barely functional as the juice started to flood into them. Thank god she was able to find durable shirts and shorts that would expand with her or else this would be even more embarrassing.

Her watch surprised her, beeping three times in the middle of the western film. Jessica looked over, reading the LED screen.

Ripeness: 75%

What? Jessica thought to herself. She looked down the best she could. Her body was about eight feet around now, her breast already around three and a half feet across each. Her arms, from her shoulders to her elbows, started to stiffen from the juice. She raised an eyebrow. Damn. Time really does fly when you're-

Jessica looked at the time. It was only six in the evening. Jessica reached over with her hand the best she could, rubbing her eyes and reading the clock again. It was still reading six o'clock. Something's not right. Jessica thought to herself as she checked her watch.

Ripeness: 80%

Holy shit why am I filling up fast? Jessica was only able to have this thought for a second as her body gurgled beneath her head, the juice pushing her skin outward as she expanded, creaks and groans emitting off of her as her body made room. She hadn't gotten this big in a long time. Something was wrong.

"Paul!" She called out. "Paul! Something's wrong! I'm filling up really fast today!"

She listened, but no footsteps could be heard. Paul wasn't rushing down the hallway as he usually was when she spoke that phrase. She turned her head to look at the doorway. To her surprise, it was empty, no best friend in sight. Her watch beeped three times again, Jessica looking over.

Ripeness: 85%

Her thighs were the size of medium adult pigs, her calves being the piglets that were quickly catching up in size as her skin groaned more, her stomach straining to push outwards as gallons upon gallons of juice forced itself inside of her. The gentle side-to-side bob that she usually had when she filled started to slow down, straightening out as she became a massive blue ball. Her breast started to push up into her face, her shirt getting fuller and fuller as time went on. Her arms started to straighten as well as the juice made its way into her forearms, her hands slowly becoming useless.

What is happening to me?! Why am I filling up so fast?! Jessica's mind was racing for an answer as her watch beeped three times once more.

Ripeness: 95%. Explosion warning.

Explode?! Jessica started to freak out, taking quick breaths as her body strained, her arms and legs started to sink in. Jessica looked down at her body, her eyes being met with a near wall of cleavage several feet wide. She slowed her breathing, taking in a big one as she tried pleading for help again. "Paul! Come on! Hurry! I'm at 95 over here! If I don't get juiced, I'm gonna burst!" She shivered as she said that world. No answer came from the hallway. He couldn't be serious right? He was coming to help her, right? Paul couldn't still be that mad at her. It was an honest mistake that she made! It was-

Her watch beeped four times. Jessica's heart sank. She hadn't heard four beeps for years now. She twisted her head to look at her almost sunken wrist.

Ripeness: 100% Explosion imminent.

Memories of that first night started to flood Jessica's head as she flailed her hands and feet the best she could, now screaming for help. "Paul! Paul I need you right now I'm at 100! I'm going to fucking-"

She didn't finish the sentence. She was too afraid to say that word, but it spun around her brain as her body started to let out more ominous groans from within her. Her stomach was ten feet wide now, it has to be. Each of her breasts were half that, stretching her shirt to its absolute limits as they each creaked. Jessica felt the pressure starting to build, the pain from her skin being pulled tight around her. A muffled five beeps came from her watch, each beep a higher pitch than the last. Five beeps?! She's never heard that before! Did that mean that it was definitely going to happen now?!

"Paul, please! I'm sorry! I'm really sorry! I shouldn't have used you just to watch a stupid show!" Jessica screamed as stretch marks started to form around her navel, her hands and feet almost completely sunken in as her body overfilled itself more and more, the ominous creaks and groans growing louder and louder. Jessica could feel something wet on her shirt. She looked up to see that her nipples had become erect, huge stains over each of them, darkening her red shirt to a deep purple color.

She was leaking juice.

Her watch beeped again as tears started rolling down her cheeks, Jessica calling out for Paul without any answer or mercy. Her body pushed outward again, each inch of her skin straining, waves of pain and pressure going over her, her hands and feet barely touching air at this point, mostly swollen flesh. Her mind chanted the same four words over and over again as she felt her body become pinched all over. Pop! Burst! Bust! Explode! Pop! Burst! Bust! Explode!

Jessica screamed as her form swelled out one more time in a massive wave, her torso twelve feet around, each breast six, her hands and feet sinking in completely as the stretch marks darkened and multiplied. She knew what was coming. She knew this was it! SHe knew that this was how she was going to go out! Her watch beeped wildly and continuously, signalling that the bomb was about to go off! She screamed out for her best friend one more time.

"Paul, please help me! I don't wanna p-"

Her sentence was never finished as Jessica's body released the final orchestra of groans and her stretch marks split open in unison. The house was filled with a near-shattering wet BANG when Jessica erupted, fragments of her stretched skin and scraps of her clothes violently floated around in the blueberry juice that now flooded the house.

Author's Note: 

This is my first attempt at writing any expansion story. Please be nice. :)

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Amazing first outing!

Amazing first outing!

BerryLover42's picture
Thank you!

Thank you!

oscar4111's picture
Definitely one of the best

Definitely one of the best stories I've read in awhile. Great job on this!

BerryLover42's picture
Thank you!

Thank you!

First story! Baloney!

This was fantastic! No way it was your first story dude. I loved the detail of her body "overfilling" and how her hands had completely sunken in. Great stuff, keep it up!

Migas54's picture
Give Jessica a second chance! It could just be a dream!

Somehow cruelly you decided to teach the girl a lesson! I sincerely believe that she dreamed it all and she just wakes up in the afternoon from the alarm clock or from the seething in her stomach! She immediately confesses everything to Paul and says that she has a strange premonition that with something is wrong with her and she must be supervised this evening. And in the end everything will happen again, but Paul will be by her side and will be able to help her in time, and after that they will still turn to the doctor with the question 'Why did she become quickly fill?'
Best friends do not leave in trouble, even if they were used! Nakanu is a human life! And Jessica after that was able to take everything into account and correct her mistake! Give her a second chance!
And Jessica is clearly not the only one in this universe with such a problem, there are clearly people somewhere who are looking for a cure for this problem. Continue the story, please! You have very interesting stories! But do not kill Jess! (It's a shame to lose such a character)
Keep up the good work! I'm not the only one praising you))
((and I have already read 2 of your works, I don’t know if they exist in different universes, but if in one, you can indirectly link them, it’s not a bad story with a sequel!)) Just think))


Migas54's picture
And yes, I almost forgot ...

I would like to find out what this disease is and where its origins come from! What about its treatment and control? Perhaps there are organizations that are looking for a solution to this problem!
What if this disease mutates and spreads?
How many ideas to continue! Unleash your potential!
All in your hands!


BerryLover42's picture
Idea accepted

You're onto something. Might write something else soon. :)