Introduction From Long Time Lurker

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Introduction From Long Time Lurker

Hello Everyone!

I figured I would introduce myself as a new-ish member of the community.
I talked to my therapist some time ago and I was told that there was no problem having a kink/interest and owning it!
After a few discussions, I built up the courage to create a DA account and share some stories to test the waters.
I will say that I felt great with doing that stuff. I thought I would take the next step and make an account here!

I've been a lurker since 2008 or so, so it's taken SOME time to build up confidence.
For anyone who remembers, I was lurking since the days of Exblue when that was around.

That said, my interest is primarily a blueberry inflation interest. I find it so unique and fascinating!
I like the classic style blueberry; call me an old-timer if you must, I won't take offense, hahaha.
I never really gave roleplaying a shot, but I do find it quite intriguing. I would consider trying.
Though if at all, I would probably only limit myself to this messaging!

Luthers magic came at the perfect time for me, since it feels natural that I set up an account here.
Looking forward to meeting you all and talking about things!

Hanz Popper

Good to have you here!