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Jessica discreetly peered over the top of her office cubicle as she absentmindedly marked off the 30+ new emails in her inbox as ‘read’, knowing that most of them were automated invitations to office events that she would never even consider going to. ‘1000 Days Without An Accident Celebration’? Give me a break. The office where she worked, with its flimsy cardboard sheets that somehow passed for walls, was about the least dangerous environment she could think of. The only time it could possibly be dangerous was if someone came in with a hangover from the night before, and then it was like avoiding the Minotaur in the labyrinth. 

 Jessica quietly seethed inside as she saw Sally from insurance indiscreetly making out with Jack from finance by the water cooler over the cubicle wall. Sally was always making sure that everyone knew she and Jack were about to tie the knot between each other, breaking in kissing sessionswhenever someone was within 10 feet of them. Jessica couldn’t understand how they had even got together in the first place; Jack was an attractive man with all the wit and personality of a particularly interesting rock, whilst Sally had had 15 minutes of fame for using the photocopier at the office Christmas party last year to take some pictures of her ‘Christmas cookie’. 

 Come to think of it, it seemed almost everyone in the office had some sort of romance going on with someone else. Even short fat Bill from marketing was going around looking noticeably happier than he usually did, glancing winks at Andrea from transfers as he walked past. 

Sure, Jessica had taken several shots at hitting on her co-workers, but rarely got past 3 sessions of small talk. On the rare occasion that she did manage to secure a first date with someone, the person would always say afterwards “Yeah, I liked her, but there was no chemistry.” 

 The most likely reason for this was because whenever she was with other people in general, not just her co-workers, Jessica felt as though she couldn’t truly be herself. For she had a secret: Jessica had a fetish for body inflation, meaning that she would often imagine her breasts swelling up like growing melons until they busted out of her bra, or her belly growing so big that she couldn’t see her feet or reach around it. And sometimes, if she was really aroused, Jessica would imagine herself blown up all over, her body nothing more than an enormous round ball like a hot air balloon, with her partner for the night bouncing on top of her as they fucked her senseless. 

 Unfortunately Jessica was very embarrassed about her fetish, and had never shared it with anyone, not even her family. She was afraid she would be seen as some sort of freak, and be socially ostracised or even outcast from society, given the way it was currently running. On top of that, she knew that actually inflating herself was physically impossible.  So Jessica had to find some way to satisfy her cravings in a way that was feasible and didn’t draw too much attention to herself. 

 This could mean blowing up balloons, which she often did first thing in the morning, claiming it was a stress reliever. Sometimes she would hold her breath when she was sure no one was watching her and imagine her body expanding outwards. And sometimes, when she was in a very private place, such as a bathroom cubicle or at home, she would lift up her shirt and push out her stomach, or puff up her chest, and imagine how big and taut she would feel with an air hose inside her. 

 Jessica couldn’t remember exactly how she had come to have this fetish, but it was becoming a real hamper on her ability to connect with other people. As she got up from her desk to get herself a coffee from the office cafetière; Jessica saw that there was a lot more hand holding between the men and women going on than usual. On her way back, oh look, there was Jack bringing Sally her morning coffee and planting a kiss on her cheek. How... romantic. 

 It was like this throughout the entire day. She would see people crossing each other’s feet under the desks, cheekily feeling each other up as they went past, and the odd kiss glanced here and there. Jessica was feeling that her buttons marked ‘sexual frustration’ had been significantly pushed as she sat down again after her lunch break. She had to release it somehow before it drove her crazy. 

 Leaning back to look at the cubicles next to her, Jessica saw that everybody was settling back into their routines, not paying as much attention to everyone as they were before. Obviously they’d got their fix of sexual satisfaction earlier in the day. Jessica? She had to be a more discreet about hers. 

 Making absolutely sure that no one would see her doing what she was about to do, Jessica slid her hand under her shirt to feel her belly and inhaled deeply, feeling her belly fill out under her hand. She held her breath, running her hand over her taut, distended stomach, imagining that she was twice, no, three times the size she was now. So big... 

 Suddenly hearing footsteps along her side of the cubicles, Jessica quickly exhaled. 

 “Hey, Jess.”

 Jessica jumped a little at the fact someone was actually calling her by name, and turned to see who it was. The figure’s jet black hair and red blouse immediately told her it was Holly from international relations. 

 “Hey, Holly!”

 “I saw that you were looking a little in the dumps this morning. Everything all right your end?”

 Jessica looked around to make sure no one would overhear her unexpected conversation with Holly. 

 “Well, I just can’t help but feel that I’m missing out on something.” she told Holly. “I’ve never been able to hold a relationship, and I don’t even think the guys who DO pay any attention to me are being genuine about it.” 

 “Well, sounds like you need a bit of a leg up!” Holly said. “What do you think’s holding you back?”

 Jessica felt herself going red in the face. Did she really dare to reveal her fetish right here, where people could overhear her? 

 “Well...” she struggled. “I think - that it’s... erm...” And then she had an idea. 

 “Let’s just day my tastes are very... singular.” she said with relief. 

 “Oooh, someone’s a kinky girl, are they?” said Holly softly, bending her knee in a suggestive gesture. 

 “Well... yes.” said Jessica, throughly relieved that she was able to tell someone about her interests. 

 “Have you ever used a dating app before?” Holly asked. 

 “I can’t say I have.” Jessica said. 

 “It’s not the 1950’s, Jess. Everyone’s using dating apps nowadays.” Holly explained. “In fact, there’s even specialised dating apps for specific interests; there’s Grindr for gay men, Fingr for gay women, Beatr for BDSM people...”

 This was music to Jessica’s ears. She wasn’t the only one who had strange sexual desires, and there were ways that she could find partners! She might even meet her future husband!

 “Yeah, there’s pretty much a dating app for every interest nowadays.” said Holly, having come to the end of her long list of dating apps. 

“Just give them a search on the App Store, I’m sure you’ll find something for you there.” she finished, giving Jessica a little wink. 

 “Holly, you are a life saver!” Jessica said, full of appreciation for her co-workers help. She was blushing again, but this time with desire; she couldn’t wait to get back home so she could search for a dating app for her specific needs. 

 “You’re welcome.” said Holly, bending her knee in a tantalising manner. “Ooh, must dash.” She said abruptly, hearing her phone alarm go off inside her jacket pocket. “Meeting. I’ll see you later.” 

 “See you”. Jessica waved to Holly as she set off at a sort of run, which was the best she could manage in heels. 

**********LATER THAT EVENING**********

 Jessica’s heart was all a flutter. After searching “dating app” didn’t yield much promise, she’d bitten the bullet and searched “fetish dating app”. After searching through the over 50,000 results (Holly was right!) that came up, she had struck gold. A simple purchase of $1.49 later and she was ready to start with Inflatr, adating app specially for people with inflation fetishes. 

 Opening the app, the little Inflatrlogo, a white balloon inside a red circle, materialised on the screen. Jessica felt herself getting quite hot as she scrolled through how to use the app. She was actually to going to get sex that was specially catered to her interests! No more hiding in the shadows, no more pretending to be something she wasn’t. She could let it all hang out now - she was Jessica, balloon girl! 

 Fifteen minutes later, “Jessica, 27” was on Inflatr and already to go. Along with several pictures of her in a bikini, Jessica had also used the self timer to take some pictures of her holding her breath, puffing her chest up or pushing her stomach out in the tightest clothes she had. “Best make myself look as balloon-like as possible” was her thinking.

 Inflatr had a rather interesting way of ‘liking’ or ‘passing’ profiles. Rather than swiping left for passing or right for liking on TinderInflatr had a round button in each bottom corner. One had a pin icon for ‘Pop’, and the other a bike pump icon for ‘Pump’. If you liked someone’s profile and wanted to have kinky inflation sex with them, you would ‘pump’ them. If you weren’t interested in a particular person, you would ’pop’ them. You could also ‘Super Pump’ someone by blowing on the screen. 

 Since it was her first time using the app, Jessica wasn’t too picky about who she ‘pumped’, pressing the ‘pump’ button without even looking at the profiles for the most part. She kept this up for about half an hour, and although she hadn’t got any ‘liftoffs’ yet, she was still optimistic about the app. 

 “It’s only my first day with it.” she said to herself as she put her phone on to charge. “There’s bound to be people in my area that have it as well.” 

 Laying her phone down to charge, she lay back on the couch and pulled off her shirt, revealing her chubby pink boobs and slightly pudgy belly, all a result of sitting down at the office so much. She rubbed herself all over, and then closed her eyes and imagined herself getting pumped up. She could see her belly filling up into a smooth expanse of skin, her breasts becoming completely round and spilling out of her bra. And if she looked very closely, she could see the faint outline of the person who was blowing her up. They had long blonde hair, was it a man or a woman? She would take either, she wasn’t fussed. 

Jessica took a deep breath and imagined the sounds of busting stitches, popping seams and ripping fabric as she erupted from her clothes and rose into the air, a giant, naked fat balloon, all ready for a night of damn fine porking! 

 *pop* Ding! 

 A notification on her phone took Jessica out of her balloon girl fantasy and back onto her couch. She picked up the phone, the screen still illuminated from the notification. It read:


You have lift-off with someone!

Open up to see who it is! 

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