Hold My Drink Pt. 1

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This story takes place at the birthday party of a girl named Danielle, and concerns three different groups of her friends, including Danielle herself. It would take far too long to tell you about all three of these groups and what is about to happen between them in one sitting, so we’re going to have to split this story into three parts. This first part concerns the first group.

A Miracle Biological Breakthrough Leads to Delightfully Devilish Pectoral Pumping

The bass heavy music blared and made the ground vibrate beneath the guest’s feet. The little circles of light from the disco ball bounced off the reflective walls of the gazebo. The comedy props which people could use to take photos with, which included cowboy hats, inflatable microphones and guitars, overly large sunglasses and chalkboard signs saying ‘Happy Birthday’ and ‘Prosecco is life’ were all ready in an open box by the drinks table. The drinks themselves, which varied from Prosecco, lager, red and white wine and spirits to fruit juice and pop, were all strategically positioned in buckets of ice on one of the several long tables. The guests were all present and either conversing, drinking, dancing or sometimes a combination of all three. It was all here. Danielle Thurman’s ‘Twinkling 22nd Birthday’ was in full swing.

Danielle herself was by the entrance to the gazebo, chatting to a couple of girls in matching leopard print crop tops and another girl in a classy, dark blue dress. Danielle had wavy, reddish brown hair that framed a very slender, thin face. Her narrow dark eyes, pouty lips and round cheeks made her look rather a lot like a squirrel. For tonight’s festivities, she had dressed herself up in a baby pink dress that came down to her knees and was low cut at the front, revealing the top of her cleavage. This she had paired with a silver choker and sparkly silver heels. This combination made her look the ‘absolute bee’s knees’ in her own words.

Danielle was usually quite a casual, sometimes uptight girl, and was in her third year of college studying architecture. Her occasional uptightness came from her intense commitment to her studying, with which she had whiled away many hours in her dorm room. She had once pulled an all nighter that was so long that she didn’t even realise that her 21st birthday had come until she had looked at the clock at 10:30 in the morning. She had consequently drank several cups of Espresso from the dorm’s coffee maker before going down to celebrate with her flatmates. Since they were all university students and as a result lived dirt cheap in their student housing, Danielle had celebrated with a simple holographic ‘Happy Birthday’ banner on the kitchen wall, and a box of cupcakes her flatmates had made her.

Tonight was different, as she was back at home for the summer, could let her hair down and did not have to live as cheaply, but was also kind of bittersweet. She was planning on taking a gap year in Italy starting in September before starting her fourth year, so she had combined the occasion with her birthday to make it a leaving party as well. So for tonight, and for this year of her life, her 22nd was her big birthday, rather than her 21st. So she had pulled out all the stocks to make it extra special.

Little did Danielle know, as she stood with a glass of Prosecco chatting with her group of mates about the different styles of Greek pillar (Doric, Ionic and Corinthian) that a very special something was about to occur tonight that would not only make this the best birthday of her life, but also one of the best nights of her life. However, this special something does not start with Danielle herself. It starts with a group of three girls that Danielle knew well from secondary school, who were gathered by the drinks table gossiping. These three girls names were Molly Wicker, Sally Banne and Katie Corsa. Let’s go meet them now.

Molly Wicker was a short, stocky girl with shoulder length black hair and small dark eyes that looked much bigger behind the lenses of her glasses. Coupled with her rather large cheeks and small chin, she looked like a sort of sexy hamster.

Molly was in her second year of university studying biology, and was known to her flatmates, of which Sally and Katie were part, as quite the party girl. When she wasn’t reading papers about the strangest topics and discoveries in the world of biology (she had recently been enjoying a spot of The Telepathic Brainwaves of The Saldonian Glass Frog and Their Potential Uses by Professor Brian Cantab (Ba Hons)) she could often be found zipping herself up in a leather skirt and crop top, ready to go for a night on the town. Although she was more than capable of handling her drink, having once downed half a bottle of Absolut over the course of one evening and still being able to stand up at the end of it, she was not prepared for the drug scene in the area where Danielle lived. Only yesterday, when she had come down to Bedford to stay at Sally’s to prepare for Danielle’s party, she had licked cocaine off the end of her finger in a nightclub thinking it was candy dust, and half an hour later was convinced she was a famous footballer.

Apart from partying herself silly and engrossing herself in the world of telepathic frogs, she also enjoyed singing along to musicals, and had spent a good half hour or so earlier singing at the top of her voice to as many of the songs on Danielle’s playlist as she knew.

Tonight she had squeezed herself into a black stretch dress that hugged her very closely, revealing a very round and full bosom that was the result of Molly exercising her lungs and chest muscles through singing. It was also the main feminine bulge that Molly had on her body; the rest of her was between flat and average, hence why she was wearing such a tight dress; she wished to make the most of the curves she had. I guarantee that in every friendship group, there is always a short girl with small curves but massive boobs.

Sally Banne was tall and lanky, with shiny blonde hair, freckled skin and a long, slightly toothy face like a rabbit. She was studying sports science and was on the university’s netball team, which explained why she was nearly 6 feet tall and more toned than the palette of a Wes Anderson movie, and her yellow crop top and vertical striped skirt did nothing to make her look shorter. As often appears to be the case with tall girls, Sally’s boobs appeared to have been stretched out thinner by the length of her torso, which meant she had quite a few nicknames like ‘Long Tall Sally’ and ‘Matchstick’, and even ‘Sallymander’ because she was so thin her body shape was often compared to that of a reptile.

Just like Molly, Sally had very well developed lungs from her netball training, and often challenged Molly to impromptu breath holding contests around campus. She was ambitious about playing netball professionally once she graduated, and so did everything she could to make her lungs stronger. Yesterday, when Molly was round hers, she had held a balloon blowing contest to see who could blow up the most balloons in a minute. It had been a very close tie; Molly had accused Sally of giving her slightly bigger balloons so Sally could blow hers up quicker. Sally had of course denied this, and said that she was just the better balloon blower.

Although she was very into athletics, Sally, like a lot of ‘long cool women’, considered herself something of a wine connoisseur as well. She would spend her free time researching the different varieties of wine and species of grapes from various regions, trying to find what would produce the best balance of fruitiness, tartness and sweetness that her palate so desired. Tonight she had a glass of Yellowtail Jammy Red Roo from Australia, as Australia had the best ageing methods from her research. She personally found it a little too sweet for her liking, but it had the texture and finish that she liked.

Katie Corsa was one of Sally’s fellow netball players. Her light auburn hair, round, doll-like face, large blue eyes and red lips made her possibly the whitest looking half-Latina you’d ever seen, and her netball friends often joked about her pretending to be half-Latina to earn herself ‘sexy points’. She was stocky like Molly and had average sized breasts, but an unusually wide waist for a girl her size. Due to the shortness of the outfits the girls wore for netball, most of the compliments Katie got on the netball courts from both her fellow players and spectators were about her ass, which was as big and round as a pumpkin.

She was in her second year of studying ornithology and hoped to get a job working in the bird sanctuary of the local zoo. She had loved all things bird related ever since she was a child, when her first toy was an animatronic talking bird called Kukoo. All her clothing was bird related in some way; if it had a feather pattern or texture, an image of a bird on it, or even band names that were related to birds like Wings and The Eagles on it, Katie owned it. Her outfit tonight consisted of a ruffle-fronted blouse that resembled a birds breast, a pair of denim short-shorts with a parrot stitched on one of the back pockets, and a pair of black knee-high heeled boots that made her legs look like a flamingo’s. She had also hung a few decorative bird feathers in her hair, as they made her feel more ‘exotic’.

Her obsession with birds was so ingrained that she had even customised her exercise program at the university’s gym so that her body would eventually resemble a birds; a large, full chest, a small, tight ass and slender, toned legs.

“Are you alright, Katie?” Sally asked, noticing that Katie appeared to be wincing.

“I’m alright, thanks Sally.” Katie replied.

“It’s just you look like you’re in pain.” Sally said in a concerned tone.

“Oh, it’s just these shorts.” Katie said, fiddling with one of the legs of her shorts. “They’re just a bit tight around my thighs.”

“Well, why did you decide to wear them?” Molly asked, giggling a little at the thought of Katie wanting to deliberately chaff her thighs.

“Because I like birds, dammit.” Katie said in a very matter-of-fact way. “How many short shorts have you seen that have an image of a parrot on the ass?”

“Anyway,” she said, sipping her cocktail and giving her shorts another tug. “I think my ass is just a bit too big. They’ll fit fine if it was a bit smaller,”

“Why don’t you put some more work into your glutes when you’re down at the gym?” Sally suggested.
“Then you’ll put on some more muscle and your ass won’t look as fat.”

“Make the muscle bigger? Without losing the fat first? That’ll just make my ass even bigger, you donut!” Katie said, laughing. “You think I want an ass like a fucking cockerel or something?”

“Er, Katie,” Molly said, laughing herself.
“You do realise that you can lose fat AND gain muscle at the same time, don’t you?”

Katie just stared in silence for a moment, and then used her free hand to facepalm herself.

“I should have known that!” She said, from behind her hand. “I guess that makes ME the donut, doesn’t it?”

“I think it does!” Sally giggled into her drink, splashing some of it on her chin in the process.

“Well, DO you want an ass like a cockerel?” Molly asked, jokingly.

“Of course I don’t!” Katie said, swivelling her waist so she could gesture to her ass.
“I want to get an ass like a peacock; slender, tight and with a beautiful long tail.”

They all found this quite amusing.

“I’ll miss Danielle when she’s in Italy.” Sally said, swirling her wine around in her glass. “What’s she’s going there for again?”

“Gap year.” Katie said. “Wants to take in all the exquisite architecture.”

“Oh, Italian architecture’s amazing!” Molly said dreamily. “She’ll love it there. I wonder if that’s why the average height in Italy is shorter than here. They must have needed to be small to fit inside all those intricate buildings when they were constructing them!”

“I think she’ll fit right in there. Maybe even get herself an Italian boyfriend!” Katie suggested.

“Oi oi!” Sally said cheekily, winking.

“You know what?” Katie said, leaning in so the other guests and Danielle wouldn’t overhear. “Speaking of Italy, I think Danielle’s got some of those ‘big Italian lady’ genetics, you know?”

“Big Italian lady? What are you talking about?” Molly said, in a ‘now this is some bullshit’ kind of tone.

“Well, she’s grown quite a lot in a year, hasn’t she?” Katie remarked, gesturing to Danielle’s figure. “Look at her.”

Molly and Sally glanced over their shoulders to look at Danielle. Molly’s jaw dropped.

“Good god, she’s blown up like a balloon!” Molly exclaimed.

It was true. Just last year, as shown in the photos from her 21st, Danielle had displayed a decent amount of curvature on herself, but it hadn’t been anything to write home about.
But this year, her baby pink birthday dress was filled with the thickest hourglass figure that Katie, Sally and Molly had ever seen. Her breasts and hips pulled her dress so tight around her body that her dress might as well have been painted on her skin.

“How the fuck’s she done that?” Sally asked. “There’s absolutely no way she’s done that naturally.”

“I call implants.” Katie said.

“That big? In that short a length of time”? Molly said disbelievingly. “I say she’s breathed herself that big.”

“Breathed herself?” Sally asked.

“Didn’t you hear about the paper that was published last month?” Molly said.
“About how girls can use their boobs as a second set of lungs?”

“Wasn’t that,” Katie suddenly said,
“Newly Discovered Respiratory Bypass System in Human Females Allows Breasts to Be Used As Oxygen Reservoirs? By Andrea Samson (PhD)?”

“That’s the one!” Molly said, glad to see Katie understood where she was coming from. Then she suddenly shot Katie an inquisitive look.

“How did you find out about that paper?”

“You’re not the only one who’s interested in the weird goings on in the world.” Katie winked.

“Well,” Molly continued, rather surprised at Katie’s announcement.
“I bet that Danielle has also found out about that paper, and has used it to give herself a little boost, if you catch my drift.”

Katie and Molly stood in silence for a moment contemplating what Molly had just said, taking occasional sips from their drinks.

“I don’t know,” Sally finally said, sceptically. “Sounds like a load of bogus to me.”

“Hey Molly,” Katie said, nudging Molly in the arm. “I bet you can’t make yourself as big as Danielle.”

“Come again?” Molly asked.

Katie giggled, and then repeated.
“I challenge you to breathe into your boobs and make them as big as Danielle’s.”

“Want to bet?” Molly said energetically, challenging Katie.

“Sure, how much?”


“You’re on!”

“Is this something you and Katie have just made up between each other?” Sally asked Molly, still sceptical of her claim. “Because you’re doing a pretty good job keeping it up.”

“Sally, Sally, Sally,” Molly said, shaking her head. “You’re taking too literal a view of the human body. You’re thinking of it in terms of just bones and muscles and skin. There’s so many things we now know the human body can do that previously seemed impossible, and this is one of them.”

“Well, show me that this breathing thing is actually possible, and then I’ll believe you.” Sally said.

“Okay, I’ll show you. Watch.”

With that, Molly took a big breath, and her bosom rose, filling out her dress. She inhaled and inhaled until she couldn’t inhale anymore, and although her chest had expanded pretty big, there was no discernible change in her breast size.

“Are you sure this is possible, Molly?” Sally asked. “Breasts are just fat, they can’t possibly be used like lungs.”

“No, no, no...” Molly said defensively. “It’s definitely coming, I... err... hmm.”

”I’m pretty sure there’s something more to this.” Molly said to herself.
“Did I read the paper correctly? I’m sure I’m missing something.”

“Looks like you’re not as balloon-like as you thought, eh?” Katie said in a bantering sort of way.

“Balloon...” Molly thought. “Balloon, balloon, balloon... oh, of course!” she finally said it loud.

“What?” Sally asked.

“I knew I was missing something!” Molly said. “There’s a little more to breathing into your boobs than this.”

“Molly, how much longer are you going to keep this up?” Sally asked.
“I’m sorry, but I just don’t believe that you can fill your boobs with air.”

“I’ve got it now, Sally.” Molly said confidently. “Besides, you can help me, I’m going to need to use both my hands for this. Hold my beer.”

Passing her beer to Sally, Molly then put her hands on her breasts and started squeezing them in a rhythmic fashion.

“Molly, what the fuck are you-“ Sally began.

“Sally, please.” Molly said sharply.
“I need to concentrate.”

Squeezing her breasts as though they were a couple of stress toys, Molly furrowed her brows and started to take a slow, deep breath. Her chest rose upwards, pushing her breasts forward. As she reached her maximum pneumaticness, Molly opened her mouth wide like a snake and strained to breathe in more air, her forehead turning slightly pink. A few tense seconds passed; then a sound of an inhaling breath, a rubbery stretch, and Molly’s breasts blew up.

They grew from their normal shape to round and perky like a pair of balloons, and then swelled as Molly inhaled. Katie and Sally only noticed this incredible feat when Molly’s fingers started to spread apart, being pushed apart by the expansion of the two balloons that her tits had now become.

“Oh my god!” Sally exclaimed loudly, almost spilling wine down herself.

“Phew! Knew I’d get there in the end.” Molly panted, patting her new breasts and admiring their fullness.

“Whoo! You go, Molly!” Katie applauded. “Look at you! You like you’re about to burst out of that dress.”

“Oh, this dress has a lot of give to it!” Molly said, running her hands down her sides.

“What the... wha?” Sally stammered.

“I told you it was possible.” Molly said proudly to Sally.

“But how did you...”

“It’s a bypass. The air sort of misses your lungs and goes into your boobs.”

Any girl can do it,” Molly added, noting Sally’s flabbergasted look.

“Your boobs just need a bit of squeezing for it to work. Sort of stretches them out the way you stretch out a balloon before blowing it up. But afterwards...” she gestured to her newly enlarged bosom again, bulging inside her black dress like a pair of cantaloupes.
“It’s up, up and away!” she said gleefully.

“So...” Sally said inquiringly. “Do you think... do you think I could do it too?”

“Of course you could, Sally!” Molly said, as if this was blindingly obvious.
“You’re female, you’ve got lungs and you’ve got boobs, haven’t you?”

“Well... sort of.” Sally gestured to her skinny boobs. “I could definitely use a little filling out up top.”

“Well, this would be perfect for you.” Molly said, happy to help Sally out.

“Hold my wine, will you, Katie?” Sally said, passing her glass to Katie, who happily obliged.

“Thanks.” she winked.

“So... how did you do it again?” Sally said, turning back to Molly.

“The first thing you’ve got to do is squeeze your boobs.” Molly explained.

Sally extended her fingers fully and tried her best to squeeze her long, muscular chest.

“Have I even got enough boobage for this?” she joked, looking at how little she was holding.

“Enough? You’ll have more than enough boobage in a moment!” Molly laughed.

Flexing her fingers, Sally pushed on the small raised bumps on her chest and gave her fingers a good workout in the process. After about 10 seconds of strong squeezing, a strange feeling passed through Sally’s body. Her chest felt hollow, like how she’d felt before playing Australia in the netball championships last month.

This is just weird, Sally thought. Am I really doing this? Am I really making my boobs inflatable?

As though hearing her thoughts, Molly piped up “Do you feel kind of hollow inside?”

“Oh! Er, yes.” Sally said, jolting out of her train of thought. “It’s... weird. I feel like there’s a gap inside my body.”

“That’s exactly what you want!” Molly said excitedly.

“So I can inflate them now?”

“Yes! All you have to do now is take a deep breath.”

“Just take a deep breath?”


“This is all really strange, you know.”

“Of course it’s strange! But it’s fun.”

Sally hesitated for a little moment, and then -

“Alright. Alright, I’m going to try it now.”

“Go for it Sally, you long tall beauty!”

“Alright...” Sally said to herself. “Deep breath.”

She inhaled, and her chest rose. Sally was very used to taking deep breaths at this point, so she reached her full capacity in no time at all. Then it got strange. As she tried to keep breathing in, there was an odd feeling of resistance rising in her chest, like a barrier that she never realised was there. Sally furrowed her brow and breathed in as hard as she could, her forehead turning pink from the strain. Then the resistance suddenly gave way, and Sally’s chest blew up. Sally jumped in shock at her sudden expansion, and stopped breathing in.

“What the fuck?” She said in awe and disbelief, looking at her greatly enlarged chest.

“Did I really just do that?” She gestured to her boobs, which were now bulging from her chest like a couple of airbags.

“Yes, you did!” Katie said excitedly, her voice chirping like a budgie.

“Guess we won’t be doing any more balloon blowing contests, eh?” Molly joked, as Sally looked over herself in amazement.

“You’ve got your own personal balloons now!”

“Yeah, looks like I do! That’s one cool trick, Molly!”

“Well, you know me.” Molly said.
“The best isn’t always the most obvious. Look at me; small, wears glasses, looks like a squirrel and read weird scientific papers, but can teach girls to blow up their boobs!”

“Can I get any bigger?” Sally asked, inquisitively.

“Sorry?” Molly said, momentarily distracted.

“Can I make my boobs any bigger?” Sally asked.

“Certainly.” Molly replied.
“You just take another deep breath, breathe in until you’re satisfied, and then stop!”


“Hang on, Sally!” Katie suddenly piped up.
“Just hold my drink a second, will you?”

“What for?”

“You’ll see.”

Sally took Katie’s drink for her (a bottle of Old Speckled Hen nonetheless!), and was quite surprised to see Katie squeezing her breasts as well.

“You want to blow up as well, Katie?”

“What girl doesn’t want bigger boobs?” Katie responded, taking back her bottle from Sally.
“Besides, I’ve always wanted a genuine pigeon breast! Why don’t we do it together?”

“That sounds great!”

“Alright. After three.”





However, as both Katie and Sally inhaled, and their breasts began to expand again, they were fully unaware that they were unintentionally drawing attention from another corner of the gazebo, where another small group of girls were gathered. These are the girls that we will meet in our next instalment of this story.

See you soon for part 2.

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