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The building was rather sleek, a total contrast to the surrounding strip mall. It's walls stark white and window panes tinted grey, somewhat obscuring it's interior. Bright, neon purple letters spelling out Laurent hung next to the front door.  The aforementioned door was in constant motion, as several customers walked in and out happily.

Sam sat in her car, tapping her fingers rhythmically on the wheel. She glanced at the building and back her feet, again and again. She stared into the rear view mirror, blinking her deep blue eyes quickly. She looked back at the store.

Just get out of the car. She told herself. Everyone's here, you're no different.

She opened the door and climbed out, watching as several girls went in and out the revolving door. Those who walked out wore new shirt and pants, printed with the same bright purple logo hung next to the entrance. One brunette had a pep in her step as she walked, her large chest bouncing with every step. Sam walked in, nerves growing.

The reception room matched the exterior, bright white with compliments of greys and violets. Several girls sat on the provided couches. Some filled out papers, some scrolled on their phones, and others watched one of the two flat screen TVs hung on opposite sides of the room. They advertised the Laurent, and it's creator Eva Laurent. She explained how her brand was the future of fashion, and something that was both revolutionary and beautiful.

Sam was getting lost in the ad before an impatient customer pushed her from behind, making her realize she had arrived to the front of the line.

"Good afternoon." Cooed the receptionist. Her dirty blonde hair was tied in a regal bun. "H-hello." Stammered Sam, still somewhat embarrassed at not paying attention to her place in line.

"Are you here for our beauty treatments today?" Asked the receptionist, taking several paper from her desk and adding them to a clipboard.

"Why else would I be here..?" Sam looked around, not seeing any products to be sold.

"Just take the paper, sweetie." Said the receptionist, handing her the clipboard. "Take a seat and fill out the paperwork. Once you're finished, bring it back up to me."

Sam thanked the receptionist and took a seat near the corner. She read through the paper quickly, signing her name and filling out billing information. The liability waiver only heightened her nerves, but she filled it out before leaving only one page left; the choices of treatments.

She looked over the opening paragraph, describing how Eva's interests in both science and fashion lead her to her new brand. Sam ignored this, and hurried down to the treatments. There were four; Up-Top, Pear Shaped, Hourglass, and the Full Package. The last one stuck with her, dancing in her mind. "Full package?" She whispered to herself. She looked up, seeing now what treatments each girl walking out had taken. The blonde with the big boobs? Probably Up-Top. The brunette with the big butt and thick thighs? Pear-Shaped. And the girl with both? Hourglass.

She looked back at the paper, noticing the small excerpt underneath the last option. Notice! It read. Those who show talent with this treatment are susceptible to future employment with the Laurent brand! Sam eyes lit up. She quickly checked the box and hurriedly handed the papers back to the receptionist. She read it over and looked up to Sam as she arrived on the last page. "Aren't you brave?" She joked.

"Yes I am." Sam smiled cheekily.

"500 dollars will be billed to your account next Monday." Said the receptionist. The price made Sam's confidence waver, but she continued to stand proudly. The receptionist pressed a button before speaking into a microphone, asking for a doctor. "Doctor?" Sam repeated.

"It's a very special procedure, and we will only provide you with our best." The receptionist explained, before being interrupted as a door on the right opened up.

"Samantha Hollins?" Asked the doctor, reading the name off a tablet. Sam raised her hand, surprised at how fast she had gotten ready. “I’m Dr. Leia,” Explained the Doctor. “Now follow me, this way.” Dr. Leia lead Sam through the door, as they both continued down a long hallway. They passed several offices, many other doctors (or what Sam assumed were doctors) typed away on computers. Finally, at the end of the hall, they entered a room that was labeled Treatment Lab. The name made the butterflies in her stomach bounce around even faster.

The room itself was very big, at least 20 foot high ceilings and the walls seemed to padded. This reminded her of the rooms in movies where they put the insane. Her chest slowly began to feel as if it were being constrained by a straightjacket. The doctor lead her to a collection of what looked like medical equipment and a large air tank in the center of the room. "We will begin the procedure shortly," Dr. Leia explained. "I just need you to remove your clothes."

"What?!" Sam gasped. The doctor tilted her head before growing beet red. "Oh, my apologies. I didn't realize how strange that sounded," She adjusted her glasses shakily. "The procedure might make you outgrow your clothes, and it can be dangerous to leave them on. So if you wouldn't mind stripping to your undergarments, that would be very much appreciated." Dr. Leia turned and began typing something onto a nearby laptop. Sam, realizing she was being given some form of privacy, began taking of her clothes. She placed them on a nearby chair in a neat pile, standing awkwardly in her panties and bra before the Doctor turned around.

"Wonderful, now just excuse me as I prepare you for the treatment." Dr. Leia quickly did several things you would expect from a check up at your local clinic; taking her pulse, checking her reflexes, among other things. After that was finished and recorded onto the laptop, Dr. Leia retrieved a hose from the large air tank next to her. "Now I'm going to sound strange again," Dr. Leia twisted the hose in her hand. "But where would you like the hose?"

Sam blushed. "Pardon?"

"It can either be placed through the anus, genitals, or navel." The Doctor explained. "The navel is the easiest but other customers have described it as less... Pleasurable." Dr. Leia chuckled softly.

"Th-the navel, please." Answered Sam shyly. The doctor nodded and fastened a new nozzle onto the end of the hose. "Now this might pinch," Dr. Leia placed the hose into Sam's belly button, making her yelp as it fastened itself in. "The procedure may now," Dr. Leia turned the valve on the tank. "Begin."

Sam felt the cool air rush into her stomach. She nearly lost her footing, it was so shocking. She ran her hand through her long, orange curly hair. The Doctor watched on, typing things away onto her tablet. Sam's hand soon found its way down to her stomach, which felt tight, almost like she had over eaten. She pressed down, and it was indeed taunt. As she pressed down, she felt the air move in her stomach. She moaned softly, quickly slapping both hands over her mouth. "Don't worry," Dr. Leia smiled. "I'd do the same thing."

Sam's stomach began to grow, and she continued to play with it more and more. She soon looked like she was seven months pregnant with twins. She breathed in sharp quick breaths, but they were halted when suddenly the cool air crept up her back. Suddenly, her chest felt tight. Her B cup breasts began to swell, quickly filling her bra. The pressure built, her chest grew, and finally the bra gave in. With a loud snap, the bra fell in shreds to the floor. Finally free of its prison, her chest surged forward, making Sam's entire body jiggle in response.

The cold air had already been filling her behind, but Sam finally noticed once her panties seemed to be growing uncomfortable. She grabbed her small butt, feeling it fill in-between her fingers. Her thighs soon followed, plumbing up as her hips widened. She could no longer walk, only waddle. She did this, her hands switching between her stomach, chest, and butt. She gripped them, pushed them, becoming overwhelmed by the cacophony of senses that was being brought to her. Sooner than expected, her panties snapped. Her hips shot outward in all directions, and her butt and thighs soon began to lose shape. Dr. Leia watched on in interest, seeming impressed at Sam's size.

She continued to swell, and soon enough she could no longer move her legs or arms. Slowly, her back began to round out and her limbs seeped into the globe that was her body. Her legs disappeared, her crotch resting on the floor. She moaned, making her body vibrate, which made her moan even more. She was in complete ecstasy, as she began to grow almost double her height. Dr. Leia was amazed, and quickly turned off the valve as Sam had swelled up to be 15 feet high. "You're incredible!" The Doctor yelled. "We've never had someone whose skin was so elastic!" She was answered by muffled shouts. "Oh, I didn't realize you're probably too big to talk." Dr. Leia reversed the valve, slowly draining the air out of Sam.

As this process continued, Sam stared at the wall in front of her. Her mind raced, going over what just had happened. She never thought that would feel... Feel so good. How tight her skin felt, even how her body swelled when her underwear snapped off, it all felt so incredible. "So," Dr. Leia broke the silence. "How much air would you like me to leave in you?"

"Hm?" Sam couldn't look down, she was still too big.

"Up-top, pear shaped, hourglass..." The doctor trailed off.

"Oh!" Sam realized. "Um, pear shaped."

Dr. Leia giggled. "It looked like you enjoyed that part the most." Sam grew beet red as the Doctor emailed one of her supervisors, saying that they have found the perfect canidae for their position in Paris.

Author's Note: 

This is my first attempt at a story about inflation, so please criticize me in the comments. Who knows, if this goes well enough, maybe we can see the rest of Sam's adventures in Paris ;)

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Pennsylvania Ki...
Pennsylvania Kite Weather's picture
Solid First Story

Good focus and straightforwardness on the storytelling here - I liked the bits of dialogue you threw in; those and the emotions were what made this all believable and realistic. Coupled with the even spread of visual and sensual details and some fresh figurative language, it's a pleasant read even before the inflation begins. Perhaps it does drop off a little bit - Sam and the doctor get quiet as the process kicks into gear and the inflation checks off all the boxes of what happens to a swelling body. It goes a bit rapid too; the jump to a fifteen-foot sphere caught me a bit of a surprise. And the wrap-up with the deflation, I wished readers got a chance to see how you'd depict this pear-shape this main character ordered for herself, how she'd react since she already seemed so fascinated by herself all gigantic. I know most of the writing motivation is done once the inflatee reaches their max size, but giving some time to come up with a come-down to the action is really important before you type that final period.

It seems you've got multiple possibilites for further inflation methods down the line though (this wasn't even the most sensual kind and it appeared to intrigue Sam immensely already). My suggestion for any continuations you might have in mind would be to give Sam some more life outside of just a body to inflate. With a lot of these doctors-do-inflation-experiment-on-young-woman types of stories, what I personally look out for the most are signs the main character isn't just another faceless test subject. We have some hints that Sam is pretty exceptional from her overall stretchiness, but you might want to try developing some more tangible details that set your character apart. If she's going to Paris, what life is she leaving behind? Readers could learn exactly what motivated her to pursue this treatment in the first place; here, from paragraph two, we're dropped in without much history on why she's in the parking lot, only that later the $500 gift sounds like decent money. Is that the only factor here?

Please keep at it as you hopefully continue writing!

Im so sorry for replying so

Im so sorry for replying so late, but thank you so much for the critique! I completely understand the rushing it, I started this and finished it in the better half of an evening, so that probably explains for the hastily done inflation and deflation sequences. You gave me a great balance of praises and things I need to improve, so thank you. I'll try to keep all these in mind when I continue Sam's next story. :)