Swim Lessons

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It was a cliche, but before Quint knew it he had fallen in love with his teacher.

Of course it helped that they were both adults just out of college, Alex being Quint's swimming instructor.  It also helped that Alex had a calming presence and a disarming personality, along with his tendency to wear form-fitting swim shorts and no shirt.  That he was perpetually tanned was a boon as well, the sum of which meant that more often than not their "private lessons" became something more.  Quint kind of preferred it when it happened, because he was honestly, truly unable to get the hang of moving in water.

"I really wanted to learn how to swim," Quint said as they sat on the edge of the pool. "Seventy percent of the planet is basically covered by a death hazard if you can't."

"You just need a little more practice," Alex replied. "It-"

"You're trying to help, and I appreciate that, but I just don't think I'm meant to float."

Alex opened his mouth to protest before closing it again, lapsing into thought.  Finally he said, "I think I can do something about that."

"How do you mean?"

In reply Alex leaned over, gently taking Quint's head in his hands before moving in and kissing him.  It was unexpected but not unwanted, and Quint returned it in kind, wondering what he meant.  He didn't have long to wonder as, holding him steady, Alex took a deep breath and blew into him.

Quint felt air flow -into- him, his body giving no resistance as his flat stomach swelled up to the size of a beer gut.  Alex took a breath and blew again, and the tiles bordering the pool felt a little less hard as his backside widened, swim trunks growing tighter.  As Alex continued to blow the air spread outward, torso growing barrel-shaped with full pecs, arms turning swollen and sausage-like, and thighs pressing against each other as his legs began feeling less heavy in the water.

As Alex pulled away to catch his breath, Quint took stock of his body.  At first glance he looked fat, but there was no sag or rolls to him anywhere; it was all smooth and taut.  He pressed one chubby finger against the roll of his gut, the digit sinking in with little resistance.  He looked over at Alex, noting that he was sitting two or three inches higher. "What did you do?"

"I think you can float now," he replied. "Try it out."

"That-" He glanced at the water. "...sure, okay." Leaning forward, he did a mostly graceful dive into the pool, air-filled belly pushing up against him as it bobbed beneath the surface.  He turned face-up, finding himself floating on his back with no effort on his part whatsoever, and he felt somehow both at ease and excited by it.

After a few moments Alex joined him, swimming up beside him. "You see?  It's easy."

"Sure," Quint laughed, "if I've been blown up like a pool toy.  I'm going to need someone to do this every time I get in trouble."

"Really." Alex reached one arm over the swell of his body. "Well I guess I better stick by you, then."

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ThiccPuppette34's picture
I admit.

Typically not into gays, ironic cuz I'm a lesbian, but This was kinda cute!