Second Act

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“Hello, Alexis.  It’s been a while.”

Lexi jumped in her chair, always a little startled when Moira announced her presence.  “Announce” wasn’t the appropriate word since she never actually heard Moira speak.  Moira didn’t have a mouth or vocal cords; she somehow always put her words directly into Lexi’s thoughts, and read her thoughts as a response.

“Hey, you.”

“Is now a good time?”

Lexi quickly surveyed her surroundings.  She and over a hundred of her peers were spread throughout the 500-seat lecture hall.  Moira had a knack for catching Lexi at inopportune times.  One time she had introduced herself on the bus after class; Lexi relented anyway and barely made it home without catching too many stares.  Fortunately, today she was seated toward the top at the back of the auditorium; no one had seen her flinch in her seat, but she figured she still had another thirty minutes before she finished her calculus final.  “No, not exactly.  How about tonight?”

“The circumstances are actually kind of special.  It’s now or another few months.”

“A few months…?  What’s so special about right now?”

“I brought some others with me today.  They won’t be available again for quite some time.”

Lexi’s heart fluttered a bit and she felt her face flush slightly.  She nervously brushed a strand of hair behind one ear.  “You brought… others?”

“Yes… friends of mine.  Selinia and Daphne.  They are still new at this and need the practice.”

“Do you think that’s a good idea?  For… for me, I mean?”

“We have done it with others like you.”

Lexi quickly flipped through the remaining pages of the exam.  In the true college spirit of doing only the minimum amount of work necessary, she had already done the math on her grades and knew exactly what she needed on the final to ace the class.  Conveniently, the final exam listed a point value by each question, making it easy to work backwards from 100.  Assuming Lexi had gotten everything right so far, she only needed to finish another problem before she could leave the rest of the test blank.  This was quite a risk; she would essentially be racing Moira to finish that page before anyone noticed anything.  “Okay.  I’ll do it.  But you need to give me a ---”

Moira didn’t wait for her to finish; Lexi already felt that familiar feeling swirling invisibly around her.  “No, not yet! I need---”  But Moira wasn’t listening any longer.  She had a bad habit of tuning Lexi out once things were underway; she listened only when she wanted to.  The idea of a ghost with a female name had always confused Lexi, and this was one reason: Moira sometimes manifested male behavior, taking the lead, being assertive, being hard-headed.  But Moira could also be gentle and sensitive like a woman.  Lexi wasn’t sure if Moira’s kind truly had genders at all, but if they did then Lexi hadn’t quite nailed it down yet.

When the swirling feeling began to settle between Lexi’s legs she gasped, then quickly covered it up with a fake cough and hunched over her test.  No one noticed; the TA at the front didn’t even look up from her book.  Lexi hunched over her test and quickly thumbed the corners of the paper.  As she turned the page, she could already feel the waist of her shorts tightening.  “At least wait until I’ve turned in the test,” she thought.

A paragraph of text looked up at Lexi from the fold-out desk, a desk that her fit stomach was now beginning to grow toward.  “Fuck, I don’t have time for a word problem,” she thought, reaching one hand to rub her abdomen through her t-shirt.  She had worked hard all semester, and while her A would have been a shoo-in, it now hung in the balance on whether she could finish this one problem in time or just give up.  Lexi shot another look to her stomach, which was beginning to protrude over her thighs.  She tugged the bottom of her shirt back down and tried to focus.  “Come on, Lexi.  Let’s do this.”

A ball is thrown at the ground from the top of a tall building.  The speed of the ball in meters per second is:

v(t) = 9.8t + v0

The outer edge of Lexi’s stomach pressed against the desk, looking as if she were nearly full term with a baby.  She reached one hand around her belly and down between her legs.  Clamping her hand over her vagina would neither prevent nor delay Moira from continuing to invade her insides.  She knew this, feeling Moira slipping between her fingers, but it felt good and sent a shiver up her spine.  “Concentrate.”

where t denotes the number of seconds since the ball has been thrown and v0 is the initial velocity (in meters per second) of the ball.

Lexi’s tummy was now bulging over, under, and around the edge of the desk, infringing upon the space she needed to finish her exam.  Her t-shirt had ridden up to reveal the lower half of her belly and there was no pulling it back down now that Moira was working her way up into Lexi’s breasts.  She had to cop a feel.  Just once.  Lexi cupped one expanding breast and gave it a gentle squeeze, a naughty grin spreading across her face.  A few seconds later she realized she had gone into a daze, still fondling herself.  “Finish the damn problem, get your A, and get the hell out of here,” she thought to herself, shaking her head to clear her thoughts.

If the ball travels 25 meters during the first two seconds after it is thrown, what was the initial speed of the ball?

“Okay, a simple integral.  No problem.”

25 = ∫02(9.8t + v0)dt

Lexi had trouble reaching around her belly to write on the paper.  She tried to hunch over the desk but found herself pinned between the desk and the back of the chair.  Very carefully and quietly she squeezed as much of her belly under the desk as she could, then flipped the desk up and folded it down.  Now fully round, her mostly bare stomach nearly reached her knees, while her petite boobs had grown to the size of bowling balls, stretching the shirt tight across her chest.  Her crotch was tingling; Moira was picking up the pace.  Frustrated and aroused, Lexi plopped the exam on top of her belly and continued her work.

25 = (4.9(2)2 + v0(2)) - (4.9(0)2 + v0(0))

A new pressure caught Lexi’s attention as her thighs and butt plumped up, wedging her firmly into her seat.  Inside the shirt, more of her boobs were out of her bra than in.  Anyone looking in her direction would plainly see a girl much larger than the one that walked into the lecture hall, but everyone was consumed with their exams.  Even the girl four seats over was paying Lexi no mind.  Lexi quivered as her nipples rubbed against the insides of her bra, and her hand almost automatically found its way to one of them, massaging the trapped nipple through two layers of clothing.

25 = 4.9(4) + 2v0

There was a rustling a few seats over.  Lexi turned and watched the girl get up from her seat and walk down to the front, test in hand.  “She’s done,” she thought.  “Surely she’s going to see me.”  The apex of her belly pressed into the seat in front of her while her legs bloated up below, the tingling sensation traveling down the insides of her thighs as Moira worked against the resistance.  She realized that her free hand had been fighting with her shirt and bra, pulling them up over her left boob as much as she could.  Her mouth formed a smile of determination as she finally worked her nipple free, giving it a good pinch and stifling a loud gasp.  “Now I can finish this damn problem.”

25 = 19.6 + 2v0

The tightly stretched band of the bra finally succumbed at the clasps, loosening the bra’s grip on Lexi’s breasts.  She could no longer reach past them, so she moved her test up to sit atop her right boob, first making sure to pull her shirt the rest of the way up.  Her sides were starting to swell out, overflowing the armrests on either side and causing her arms to start puffing up.  Somewhere below, she felt the button on her shorts pop.  The girl at the front turned in her exam and exchanged a few words with the TA before turning around.  “She’s gonna see me,” Lexi thought, half terrified, half excited.  “She has to see me.”

5.4 = 2v0

2.7 = v0

v0 = 2.7 m/s

“I did it!” Lexi thought triumphantly, giving herself a celebratory nipple tweak.  Her sides and belly had swollen to take up the adjacent seats.  Her shirt was bunched up around her armpits and collarbone; her bra dangled uselessly from her shoulders.  Lexi picked the test up off of her boob and tried to get up, but she couldn’t budge, so she let her bulging arms fall to her sides, still holding the test.  The girl was halfway back up the aisle, staring at nothing in particular in front of her as she climbed the steps of the stadium-seating rows.  Lexi’s heart raced and she chewed on her lip in anticipation as the girl was four rows away, three rows, two...

The girl turned off the aisle and into the row, gathering her things.  She finally looked up in Lexi’s general direction and did a classic double-take at Lexi, her face contorting to show several emotions simultaneously.  “My God!” she said loudly.  “Are you okay??”

The moment the room’s silence was broken, heads swiveled in their direction.  Students gasped.  A guy two rows up fixated on the very large nipple staring at him from just a couple feet away.  A small part of Lexi had always hoped that this would happen, that people would notice what Moira could do to her so that she could show everyone how happy Moira made her, how Lexi wasn’t ashamed of it at all.  Above and through her massive cleavage, Lexi beamed at the sudden attention being given to her.  “Yeah, I’m fine  I just aced this class!”  She waved the arm holding her final exam, but it was getting stiff and difficult to move much.

“What?!”  The girl next to her shook her head, baffled by Lexi’s non sequitur.  “No, I mean, what’s happening to you?”

Well, you see, there are these large, invisible, ethereal beings that occupy the air all around us.  Most of the time they don’t interact with us, but it turns out that when they are feeling naughty they have intercourse with humans, and their form of intercourse with us is to simply enter our bodies.  Since they are so large, they require a lot of space, and it causes the human to blow up like a balloon.  That’s what’s happening right now: one of them is blowing me up, I’m incredibly horny, and I’d really just like to get back to my apartment and let Moira - that’s her name, because they have names, you see - fuck me from the inside.

That’s what Lexi could have said.  But she didn’t.  No one would have believed her.  Instead, she simply shrugged, trembling with arousal, and said, “It’s hard to explain.”

“I’ll go and get help!” the TA shouted, standing up from her table.  “Everyone else… uh… go finish your exams in the hall!”

Lexi watched the slender TA jam her book into a backpack and take off running up the opposite aisle, her shapely butt wobbling within her jeans with each bounding step.  “She’s cute,” Lexi thought.  “She would be perfect for this.  You ought to give her a try sometime.”  But she had no way of knowing whether Moira had heard her or not.  Lexi felt her bloated butt shift in the seat as the rest of her body swelled above.  She could only bend her arms a few inches; from past experience, she knew it was almost over.  “For now, at least,” Lexi thought to herself, an excited chill running down her spine at the very thought of experiencing more for the first time.

Other students began milling about, shuffling toward the exits with their tests, their eyes locked onto Lexi like zombies.  The girl next to her was in a confused panic, looking every which way as she tried to decide what to do.  “I’ll… I’ll go get help too?” she announced questioningly.

“No!  No, just call my roommate!  She knows about---”  But her classmate was already gone.

The tingling and pressure subsided between Lexi’s legs, the ethereal being having fully forced itself between her labia and into her body.  Lexi’s heart raced as she wiggled and wobbled her turgid limbs.

“Are you ready?”

Lexi audibly panted.  “Yes!  Please…”

Moira’s “friend” - Daphne or Selinia, apparently - didn’t make her wait long.  The tingling returned between Lexi’s legs and inside her underwear, and within moments she felt herself growing again.  Everything up to this point had been familiar enough; everything from here on out was uncharted territory.  But she immediately felt a new sensation within her expanding body, something that felt like swirling.  It was Moira and one of the new spirit contending for space inside her as they continued stretching her out.  She could distinctly tell them apart in a way that defied explanation, the newcomer starting off mostly within her lower regions but gradually penetrating upward across her back and breasts while Moira adjusted the space she occupied to accommodate.

With a muffled pop Lexi swelled herself out of her seat, her mostly rotund body wobbling to rest atop the backs of two rows of seats.  Her body tingled with a panicked thrill once more as she realized she couldn’t move her arms and legs anymore, and it was enough to drive her over the edge.  Lexi mewed as the first orgasm took her within its grasp, reflexively attempting to arch her back and contort her body with the sensations.  Yet, for the very first time, her spherical body didn’t react at all, the stiff, wide domes of her arms and legs refusing to comply.

The climax stirred unfamiliar activity within Lexi as well, her occupants swirling faster and more actively.  She knew that she and Moira could feed off of each other for pleasure, but it didn’t take making an A in calculus to realize that double the Moiras meant double the pleasure.  Lexi threw her head back, balled up her hands, and curled her toes with the next orgasm, a deep, punchdrunk laugh escaping her throat.  She could only barely feel her limbs anymore, the domes of her arms and legs losing their definition as her rotund body claimed their surface area.

“Shit, I wish I had this on video,” she thought.  In the private confines of her apartment, when Moira had given her enough lead time, Lexi had managed to set up her phone across the room and record herself blowing up several times, each one from a different angle.  After the first time Lexi’s roommate, Danielle, had found Lexi occupying most of the living room - and after Lexi convinced Danielle to please calm the fuck down - upon Lexi’s request, Danielle took closeup photos of Lexi all over, front to back, top to bottom.  Lexi referenced these photos and videos frequently when alone in her room at home, the videos reminding her not only of the remarkable size and shape that Moira could make her into but also the memory of the sensations.  It was different than watching porn.  It was even different than what she suspected it would be like to watch video of one of her sexual encounters, had she ever made a video of such.  It was better.

With no legs to hold her panties in place, the overstretched garment finally slipped off Lexi’s southern hemisphere, and the idea of being freshly nude got Lexi again; she blushed and flapped her hands in mostly helpless arousal, both appreciating and lamenting the fact that none of her class was there to see her like this.  “But there may not be enough space for all of them,” she realized.  She hadn’t taken time to inventory herself, but by her best guess she was covering up almost a third of the seats in the auditorium.

“Daphne will be starting now.”

So it was Selinia who had gone first.  Lexi attached the name to the sensations of the spirit inside her.

Moira did not ask if Lexi was ready this time.  It was more of a statement, a heads up, as if to say, “You already agreed to this, so it’s happening.”  Lexi whimpered with expectation as the familiar swirling sensation returned at her south pole, but this time, instead of simply taking another Moira clone up a familiar passageway, Daphne entered Lexi through her butt.  Lexi let out a yelp that was equal parts pleasure, shock, disbelief, and uncertainty.  She had never tried anal before - not even on her own, much less allowing it with someone else - but in these circumstances she nevertheless climaxed again.  If Moira and her type did nothing else, they took initiative.

Lexi was suddenly confronted with inflating not only much larger than she ever had, but also inflating much faster than she ever had, to say nothing of the ethereal shocker she was currently receiving.  She watched with desperate excitement as her horizon in front of her, the gentle rolling hills of her breasts, were rapidly reshaped into nothingness.  “Holy shit,” she said to herself, “they’re gone.  Everything is gone.”  Her body tipped forward slowly and she squealed as she rolled forward, her body gently bouncing along the tops of the seatbacks ahead of her.  That swirling feeling at the opposite end of her body followed her all the way down, dragging against the smooth curve of her tight underside, until she landed at the bottom of the auditorium, bouncing off the whiteboard and coming to rest on the floor.  

After shuddering through another climax Lexi found herself partially upside down, her head facing the lecture hall.  Her hair dangled against a seat, and she realized that it was a seat in the third or fourth row.  With her opposite side rubbing against the wall, she took up most of the floor space at the bottom of the auditorium.  “Man, I’m really getting huge this time,” she said, wiggling her fingers.  She could not move her feet, her skin bulging too tightly around them.

The sensations at her front door slowed, and moments later Daphne had completed her ingress as well.  Lexi took a moment to focus on the three creatures swirling around within her, how she could intimately and beyond all explanation tell each of them apart, almost like babies in a womb.  They tickled the inside of her skin as they meshed and traded places.  She felt Daphne and Selinia twisting together against the vast inner wall of what had until minutes before been an areola no larger than a silver dollar, and it sent another sexual shiver through her.  Her skin tried to form goosebumps but failed, stretched too tight to do anything but tingle even more.

“How are you feeling, Alexis?”

Lexi smiled.  “Massive.  Amazing.  Naughty.”

“How do you feel about trying three of us?”

“But there’s already three of you inside me…”

“No, three more: Jean, Sarah, and Marissa.  At the same time.”

“Yes!  No!  I mean…”  Lexi blushed at her immediate automatic answer which made her only feel naughtier, but she also got the sensation of butterflies deep inside of her.  That was not the spirits; in a way she was terrified of going beyond this limit, a limit she didn’t know she had five minutes ago.  Was there another limit?  If so, what would it be?  She felt fine - great, even - but how long would that last?  “Will I be… you know… okay?”

“One of your kind once took eight of us at once with no ill effects.  She had quite the experience.”

Lexi still had concerns.  During her typical encounters with Moira, air would rush in to take Moira’s place as soon as she left Lexi’s body, and Lexi would be stuck that way for several hours.  This was much different: Lexi had a date in two days and she had already set aside a floral dress and a new pair of pumps for the occasion.  She already knew what she wanted to do with her hair.  But could she shrink down to her typical size 2 in enough time?  She may already be screwed as is, and here she was seriously considering more.  This was all to say nothing of the situation with her present location, which would undoubtedly be a problem in the very imminent future.

That same ghostly swirling began creeping across her circumference, and it wasn’t until then that Lexi realized she had already mentally signaled her consent.  The sensations at her nethers so far above made their welcome return, but while she was penetrated there twice another swirl crept across her bikini area, belly, and chest before dancing around her face.  Her hair kicked up a bit as the feeling bled up her neck.  She licked her lips as the sensation tickled the corner of her mouth, then gasped as it went down her throat.

The situation inside Lexi became a roiling blender of spirits as they forced her to make more room for the newcomers.  She hadn’t even had the opportunity to identify them separately.  The situation on the outside was something else, too.  Through a haze of sensual climax Lexi could feel her hands and feet plumping up somewhere on her surface, and she could feel her head tilting back involuntarily.  Her limbs, her breasts, her butt - they were no longer sufficient; she needed to give up more of herself in order to keep growing.  But she didn’t need hands and feet anymore; what good was a neck anyway?  So she celebrated the loss of her last vestiges of mobility, her face no longer aimed at the ceiling but now into the auditorium, steadily passing over row after row of seats.

Lexi’s belly pressed against the ceiling, halting her upward growth but accelerating her outward expansion.  The wide area formerly defined as her left leg pressed against a wall; her right leg rubbed against a whiteboard behind the lecture area.  Lexi heard a stifled moaning sound and realized it was her, her outward breath fighting to vibrate her vocal chords as the sixth spirit barged in.  She felt her widening form nudge ceiling tiles out of the way high above, her tight belly bulging through the ceiling grid.  Beneath her, her back swelled to fill every possible nook and cranny between and below the auditorium seats.

Through the haze of arousal, a slight pang of dull discomfort caught Lexi’s attention.  It started somewhere up above, where her pressurized front was beginning to flatten the ceiling grid.  At first she thought it was just some steel cable prodding her, but the sensation spread and grew enough that the ongoing orgasm subsided for a moment.  “Is this what it feels like to get full?” she thought.  How would she know?  She had never felt like this before.

“Okay, girls, I think I’m about ready to stop.”

But she kept swelling.  There were only a few rows left in the auditorium that Lexi didn’t already cover up, a fact that stunned, worried, and excited her.  The non-specific discomfort grew into a tightening, stretching sensation. Lexi’s heart raced even more, both from the tightening sensations and the intoxicating feeling of six formless souls - her “children”, almost - swirling and blending furiously within her enormous body.

“Seriously, I think I’m running out of room in there.”

No one - no thing - was listening.  Lexi’s skin began to hum as it stretched.  She could feel it, too - her skin was thinner than before, especially in a widening spot on her chest.  There was pain as well.  She felt her fight or flight instinct kick in, but she had the means to do neither; she couldn’t even feel her hands and feet anymore, for all the good they would do her now.  Lexi found herself face to face with the cushioned back of a seat.

“I’m full!  I can’t hold anymore!  Or I’ll… I’ll…”

Pop.  Burst.  Explode.  That’s what was going to happen, and she knew precisely where it was going to start, the point on her former left breast where the concrete ceiling and the spirits within her were separated by a layer of skin that felt less than paper thin.  She focused all of her will on that spot, begging it to hold out.

The swirling and penetrating sensations at the other end of Lexi’s body stopped.  Her swelling slowed by two-thirds; it was almost over.  Whether she knew it or not, that last spirit was racing the weak spot on Lexi’s boob.  Lexi scrunched up her face in concentration as if she were trying to transfer a little extra skin to that weak section of her surface.  The rush going down her throat was slowing, but she felt a new weak spot form around what had been her right hip, then another right where her left buttock would’ve met the small of her back.

And then it stopped.  Lexi grunted, able to vocalize for the first time in minutes.  Her skin continued stretching for a few moments, the low hum from earlier replaced by a high-pitched whine as her weak spots widened and elongated.  Then that, too, subsided.  Lexi took shallow breaths, feeling her drum-tight body quiver with each.

“You did it, Alexis.”

Lexi frowned and grunted angrily.  “You could have listened to me this time!  I feel like I’m going to burst!”

“But the danger aroused you, did it not?”

Lexi blushed.  “Yes… but not once it started to hurt.”

“We did not intend to cause you pain.  We misjudged how much you could grow before that happened.”

Lexi felt Moira swirling against the inside of her vagina: an ethereal apology, she assumed.  It produced enough pleasure that she smiled and shivered, distracting her from her peril.  Apology accepted.  “Well… just don’t let it happen again.”

Two new whirlwinds - Daphne and one of the others, perhaps Sarah - kicked up inside of her, just on the other side of nipples stretched flat and several feet wide.  Lexi chewed on her lower lip, panting short breaths.  All of them roiled inside of her, focusing and intensifying their attention on Lexi’s favorite body parts she no longer had.  She gasped, a little too deeply, and felt the thinning of her skin spread from her right side across her belly.

“No...” she muttered, still aroused.  “No… yes…”  Selinia tickled the inner wall of her flattened clit.  She gasped again, the weak spot on her buttock climbing toward her groin and bisecting her vagina down the middle, making her see stars.  The high pitched whine had returned and Lexi felt herself swelling again, her skin loosening as she was pulled apart.  She knew what was happening.  Her breast skin tingled, her groin burned.  A dizzying orgasm gripped her and she gasped one last time.


In the auditorium lobby, Lily stood on a chair trying to wrangle her confused crowd of students.  “Look, everyone,” she shouted over the dull roar of conversation, “please just find a place to sit and finish your exams.  I’ll take care of…”  She looked back at the entrance to the lecture hall.  “...that?”

“Is she going to be okay?” someone shouted back.

“I’m sure she’s---”

The nearest set of double doors to the lecture hall were suddenly blown off their hinges, sailing across the lobby and slamming into the opposing wall.  The overpressure from the blast swept across the crowd of students, knocking many of them over and taking Lily with them.

Lily sat up, rubbing her head.  She could see students climbing up off the floor and scrambling toward the nearest exit.  One girl with a head wound was crying, another boy vomiting.  All of their mouths suggested they were screaming, but the ringing in Lily’s ears completely shrouded the sounds of the aftermath.  Standing up, she gathered her balance and ran through the chaos toward the auditorium.

Cracks lined the walls.  Projector screens hung at odd angles.  Seats in the middle of the auditorium had been flattened.  A sick feeling formed in Lily’s stomach as her worst fears were confirmed.


The words cut through the ringing in Lily’s ears, although she was fairly certain she hadn’t heard anything.  She looked around, the room was empty.  “Hello?” she asked, not hearing herself speak.

“I’m here.  Just think your thoughts to me.  No need to speak.”

“That doesn’t make any sense.”

“This probably won’t make sense either.”

Lily felt a strange stirring around her, one that seemed to be focusing on her lower half.  She tried to swat it away, but it slipped behind her and settled around her butt.  Suddenly her jeans felt tight, and she reached back to feel her buttocks filling up with… something.

“What are you doing?!”

“Something that I think you’ll enjoy.”

Lily felt her butt rise above the waistline of her jeans like dough in an oven.  An odd sensation was invading her from within, spreading upward, tickling the insides of her breasts.  She instinctively reached her hands up, feeling gaps forming between the buttons of her shirt as her chest swelled.  Lily let her hands rest there for a moment, finding herself enjoying the fact that her breasts were popping her buttons open.  She reached another hand back to her butt and felt how much of it was exposed, her crack rising up and out of the jeans by several inches.  An already great asset of hers made even better.

“What happened to… I don’t… who are you?”

“My name is Alexis.”

Lily was the teaching assistant for three classes and hundreds of students.  It was impossible to remember them all.  But as she unbuttoned and unzipped her jeans, allowing her butt and newly swelling stomach more room to grow, the name Alexis seemed familiar.

Author's Note: 

This story started off simply enough, spawned from a story idea proposed by theabstractlily on about a woman having a threesome with two slime people who then multiply inside her.  I liked the idea, but I have always been a big fan of thehappyguy's Peaceful Estates, when a woman is inflated by spirits that inhabit her newly purchased land.  So I took theabstractlily's basic idea of intercourse-via-inflation, changed slime to spirits, and plugged along writing a fairly standard story.  But just as I was about done writing it, it turned into an homage to most of my favorite characters that have burst in inflation stories throughout the years.

Some years ago I had the idea to write a story that focused on various characters in inflation fiction that have burst.  Right at the point of bursting they would suddenly find themselves normal, and naked, in a bright white room - inflation heaven, if you will.  Other characters would similarly appear in the same place, also normal and naked, and be surprised at no longer being huge and round.  Over the course of the story they would all share their experience of having been inflated, and they would know that they burst.  For some the inflation experience had been pleasant or even pleasurable, and they might look down at their ordinary naked bodies and wish that they could be transported back to being inflated again (kind of like how in Star Trek: Generations people could leave the Nexus and go back to their normal life), even if they knew it meant they would burst.  For others, the experience hadn't been so pleasant, and they were angry about what had been done to them.

I never wrote that story, but with about 100 words left to go in this story it occurred to me that the spirits inflating Lexi could be the spirits of people that burst, living the second act of their lives and looking to increase their numbers by bursting more people.  

In case you're not familiar, the spirits are:

- Moira from The Ballad of Joe and Moira by Cheyenne Chaste Moon
- Selinia from Peaceful Estates by thehappyguy
- Daphne from Pop Star by AlecDeluxe
- Jean from The Essence of Justice by Boobarian
- Sarah from The Stargazer by LVKane
- Marissa from Birth of a Balloon by AlecDeluxe

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Godamnit put a popping tag on it next time. I swear, every single day...

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Uh, there is?

Uh, there is?  You have to mouseover the "popping:" thing to see it because it's a spoiler.

Certainly a unique story, and

Certainly a unique story, and a well told one.  I enjoy positive growth, but also like when it gets out of hand.  The growth here is well described, but I think it could have used more descriptions of her within the space she is filling.  Also, it might have been nice to keep a few onlookers within the room. 

Not a fan of popping, but this was handled in such a subtle fashion that I didn't mind. 

Happy to see there are still new ideas out there.  Keep up the good work.

Oh man, this was awesome! I

Oh man, this was awesome! I didn't even realize it was based on one of my prompts until I saw the authors note. Needless to say, I liked it!