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Lori winked to the other two young women. "Watch this." Stepping onto the path she walked through the park, stopping in front of a sandy-haired blond in a button-up shirt and cargo pants. "Hey Scott.  You ready?"

"Sure," Scott replied, standing. "But what took you so long?"

"Oh, you know," she said, trying to sound casual. "I was distracted."

"By what?"

"Well..." She suppressed a smile. "There was this really big blimp flying overhead."

"It couldn't have been -that- big."

"No, it was pretty big."

Scott scowled, furrowing his brow as he took a step away from her.  He took a deep breath before breathing in again, huffing and puffing.  As he did his belly grew in surges, at first untucking his shirt, then pulling the fabric taut against it, going from full to stuffed to beyond.  One by one his buttons popped free until he stopped, leaving him looking as if he swallowed a beach ball, shirt curtaining either side of it. "Well," he said, patting his belly, "it couldn't have been this big."

"Don't kid yourself," Lori retorted. "That's barely a balloon."

He nodded. "Okay." Again he huffed and puffed, gut slowly growing as air began to fill elsewhere.  His pants first pulled taut across his backside, waistline straining before the fly simply broke.  The legs were next, swelling thighs filling the fabric and pushing against each other, forcing him to widen his stance.  Up top his pectorals puffed up and broke free of his shirt, and arms grew thick, forced to the sides as his midsection grew rounder.  By the time he stopped he was a bloated caricature of a person, much to the notice of the other people in the park. "It had to have been this big, right?"

Lori pursed her lips, slowly shaking her head.

"Fine," he growled.  Once more he breathed in, his belly taking up more and more of his body.  Bit by bit his arms were pulled into his form, and bit by bit his legs grew wider and shorter, until both were mere rounded bumps on his sides and his body rested on the curve of his lower hemisphere.  His shirt was torn open, but despite that his clothing still held on, stretched as it was.  When he paused again he was all but round, having gained another head or two of height. "This big?"

She gave him a helpless shrug. "Nope."

"FINE." He gulped down air in a fury, his body surging out in all directions with each breath.  Within moments he was double his normal height, matching a weather balloon in scale, and showing no signs of stopping. "I'LL SHOW YOU BIG!" His body heaved as it suddenly grew another yard, letting out a low groan. "I'LL SHOW YOU THE BIGGEST BLIMP IN THE WORLD!"

The two young women approached as Lori looked up at her boyfriend, standing in his ever-growing shadow. "So..." one began, "you just tease him and he does... this?"

"Hey," Lori said. "Don't kinkshame."

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