Magic Dollars

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Magic Dollars
by the happyguy

(this is a variety of B inflation)

I've already told the story of how I got the leprechaun's gold. So that is old news. But the next part of the story wasn't as interesting, but certainly stranger.

I had the pot of gold sitting on a shelf at home. I just kind of had it there, wondering what I was going to do with it next. I'd already used my three wishes up, so to me it was just a matter of the best way of cashing the gold in.

But then one night a knock came at my door. I got up and looked through the peek hole, but no one was there. The knock came again. I opened the door, and there was the leprechaun.

"Wow," I said. "I'm surprized to see you here."

"Begosh and begorra," said the little fellow. "True, 'twas no easy journey, but I did come for me gold."

"Now, I took your gold fair and square. It's mine now."

The leprechaun gave me a menacing glare. "Well now, it won't be doing ye much good if you're not breathing now, will it?"

Images from the various leprechaun movies flashed through my head. So I sighed; what the hell, I'd already taken my wishes. "OK," I said. "You can have it."

"A man of reason!" said the little guy. "But I am reasonable, too. Here is some compensation for your troubles." He handed me a roll of loose bills. He danced nimbly into the room, and snatched the pot of gold up. Then he ran out through the door.

I took the roll of money he gave me, and went through it quickly. It was about $500 bucks. Well, I thought, not as much as that gold would have brought, but what the hell. At least I didn't get sliced up by nasty, sharp Leprechaun claws like the teenagers in those movies. I stuffed the roll of bills in my pocket.

Now that I had some loose cash, there was only one thing to do. I went outside, got in my car, and headed for my favorite strip club.

On the way over, I went through the drive-through of a burger joint by the college and got a drink. The girl at the window was one of these incredibly stick-thin waifs. I wondered how she could keep herself upright, but she seemed to do OK. I peeled a couple of dollars from the roll, thinking that it's too bad she didn't have more up top. I handed her the first bill, and blinked. Did her shirt move? As I watched, it definately grew. She didn't seem to notice, but shifted her shoulders a little. Now she was definately larger; maybe a heavy B or small C cup. Good thing she wasn't wearing a bra, or she'd be out of room up there.

I handed her the second bill, and watched. As she turned to get change, her chest surged. Leaning over the cash register, her busom rolled out inside her blue and tan uniform. When she turned back, she had to be at least a DD.

"Here's your change. Have a nice day," she said, leaning out to hand me my change. Her breasts were straining at her shirt, threatening to burst it open.

And that was just two bucks, I thought.

I got to the stip club, and was greeted at the door by the hostess. She was blonde and cute, fairly short, but curvy. She wore a light satin shirt, and a long black dress. Her waist was pleasantly narrow for her wide hips. She welcomed me, and I peeled off a twenty to pay the cover. I thought, "Body, definately body for this one" as I handed her the bill.

The result was remarkable. She took the twenty, and as she turned to put it in the cash register, she swelled. First her breasts pushed forward, followed closely by a rapid swell of her belly. Her hips widend. Her narrow waist filled out. Her butt rolled out, stretching the black cloth of her dress taught. Oddly, she didn't seem to react, exept that she took on a confused look, and her hands came down to her rapidly expanding belly. And still she grew. The waist of her dress gave out and burst. Her breasts strained against the buttons of her shirt, making the satiny cloth shiny with tension. Her belly pushed out into the open air. Her arms and legs thickend. Her shirt finally gave way and ripped open in several places at once; half her buttons popped off, the other half holding on desperately. As her belly filled up and her waist and hips widened, her dress gave up and ripped loudly down the side. She was standing in front of me, filled to bursting, jutting out of her ruined clothes in almost every place.

Well, I thought, she didn't go round. Next time I'll have to be more specific.

I went in and took a seat. A waitress brought me my complimentary drink. I tipped her a couple of bucks and said, "Butt."

She smiled and said, "But what?"

I just smiled back. "Never mind."

As she walked off, her butt cheeks filled out and swelled. Her walk took on a funny gait as the mass of her butt grew. Finally it was huge, about two waitress' girth. She bumped into several of the girls going back to the bar, unaccostomed to her new width.

I turned to the stage; time for some fun.

There was a slender, red-haired beauty with tiny boobs writing around on the stage. I figured she was saving for a boob job, so I decided to help her with that. I held up a dollar.

She slinked over towards me and began writhing seductively. Then she leaned forward, pressing her smallish breasts together around the dollar bill I was holding up. In her hands, her boobs swelled. She danced back, dropping the bill on the floor. When she tuned back, she had gained at least two cup sizes. I held up another bill.

Six dollars later, she was enormous. Her mamaries swelled and grew, sometimes so fast they made audible stretching noises. Now she was having trouble dancing, because of the weight of her firm, massive HH sized boobs. The song ended, and she scooped up her boobs in her arms as best she could, and teetered off the stage.

The next was a goregous black girl with long hair. She was very fit. A little short, but she was very pretty. I watched as she danced a while, then I held up a bill. She danced over to me, and pulled her G-string open; I slipped the bill under the elastic. At once, her smooth, firm belly softened. Her belly button became a soft little divit surrounded by soft, swollen flesh. She danced some more, pulling aside the G-string to show me the good bits. Then I held up another bill, she came over, and I slipped that one in her G-string, too. Instantly, her belly surged forward. Rounder and rounder it became. It took a couple more dollars, but soon she was dancing around the buldge of her huge, brown, full-term belly, caressing it erotically.

Wow, I thought. I like this.

The next dancer was a slim woman with long hair that fell straight down. I slipped her a few bucks in her G-string. After she'd grown a nice belly, I pulled a ten from the roll and slipped it under the strained elastic of her G-string. She writhed erotically back to the center of the stage, and then she grew. Seriously, without any restraint. Her belly swelled and rounded. She didn't even look pregnant anymore; instead, her tummy looked fairly globular. She lost her balance and flopped forward, landing on the still growing mass of her tummy. Bigger than a beachball, soft, round it became. The song ended, and she leaned forward, but couldn't get leverage to lift herself up. One of the waitresses came up and help lift her spherical tummy. They hauled her back to a booth in the back, where she rested her tummy on a small table, and lay back huffing, her legs splayed widely.

Funny how they don't seem to react, I thought. Must be magic.

A waitress came up and I ordered another drink. As I handed her a five, I said, "Deer." What the hell.

She laughed and said, "Yes, darling." Then winked at me and took the money.

Then she stood still, her eyes going wide. Her ears poked out from under her hair, pushing out, lengthening. They turned brown with soft fur. Her face took on a soft haze of fur, too, and her nose turned into a little black button. At her sides, her hands turned into hooves. She canted forward as something happened under her clothes, shifting her posture. Her ears were all the way exposed now, and started twitching prettily. She turned, and walked back to the bar, leaving her shoes behind as she balanced delicately on her deer-girl hooves.

A dancer came up and pressed against me -- a pale, dark-haired beauty. "Want a dance?" she purred.

Getting bolder I said, "Balloon!" and stuffed a ten in the band of her G-string.

She stared dancing for me, close, inside my knees, and then her skin went purple. As she swayed sensously, her skin took on a dusty sheen, looking soft and pliable. I took a breath, and blew on her. She swelled. I took a breath and blew again. She swelled some more. Blowing steadily, I slowly filled her up. Her G-string snapped off, followed shortly by her bikini top. Pretty soon she was a huge shiny purple balloon, standing helplessly in front of me. Her hands and feet stuck out of her round sides, flapping uselessly. Realizing I had forgotten something, I pulled a five off the roll, stuck it between her teeth, and said, "Helium." There was a hissing sound, and slowly she began to lift off.

I turned to the dancer on stage. She was very beautiful, and had exotic eyes. Her hair was cut in a short black bob. I held out a twenty, and leaned forward. "I'll give you this if you roll around on it on the floor." She smiled wickedly, and took the bill. Throwing it down on the stage, she flopped down on it and began cavorting erotically. Her belly surged beneath her. It swelled, bulding out past her sides, pushing her up off the floor. Her tummy continued to swell, until she was having trouble reaching the floor with her arms and legs. Soon her ass was jutting high in the air, her pussy high and free, her arms and legs kicking at her sides, as she rested on the huge mound of her belly. There was a short break as several waitresses struggled to half-roll, half push the enormous bulk of her belly off the stage.

Now I was on a roll. I walked over to where three young-looking dancers were talking. I pulled three twenties from the roll, and walked up to them. "Blueberry, blueberry, blueberry," I said, handing each a bill. They laughed cynically and said, "Thanks!" Then gave each other a look like, "what a kook."

Then the first said. "Mmmmmmmmmmmm!"

The one beside her said, "Blueberry!"

The third said, "Delicious!"

"I love blueberries!" She turned blue.

"Me, too! My favorite" She turned blue, too.

"Yummy!" said the third, and having said this, turned blue.

Then all three started to swell. The one in the schoolgirl uniform burst out of her clothes first, followed closely by the other two. Their eyes went wide, which looked kind of funny surrounded by their blue faces. They were all a deep purplish-blue, and they swelled rapidly. One girl took a few waddling steps, holding her swollen blue belly, but the other two just stood still and grew. Pretty soon all three were huge, naked, swollen blueberry girls.

And so the night went. The waitresses were all tipped well, and became animal girls. There was a cute cat girl, a mischievious skunk girl, and a rather top-heavy waitress who could be nothing other than a cow girl. Moo. All the dancers were walking around sporting bulbous tummies, or breasts that defied the laws of physics. At one point as I walked past the dancer resting her spherical belly in the booth in the back, I pulled out a ten, slapped it on top of the globe of her tummy, and said, "More!" Her eyes went wide, and she obligingly grew even bigger.

The girls were having trouble on stage, becuse their swollen breasts and bellies made it hard to get up on stage, let alone dance. So some of them took to just sitting in the middle of the stage, rubbing their swollen form.

Finally I reached into my pocket, and came back with... the last bill! Oh no!

I looked down at it. It was a hundred-dollar bill. I broke into a wide grin.

Looking around, I realized I may have done all the girls. The waitresses were walking around on hooves and paws, the dancers were all hobbling around with their watermelon breasts and beachball tummies, and the cutest dancers were completely immobilized as blueberrys, globes, or floating balloons. Then I spotted one last dancer in the corner. She was quiet, with short brown hair, and a look that bespoke shyness and world-weariness at once. Her face was round and soft, her eyes very dark. I waited for a balloon girl to drift by, then I leaned back and looked at the girl until I caught her eye.

She got up and sauntered over. Everything about her looked soft and delicious. She came up and smiled a little smile. "Want a dance?"

"You bet," I said. "Big!" I handed her the hundred.

No sooner had she taken it when a loud rumbling sounded. All the girls looked around, and the dancer before me looked down. The rumbling was coming inside her. She placed both hands on her tummy, and gasped. Then she grew.

Her tummy exploded forward. Her breasts filled and started spraying milk. She filled rapidly, her arms and legs filling up, her body filling then rounding to keep up with her tummy. Her clothes burst into pieces, and the bits of cloth floated down over the room. In moments she was completely round. But she kept growing. Her little head looked back and forth above the sphere of her body as it rose higher and higher. Soon I couldn't even see her head; just one hand that waved frantically where it stuck out from the swollen globe of her body. Still she grew. I jumped up from the table and stepped back as she grew larger and larger. There was an "Ow!" and I looked up to see her body pressing against the ceiling, which was fortunately petty high. But the growth continued. Now her body was buldging out as she pressed harder and harder against the ceiling. There was a crack, then the sound of wood snapping, and she pushed up through the roof and into the night sky. The huge sphere of her body filled most of the floor of the strip club, and no one could reach -- let alone see -- the stage anymore.

Well, I thought. Guess it's time to go.

I walked to the door as the sounds of shrieks and cries filled the room. "What happend to me?" "My breasts -- they're HUGE!" "Oh, my tummy!" "I am so swollen!" "MEOW!" "Oh my God I'm a blimp!" I guess parts of the spell only lasted so long.

The cool night air gusted in as I opened the door. Stepping out, my foot caught on something, and I fell hard onto the cement. I thought, what the hell?

Pushing myself up, I discovered an angry, sputtering little man trapped beneath me. I helped him stand up, and he angrily brushed the dirt from his green outfit. It was the leprechaun who had given me the magical roll of bills.

"Watch where you're goin', ya giant lummox!" He fumed. Then his face grew sad. "Ah, but ye did catch me again, fair and square. So by the law of Leprechauns, I suppose I must give ye my pot of gold and three wishes." He sighed. Then his eyes light up with lust and he rubbed his little hands vigorously. "Unless, that is, ye would consider some compensation for your troubles instead." He pulled out a thick roll of glowing bills.

by the happyguy
always happy, happy always

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Can't remember why I wrote this

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Bro , this is some seriously impressive stuff!

I personally would prefer less animification and more butt , but holy shit , the story is gold(leprechaun gold xDD)


a very funny story