Center of Attention

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I took a few breaths, readying myself before I inhaled as hard as I could.

Immediately my breasts surged outward, rapidly reaching, then exceeding beach ball size.  My backside was next to grow, rounding out and rising up to bench-filling sizes.  My thighs and shins thickened, stretching my jeans, before my belly bulged out so large that I couldn't reach around it with both hands.  Finally the air touched my shoulders, rounding out my arms.  From there my limbs grew thicker and my body rounder, at first spreading them out, then drawing them in as the rest of me grew out, leaving me as a round balloon woman with two low hemispheres up front where my breasts were and shallow mounds with dimpled ends for my hands and feet.

Unable to become rounder, I became bigger.  My beltline widened and my head rose higher, feet going by in seconds.  First I grew taller than the amazed onlookers in the park, then a moment later the tops of the lamps were at eye level.  I drew in more air, rising up to the tops of nearby trees, then exceeding them.  My skin creaked as it stretched and bulged, clothing pulled taut across my form as I reached the scale of hot air balloons.

But I wanted more.

Further and further I grew, my line of sight looking down on rooftops before they disappeared over the horizon of my body.  I counted off stories of buildings, the entire park covered by my shadow.  When I had passed twenty stories I felt the curve of my underside leave the ground, my body floating in the air like the balloon it was.  I flapped my hands and feet, the gesture done without thinking as I willed my body to turn to face the city proper.  Slowly I rotated, seeing the skyscrapers nearby, and the single building towering over all of them.  By now I had to have been as much across and high as a football field, packed with air.

But I wanted more.

I paused for a bit before redoubling my efforts to grow, my body rewarding me by swelling even further.  I watched as my horizon grew more distant, my belly impossibly bloated, stretching and *stretching*.  City blocks were gradually being engulfed by darkness, the people on the streets looking up to see me, hundreds of feet across and still growing, round and full but still unmistakably human thanks to my crop top and jeans, still holding on.  The skyscraper was larger than me, but I could still grow, and I watched, ever more eager, as I outgrew even that.

I had done it.  With a beltline in the miles, I had become the biggest thing in the city.

But I wanted more.

The larger I grew, the faster I swelled.  The faster I swelled, the larger I grew.  My body creaked and groaned, and I could feel every inch of my skin as it stretched and pulled, the feeling pure bliss.  Flapping my hands and feet again I rotated my body downward, turning while I still grew, eventually pointing downward.  I was still over the city, a few hundred feet in the air, and positioned perfectly to see my silhouette against the ground.  By now I was practically forcing a hurricane down my throat, and I watched as more and more space fell into darkness.  I was miles in diameter, and impossible to ignore, everything taut and full yet still with room to grow.

So I grew.  And grew, and grew.

It's not my fault I like being the center of attention.

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