Blue Karma

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Amy peeled the wrapper open. Staring at the bright blue stick of gum, she went over what the shop owner had told her.

“It’s just like the film, you’ll get the full experience. Tomato soup, roast beef, and then some blueberry pie to finish it off. That’s when the swelling will start.”

He had to be joking, right? She must have just taken him too seriously, he was obviously just making a reference… But what if the gum really worked?

She had been pacing around her room for nearly half an hour. Amy carefully took the gum out of the wrapper and held it in her palm, slowly lifting it up to her mouth. She looked at herself in the mirror and popped it in.

“Here goes nothing…”

Almost instantly, she could taste the soup. She closed her eyes and smiled. This had to be the best tomato soup ever. The roast beef was up next, and just like the soup, it was even better than the real thing. She almost forgot about the blueberry pie that was coming.

But then it happened. Her mouth was filled with an incredible blueberry flavor. She sat down, completely overwhelmed with how good it was. She kept chewing, when she glanced down at her hand and noticed her fingertips. They were slowly turning a rich shade of violet. She began to feel a little dazed, and the color continued flowing up her arms. She turned to the mirror, just as the violet reached her face. Amy watched as the rest of her body became covered. She stood up, starting to become a little nervous.

Amy patted her flat stomach. Even though she had turned to the shade of a blueberry, she was relieved that she hadn’t swelled up yet. She went up to the mirror to look at herself, still shocked that the gum had worked. And then she felt it.

Her stomach was beginning to softly rumble, and she knew her fate. Amy watched as her belly started to gradually push forward. She frantically tried to suck it in, but this only seemed to speed up the juice. She was starting to look pregnant, and her t-shirt was riding up over her swollen stomach.

Amy let out a sharp cry as she felt the juice in her breasts. They grew from a C, to double D’s, to triple F’s… Meanwhile, the rest of her body was filling up just as quickly. Her butt was pushing against the back of her jeans, threatening to rip them at any moment. Her shirt was stuck under her boobs, but her belly had grown huge, and was hanging far down over her legs.

She was too scared to look at herself like this in the mirror, but she realized that she wouldn’t have been able to anyways. Her neck was slowly disappearing into her body, as she started to round out. Her arms shrunk into her sides, uselessly laying against her swelled hips. Her legs did the same, and she fell onto her back. Only now did she understand just how big she was. The amount of juice that she could feel sloshing around inside of her was much more than she could fit in her bathtub, but as she caught a quick glimpse of herself in the mirror, she knew that her expansion was far from over.

Amy was now a ball. A helpless ball, filled with blueberry juice, far too big and round to move. The remains of her clothes were scattered around her, a reminder of just how much she’d grown. All she could do was wait. Her body continued to fill with juice, bringing her closer and closer to the ceiling with each passing second. She felt her left hip brush against the wall. She hoped the swelling would stop before… before she… She didn’t even want to think about it.

She was now inches away from hitting the ceiling. She closed her eyes, preparing for an explosion. But it never came. She opened them and blinked. Amy was now a giant blueberry, taking up her entire apartment. But she hadn’t popped.

Minutes went past before she started to get annoyed. “Come on, gum… You turn me into this enormous blob, but you don’t pop me?” She summoned all her strength in an attempt to move, but her massive body just shook the hundreds of gallons of juice inside her. Her annoyance quickly turned to fear as she realized that she was stuck like this until someone found her. She bit her lip, tasting blueberries.

A few hours of complete boredom later, Amy was close to tears. She figured it was probably quite late, and she knew that sleeping would help her pass the time. Her dreams were filled with blueberries, she couldn’t get them out of her head. Morning came, and a thin ray of sunlight came from a window near a corner of the room that Amy’s body hadn’t completely covered. Amy slowly blinked, breathing heavily.

She was still massive, but some of the juice had leaked overnight. She was lying in a puddle of it. Amy smiled, and she shook her body again. The puddle grew larger. She felt the juice leaving her body, and tried to enjoy it. Once she got herself small enough to sit up, she carefully did, and she leaned against the wall to catch her breath. There was no doubt that she was enormous, but at least this was more manageable. She shifted her weight and felt the juice slosh around inside her massive body, but no more came out. That’s when she heard it.

Her phone was lying a few feet away. She could see that she had cracked it and probably damaged the speakers when she had filled up the apartment, but it was still working. It rang again, softly beeping. With all her energy, Amy threw herself in the direction of it, and her body rolled sideways. Just as she hoped, her head landed on the screen, and answered the call.

“Ames, what’s up?” This was Kate, one of her best friends. “I was thinking of coming over later, you got any plans?”

Amy’s body had swallowed up her neck, but she managed to get out a few words. “Come. Now. Door locked. Break window. Need help.”

“Oh my god, what happened? I’m on my way!” Kate hung up.

Amy was lucky that she lived on the ground floor. She closed her eyes, trying to get comfortable until her friend arrived.

Ten minutes later, she heard something thrown at the window behind her. Another object was thrown, this time breaking through. Kate climbed through the narrow opening.

“Amy, I don’t know what to say…” She looked at her friend. “You’re blue. And huge.”

Amy was beyond embarrassed, but she knew how lucky she was to have someone with her. “Just help. Roll me up.”

Kate walked behind, and placed her hands on Amy’s body. She playfully poked her. “Whoa, you’re filled with juice!"

"Not a joke. Help."

Kate poked her again. "It's not every day you find your friend as a blueberry. How'd it happen?"

"Gum. Bought a pack."

Kate walked across the room and picked up the pack of gum. "Oh, like in that movie? That's crazy it actually worked..."

"Just help me!" Amy was getting restless after nearly a day of being a giant blueberry.

"How?" Kate was focused on reading the label on the package of gum.

"I... I don't know..." Amy tried to empty herself of some more juice, but she couldn't get any more out.

"There's 11 more sticks in here! If you got this big from just one..." Kate took out another stick of gum.

Amy started to get nervous. "Please... Help me..."

Kate walked back over to Amy with the gum. "You're a blueberry. I've got no idea how to get all that juice out of you, and even if I did, you're blue. But I'm getting curious about something, and you're completely helpless."

Amy began to cry. Blue tears rolled down her face.

"Oh, come on. You did this to yourself." Kate started to unwrap the rest of the sticks. She squeezed all 11 of them together in her palm, creating a ball of blueberry gum. "I'd get you out of the apartment so you've got room to grow, but you're way too heavy for me to move." 

Amy clenched her teeth together, refusing to open her mouth. A small puddle of juice was beginning to form under her.

Kate poked her massive belly. "Ames, open up."

Amy was slowly managing to juice herself. Her arms were gradually becoming arms again. Kate was trying to get her mouth open, and she didn't notice as Amy reached out to grab it from her hands. 

"Hey!" Surprised, Kate stepped backwards, and stumbled. She fell onto the floor, nervously looking up at Amy's swollen, blue face.

Amy dropped the ball of gum into Kate's shocked, open mouth. Hitting the back of it, Kate gagged, and accidentally swallowed it. Her eyes widened as she slowly got to her feet.

"Amy... Maybe-maybe it won't work if I can't chew it?" Her hopes were crushed as she began to taste tomato soup. She struggled to imagine just how big she was going to become. 

"Serves you right." Amy leaned back, continuing to juice herself. She was now the size of an extremely obese woman, a significant change from the previous day. 

Kate was starting to freak out. The tomato soup changed to roast beef, and she quickly left Amy's apartment, slamming the door behind her. She needed to find somewhere to expand. Kate crossed the street, pushing through a group of pedestrians. 

The taste of blueberry pie filled her mouth, and she froze. She looked at her hands, and saw her fingers become violet. Kate began to run.

She didn't know where to go, but she was terrified. The color had reached her elbows now. Kate raced down the street in a panic. She saw her reflection in a shop window, and watched her neck turn blue, then her mouth, then her nose...

People started to notice her and pointed to each other. A small crowd was gathering around Kate, trapping her. 

The swelling happened much quicker this time than with Amy, since Kate had swallowed much more gum. Within seconds, she was looking pregnant. A few seconds later, she was rounding out. Kate took a few steps forward before her legs were sucked into her body. Her arms were sucked in as well, and the crowd began to back away. 

"Help me... Please... " Kate sobbed, understanding how Amy must have felt. She was now about as big as Amy was when she left the apartment, but growing rapidly.

A curious man walked up and poked her in the butt. "She's filling with juice!" The crowd muttered excitedly to each other, but Kate could hardly hear, since her ears were so squashed.

She was bigger than a car now. Cars had been forced to stop, and fascinated drivers got out and joined the crowd to watch. Kate quickly passed Amy's biggest size, and her swelling sped up. She was covering the street, her head becoming a tiny dot on her absolutely massive body. People were scrambling to get away from her, realizing what was going to happen. 

Amy had now gotten herself to a much more practical size, and she slowly got to her feet. She was still completely blue, and quite plump, but this would have to do. She threw on her biggest pair of leggings and a t-shirt that barely covered her belly, and she walked out of her apartment.

"Quick, run!" A man sprinted past her, and she looked up to see Kate, who had grown bigger than some of the buildings. The massive blob was still growing, and Amy almost felt bad. 

She started to walk towards Kate, who was sobbing uncontrollably. Kate couldn't see anything but her giant blue body, stretching out hundreds of feet in every direction.

Amy watched as Kate continued to swell, but she noticed it was slowing down. She stepped back every time Kate grew bigger, but she was starting to realize that the gum wouldn't allow her to pop just from expanding. Amy poked the blueberry. She knew that popping her would mean flooding the city, but could she leave her like this? The swelling continued to slow down, eventually finishing.

Kate blinked. She was indescribably huge. 

Amy stepped back to gaze at the blueberry in awe. She couldn't believe just how enormous her former friend had become.

Kate was beyond helpless in this state. She couldn't even wiggle her fingers, which were now sausage-like, and tiny at her sides. She took deep breaths, tasting and smelling blueberries with each one.

Amy was struggling to figure out what to do. She realized that she was the only one anywhere near the blueberry, and it's fate was in her hands. She also knew that popping it would cause all of the juice to burst out, and the force from millions of gallons of blueberry juice was not something that she wanted to face.

She turned around and began to walk away, when she heard the juice again. Maybe the gum couldn't prevent someone from popping if they had 11 pieces of it... Amy wasn't going to stick around to find out. She ran as fast as she could, slowed down by the remaining juice in her body, but determined to get out of range of the overfilled blueberry.

Kate heard the juice too, and knew what was about to happen. Her skin had been stretched to an incredible size, and it wasn't going to be able to hold all of the juice inside. She licked her lips, tasting delicious blueberries, and closed her eyes.


It took weeks for the city to recover from the flood. Amy hadn't been able to get any more juice out of her body, but she was thankful that she hadn't ended up like Kate. She was still completely blue, and a very large girl, but she was starting to get used to it. She was cleaning her apartment today, when she noticed the empty package of gum under a chair. She picked it up, and almost threw it away before feeling a final piece wedged at the bottom. 

"Kate must have not noticed this..." Amy held the last stick in her hand, and unpeeled it. She could smell the familiar scent of blueberries. It was nearly irresistible.

She tried to snap out of her trance. Amy thought about everything that had happened in the past few weeks, but the stick of gum was beyond tempting. And so she popped it in her mouth.

"Mmm, tomato soup!"

Author's Note: 

My first story on here. Hope you enjoyed.

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Kate could have survived, then retaliate.

Kate could have survived, then retaliate.