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Nic was all alone. All alone in a big house. The only entertainment in this big house was the TV and the computer. He was house-sitting for a family that was away for the week, and that family was due back the next day. The job was easy, just be at the house and take care of the place, so needless to say, he was kind of bored. What he wanted to be doing was his girlfriend, but she lived in the next city over, and couldn't dive yet. Any time that worked for them would be taken up by driving to see each other. He just wanted to see his girlfriend like most other 18 year olds.

This night was like the others in the week, just lay on the couch and watch TV. He was wearing a pair of blue jeans that fit just around his waist, and a plain tee to lounge around in. After a few shows he got bored of TV, and went over to the computer. He opened up a browser and then an incognito window. He typed in "body inflation", then clicked on images. This was his little turn on that no one else knew. Just seeing one image of a ballooning person gave him a hard on.

After a while of indulgence, he decided to go to bed. He stood up and went into the living room. He stopped in the door way and his jaw hit the floor. What he saw was beyond any comprehension in the moment. There was a girl floating in the middle of the room. She ws pale and dressed in rags. She had no legs or arms, and a ghostly light flowed around her. She looked at Nic.

"Hello," the girl said.

"Hi?" Nic responded.

"How are you?"

"Fine?" Nic was quite perplexed by this polite ghost.


"Well what?"

"Aren't you going to ask me anything?"

"Like what?"

"Who I am or was? What I'm doing here?"

"Ok, what are you doing here?"

"I've been watching you this past week and I've decided that you're a nice enough little boy. You deserve something special. A lovely night of sweet sensation."

"You're going to bring Bonnie here?"

"No, I'm going to do what you've wanted to happen to you, your deepest fleshly desire."

"What's that?"

"You like balloons don't you?"

"You're me?"

"Yes," the girl disappeared.

"Where'd you go?"

Nic walked into the living room. He stood there very confused. Suddenly, he felt his whole body tingle. The feeling was strange, and unlike anything he ever felt. Then, he felt air in him. The feeling of air increased. His stomach started to grow. Nic put his hand on it and felt his belly inflate.

"I'm swelling up! Hey! Girl! Where'd you go?"

It grew and swelled with every second. His shirt couldn't conceal it, as it swelled out from uder it. His pants fill with his gut. Then he felt his thighs and butt fill with air, and push against his restraining pants. His chest now pushed outward and swelled against his shirt.

"This feels so good, but how do I know you won't pop me?"

His legs pushed against each other and his stance widened. He rubbed his torso and felt his ballooning self. His shirt tore at his belly, and his pants button shot off. His flesh poked through his jeans as they tore. His arms inflated and stuck out to the sides.

"Hello? I don't know how much more I can take!"

His shirt ripped off him and left his torso exposed. His back rounded out and he became more spherical. His belly started to engulf his arms and legs. His pants ripped and left him in his underwear. Nic was now a perfect sphere with hands, feet and a head. 

"Girl? Hello? I think I'm as full as I can get! Hemo? Ir? Ey? Iehme merph!"

Nic's lips, hands, and feet plumped up. His fingers and toes turned to sausages, and he couldn't speak anymore. His body continued to swell.

"Hello there, big boy," the girl reappeared and floated right in front of Nic's face.

"Mmm! Mmmm!" Nic's hands and feet disapeared into his massive body, and his underwear ripped off him.

"Really? It's that good?"

"MMM! Mmmmm!" Nic's head slowly shrank in to his body. His skin started to turn pink, then red as the pressure rose inside him.

"You know, I should tell you why. I saw you looking at all these pictures of people ballooning up, and decided you shouldn't be left out."

"Mmmmmm! Mmm mm m mm m!" Nic's whole head was now egulfed and he couldn't hear anything any more. His body stopped getting bigger, and he felt like he was going to pop at any second now.

"Let's see how loud this will be. I've been wondering about that."

Nic's body groaned uder the stress. He moaned and grunted under the surmounting pressure. Then it all gave way and a loud BANG was heard. The fruniture in the room was blown backwards, the paintings fell, and the walls cracked.

The girl wasn't affected. She floated there and saw the result of her chaos.

"He was a nice boy, but was so loud left a mess of this room. Come on back now," She disappeared and Nic reappeared.

"AAAHHH!!! I'm...back? I'm back! I'm back! I'm not a million peices! Girl? Ghosty girl?"

Nic looked around and saw no one. He was alone.

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