Gimp inflation rp Idea

So it's a gimp role play 

the Inflatee/feeds is in a Gimp pooka costume with a bike pump in their ass so it won't fall out and you went ahead and made lots of cakes with weight gain powder mixed in with the flower and milkshakes with weight gain powder too

you are going to treat the pooka like a bitch and there is NO SAFE WORD they are your and if your pooka disobeys to much they might just give the room a new coat of red paint (sorry if this is a trash post it's my first post and I tried my hardest. Also feel free to pm me if you wanna rp this)

Gimp inflation rp Idea
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this could be fun

this sounds super fun. i would love to be the gimp pooka.

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Original artist for the

Original artist for the linework is Quebexico, and I did the coloring for this pic.

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I updated the artist's name.

I updated the artist's name. Nice coloring job, by the way.

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I'd love to try this

I'd love to try this toleplay. And even as the gimp girl. No prob