Genji's Embarrasement

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The recall of Overwatch had surprised the Shimada. One thing he knew of Overwatch among others was that they had been law-abiding, but he remembered well the day Overwatch fell to pieces, its outlawing. Years in Nepal had kept him distant from global affairs, but the recall message managed to reach him, and it was just like old times. Winston seemed to be organising the whole operation, though what geenji did remember of the Scientist was his tendancy to get flustered, and the management of an ilegal military group would send any one human mad. Then again, Winston wasn't human.

Perhaps Winston had fumbled something up, because the site Genji had been sent to scout was empty. After the assassination attempt in Volskaya Industries, security had been doubled, and he had thought the warehouse he'd go to would be crawling with guards. This one had long since been abandoned, perhaps a retreat during the Omnic Crisis leaving the place to the mechanized menace, only to be forgotten after their downfall. Winston had said that there had been some glitches in the Volskaya Mainframe before the attack that had been disregarded as simply a glitch. Turns out the glitch had been a loophole in security being opened up, giving whoever opened it access to the Volskaya base codes and probably assisted in the assassination attempt. Apparently, the same glitch had occured right where Genji was standing. Winston had assured him that Volskaya would be much slower to react, the Overwatch satellite more advanced than Volskaya's.

Despite the apparent lack of enforcement, Genji stayed to the rafters of the warehouse, never touching the intended floor. Silence reigned in the building, zero noise comming from the cyborg ninja, another precaution. From his vantage point atop a disused command center, nothing seemed out of the ordinary. He activated his communicator.

"Winston, I can't confirm any visual of the target," he said, keeping his tone quiet. "Are you sure this is the place?"

"Positive," Came back the deep voice of the gorilla. Genji wondered if it was bassy enough to be heard outside his helmet. "The reading's exactly he same, and apparently right on top of you."

"There's nothing here, the place is untouched."

"Perhaps there's a relay masking the signal. Did you check the roof?"

"Yes. And the back, front, sides, interior of every room and every possible crevice. There's nothing here." His impatience was leaking through

"There has to be. The glitch is there. You could theoretically remotely create the glitch but you woulddn't be able to get any information from it, but there's be no use in that, unless..."

"Unless...what?" Genji asked, his stance becomign slightly more rigid. "Unless what, Winston? Winston?"

No reply came. The Cyborg ordered the system diagnostic display to show on his visor, the signal had been lost. It was perfectly fine a second ago, and uses the Overwatch satellite. The only way it coudl be lost is if...

"Kuso." Genji muttered. This was a trap.

He set off immediatley but something hit him even faster, a sharp pain on his rear. He'd been making to jump from the command centre to a maintenance station but the surprise attack made hsi leg spasmat just the wrong moment. He regained balance in mid-air, hitting the groudn with a roll and standing straight up, holding the handdle of his sword, facing where the attack came from.


He scanned around himself, quickly checking what had hit him. A dart had pierced the syntheetic skin of his left buttock. He pulled it out. Upon inspection, it appearredd to be remiscent of Captain Amari's biotic rifle, but the design of the dart was sleeker, the liquid within drained and presumably inside his system. He pulled his display back up, checking his vitals. No damage. Aside from the tiny entry wound, he was unharmed. he did ddiffferent scans of his system. Not a tracker, not a timed poison, nothing.

He disabled the HUD, keeping awarre of his surroundings, but no attack had been made. He relaxed slightly, still on edge, but curious.

He heard an odd sound. Creaking, like an inflating balloon, comiing frrom behind him. He turned, seeing nothing, but the sound was still behind him. It was nearer the ground. He turned his head, finding the source, though he was stunned from the reason.

His ass was bigger. Was it just hsi imagination? His stance? A quick gaining of an inch to his hips persuaded him otherwise, his butt was blowing up like a balloon. This felt like a nightmare, which made him question if this was a hallucination, but a quick grab of his inflating cheeks silenced that idea. His butt was soft, not hard, feeling fleshy, the one part of his cybernetic body that actually allowed itself to give way. What luck.

He was snapped back to reality when his stance weakened, this new butt was heavy, and getting heavier. The Shimada had always had surprisingly big cheeks, but this was a joke. It was feminine, it was beyond feminine, creating its own curve. It wasn't long before a cup could be rested on top if he stood up straight.

He made a run for it, but as he did, another sharp pain hit his right cheek. he swiped away the dart, but it was too late, the liquid already inside him. The growth doubled, and having to rebalance yourself after every step is more difficult than it sounds, so the mounds of cyber-fat that jiggled with every movement he made forced him to slow his pace. His thighs were getting larger too, along with the width of his hips, giving him a pear-shaped figure, one that he imagined a few guys would happily take a long look at. he shookk his hea,d clearing it of such thoughts

He had to stop moving or he'd topple over and be completely defenseless, but he needed cover. A storage room was straight ahead of him. He made a sprint for it, not trusting his lower half to comply with a dash, every hard step making his huge booty ripple with disturbance. His head made it through but his hips decided against it, now too large for the doorway, and getting him stuck.

He felt if now was a time to panic, this probably was it. Dumbsttruck by the size of his rear, he made worried gasps while feeling it all over, trying to push himself forward, but to no avail, it was simply getting larger behind him. His hands sunk into the flesh, and he was glad the mask couldn't blush. This was surreal, his rear felt just like a woman's. He pushed back, falling onto his ass as the momentum was too large to counter, though, while seated, hes was two feet higher off the ground.

Using a rocking motion to get back on his feet, he made for the large doors at the front, thinking that he'd be ale to make it through. A sudden pulse in growth in his fat-like mounds of cerbernetic flesh made him topple forward, his huge booty jiggling as he struggled to get back up. It was like an anchor on his back, its inflating naturre ccausing the iniddes to shift like water balloons and snap back at any attempot to stand. He looked back at his ass, his cheeks looking like two beach balls, though much, much heavier, and he didn't even try to imagine the size of his thighs, equally huge.

They kept growing. His hips grew to the width of car, and his ass, wwell, there wasn't really a common globe large enough to describe it. Eventually, it reached 4 feet in depth, before thankfully stopping. Genji slowly stood, taking care not to fall backwards, looking over at a reflective panel of metal. His figure was stupifyingly large, he turned aorund to get better looks at it, gargantuan from every angle. A part of him kinda liked it, and that was a part he immediatley despised.

He heard a scufflign from the side of the warehouse, followed by footsteps in snoww that gradually got further and further away. He swore he hearrd giggling.

A crackling sound came from his helmet radio, eventualyl straightening itself out into a voice.

"...enji, can you hear me? A blocking signal just went down, we should be able to talk, Genji?!"

"I'm here" He said, slowly

"Oh, thank God, what happened?"

"Er..." He gave his reflection another look over, , getting into a stance that pushed the left cheek up a little. He felt it, pushing a hand into the mounds. "I need Doctor Ziegler, and just Doctor Ziegler to give me some medical assistance."

"Um, okay...why just her?"

"Because she's seen me worse."

Author's Note: 

My first story here on BodyInflation. I felt liek Male Butt Expansion is severely overlooked, and Genji's ass needs more time in the spotlight. :3

It's kind of short, but I just wanted to see what I could do if I set my mind on it. if you like it, please say so, and any constructive criticisms wwould be appreciated.

I may make this a series, but it entirely ddepends on the succesfulness of this

~Thanks for reading~

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Just wanna say this is an

Just wanna say this is an absolutely fantastic story! I'd love to see a direct sequel to it - maybe Mercy's trying to figure the liquid out, but he ends up getting even bigger? ^-^