Claire's Secret

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"So like what?  You get off to blowing up balloons?!"  

Claire winced as she sat at the end of her bed.  Her roommate Brooke's sharp tone caused her already flushed cheeks to blush a deeper crimson.  A slender girl with light brown hair and unremarkable features, Claire had a seemingly naive cuteness to her that some found pleasing.

"It''s not quite like that.  It's just a dumb fantasy is all..."

Brooke clacked the tips of her nails against the metallic air pump.  Resting on her bed on her side of the room, it was a prize now deep in her territory.  Brooke fought to hide a cruel smirk as she glanced over at it.  

"A fantasy that you ordered a special pump for.  Why?  What's it for anyway?"

Claire's roommate Brooke was what one would call a type A personality.  Her jet black hair and alluring features making her rather popular around campus, Brooke's confidence was also boosted by flaring hips and triple D rack.  Claire glanced at Brooke's figure as she felt her cheeks burn.  Brooke's voluptuous curves were half the reason she was in this mess.

She was supposed to get out of class in time to check the mail before Brooke.  Held up by a frustratingly long lecture, as soon as Claire got to the mail room and saw that their box was already empty she knew she was in trouble.  She might have been able to come up with some kind of lie.  Something about the pump being for something innocent like blowing up balloons for a party or some kind of science experiment.  When she walked into their room to and saw the obnoxiously large sticker on the side of the box "Oscar's Inflatable Fetish Emporium" all of her prepared excuses were more than a little hard to swallow.  

Her heart now bouncing around her rib cage like a hamster on speed, she couldn't see any other option than to come clean.

"It''s for me..."

The corner of Brooke's lip curled upward for a brief moment before her confused scowl returned.

"For you?"

Claire swallowed and nodded, pointing to the package of rolled up plastic hoses still inside the box.  

"Y-yes!  It''s to help blow up" she struggled to get the words out.  

No one in the world knew about her 'quirk'.  She was always so careful to clear her browser history after indulging in 'those' kinds of sites.  She even went as far as to hide her identity behind layers upon layers of alternate screen names and email accounts.  A few drinks and an unwise click to 'Add to Cart' however and it had finally caught up to her.

"It''s for my figure.  It's supposed to make me 'bigger' ok?"

Brooke stared at her for a painfully long time before letting out a piercing "HA!"

"Wait!  You're kidding right?  You?!  What, you put the hose in your mouth, turn on the pump and...FWOOMP?!?"  She smacked her ample chest as she teased.  Drawing her hands out away from her tits, Brooke gave the impression that she was suddenly holding a set of knockers several times larger.

While Claire normally would have gotten a sudden tingle between her slender thighs at the display, she wanted to crawl under her bed and hide down there till she turned to dust.  

"Not...not in your mouth..." she said softly, unable to help but dig herself in deeper.  

Her buxom roommate blinked a few times before busting out into another fit of harsh laughter.

"Oh. My. God.  That is too rich!  Who would have known little Claire would turn out to be such a...such a..."  

As Brooke hunted for the word a slew of potential phrases jumped to Claire's mind.  




She cleared her throat to start verbally signing her soul and worldly possessions away to Brooke in exchange for discretion when she was cut her off.

"...kinky bitch!"

Taken aback by the sudden change in Brooke's tone, Claire looked up to see her roommate smiling down at her.  She almost looked proud!

"'re not upset?"

Brooke shook her head before jumping back and bouncing on the edge of her bed.  The pump bouncing next to her, she placed her hand on top of it and beamed.  

"Not at all!  Heck I'm thrilled!  I thought you had such a stick up your ass this whole time."

Claire swallowed again, feeling a bit of relief as she managed a sheepish half smile.  " you won't tell anyone?"

"Oh no.  I'm going to tell everyone."

The thumping behind Claire's flat chest suddenly ceased for a second and a half too long.  "But...but you just said..."

Brooke raised a finger, silencing her.  "I'm going to tell everyone IF you don't do what I say that is."

Claire's face fell as she realized what her roommate meant.  Running her nails along the cold steel of the pump, Brooke grinned as she watched Claire squirm out the corner of her eye.  

"I'm talking homework.  Cleaning up.  Laundry.  Anything I can think of that I need done you do.  Got it?"

No other options coming to mind, Claire could only nod in agreement.  "I got you!  Just please don't tell anyone!"

"Behave and I won't.  Now first..."  Brooke stood up from her bed.  Reaching down to the button of her pants, she unsnapped it before sliding the zipper down.

Claire's eyes shot open as her roommate's jeans fell to the floor.  As Brook kicked her heels off and stepped out from her jeans, the burning in Claire's cheeks returned in full force.  Her roommate was standing in front of her in just her top and a pair of tight purple panties!  Putting her hands on her hips, Brooke gave a pearly grin before giving her first command.

"Blow me up."

"E-excuse me?" Claire asked incredulously.  

"You heard me.  Blow me up!  I want to see what all the fuss is about."

Nervously getting up and walking over to Brooke's side of the room, Claire took one of the hoses from the box and connected the end to the pump.  Glancing hesitantly at her roommate, Claire held the other end of the clear plastic tube out and tried to pass it to her.  Rolling her eyes, Brooke grabbed the sides of her underwear and rolled the fabric down to reveal her bare, tan tush.  Bending down to give Claire access, Brooke placed her hands on the tops of her own thighs and smiled back at her.

"Well go on.  Hook me up!  It's not like I haven't seen you looking~  Put it in and let’s see what this toy of yours can do!"

Taking a deep breath, Claire slid the end of the hose into the waiting bubble butt.  Slipping the clear tube deeper between Brooke's exposed cheeks, as the end met some resistance Claire heard her roommate gave a slight whimper.  Pushing the hose in further, she made sure it was good and deep before unwrapping her fingers from the clear plastic tube.  

Biting her lip, Brooke gave a slight sigh before waving a hand back at Claire

"Whew.  Ok.  Turn the pump on.  Low at first."

Placing her hand on the nozzle, Claire gave a slow half turn.  A soft hissing filling the air, the hose wiggled as air rushed up towards Brooke's tush.  

"Gaaahhh...that...that t-tickles a bit!"  Brooke squeaked.  

Digging her nails into her toned thighs, she felt the air rush up into her.  The hose wiggling between her cheeks, it wasn't altogether unpleasurable of an experience so far.  The tugging of the hose mixed with the tickling of the rushing air on her insides was actually rather nice.  However, she was expecting to feel some tingling or bloating in her stomach by now.  Looking down at her belly expectantly, she frowned as she didn't even see a slight paunch starting to form.  

Looking over at Claire, Brooke regained her composure long enough to demand.  "What gives girl?  I thought you said this was supposed to inflate me or something?"

Claire didn't look up to meet her eyes.  The lithe girl’s mouth hanging open, she just kept staring at Brooke's body as if something was actually happening.

"Peh!  This is dumb.  Your pump doesn't even work!  My belly doesn't even feel gassy!  I...I..."

Glancing back down, Brooke noticed her view of her stomach was blocked.  Craning her neck to peer at her tummy past her breasts, she reached up to push her sweater puppies down when she felt them give a strange, almost bloated resistance.  Brooke's eyes widened with realization.

"My tits!!  It's blowing up my tits!"

Groping at her breasts, she could feel the soft flesh vibrating beneath her shirt as the air hissed into them.  Her favorite assets ripening beneath her fingertips, Brooke gave an excited scream as she bounced them up and down.  

"Oh my god!  Look at these things!  This is great!!"  

The straps of her bra starting to dig into her back and shoulders, Brooke quickly snatched her shirt off and waved at Claire.

"Quick!  T-take off my bra!  I want to see them!"

Snapped out of her trance by red nails fluttering at her, Claire stepped closer and tried to unhook the clasps of Brooke's tightening bra.  Soft skin starting to bulge over the tops and bottoms of the back strap, Claire was having trouble getting her fingers between the strap and Brooke's back to unhook it.  Flesh bulging up from between her inadequate cups, Brooke grunted before waving Claire off.  

"Grrr...N-never mind.  I want to BUST out of it!  Christ these things are getting HUGE!!"

Her grape fruit sized knockers upgrading slowly and steadily into full blown melons, Brooke watched in awe as the deepening trench of cleavage rose up towards her chin.  The metal clasps slowly uncurling with a groan, stitches starting to pop and tear beneath her arms.  Brooke grimaced and gawked in excitement as the failing garment squeezed her tighter and tighter.  Balling up her fists, Brooke took a deep breath, arched her back and...


Her bra fired off her chest like a rocket.  Flying across the room, the ruined brassiere smacked against the far wall, before falling onto Claire's bed.  Brooke hefted her inflated jugs up till she could no longer see the top of her roommates mattress.  

"AHAHAHAAA!!!  Did you see that!?  These babies are amazing!  No wonder you bought that pump.  I'm going to stop traffic with these puppies!"  

Rubbing her hands along the bottom of her breasts, Brooke bit her lip as she felt her babies continue to pump and expand.  

"Mmm...Turn the air up some.  I want more~"

Watching Brooke's expansion from behind, Claire could see the sides of her breasts starting to peek out from either side of her bare back as her roommate groped and squeezed them.  Feeling a shiver running up her inner thighs, Claire took a few deep breaths to steady herself.

"M-maybe we should stop here Brooke.  You haven't done this before and the instructions say you really don't want to overdo things with these pumps."

Snapping her head to the right, Brooke glared back at Claire as she hugged the underside of her own bust.  "Did I ask you what the instructions said?  Do it!  Or I'm telling everyone about this little secret of yours."

Doing as she was told, Claire reached over to the pump and twisted the nozzle open another half turn.  

Feeling the hose wiggle between her ass cheeks more intensely, Brooke's smile returned as she leaned her head back.  Giving an unladylike moan, she gripped the underside of her bosom as the swollen orbs bloated out faster.

"Oh fuck me that's good!  I can feel it tugging at my nipples as they stretch.  Mmmmm~  I...I almost came!"

Her breasts now bigger than prize winning watermelons, Brooke started to notice a new tingling coming from around the hose.  

"Hey!  Is the hose slipping out or something?  My ass feels funny."

Feeling her ass cheeks rub and slip against the sides of the plastic tube, it didn't quite feel like the hose was slipping out though.  If anything, it felt like her ass was taking more of it in!  Bringing her hands down to her tush, Brooke's eyes widened as she felt her ass cheeks pressing back into her fingers.  

"Aaaaieeghh!!! This is fantastic!  Look at this booty!!  I'm going to give people heart attacks!"  

Claire watched as more and more of the hose was gobbled up between Brooke's expanding cheeks.  Her hips and thighs starting to thicken, Brooke quickly wiggled her ass back and forth till her panties fell the rest of the way down to the floor.  Kicking them off with her bare foot, her arms shot out as she nearly fell over.  Now completely nude and swelling like an overpumped blow up doll in the middle of their dorm room, Brooke clenched her swelling thighs together and gave another loud moan.  

"OOoooooOOOOooohhh  FUCK!!  It's tugging at my clit swelling like that!  T-turn it up more!  I'm...I'm gonna CUM!!"

"But...but Brooke.  You're not supposed to..."

Stamping her foot onto the floor, Brooke's pneumatic curves jiggled tightly as she shouted.

"NOW!!  Do it!"

Turned the nozzle the rest of the way, Claire winced as she heard the hissing get louder.  The hose's curls straightened as the flow of air rushed down the tube at its max.  Giving a sudden shout of pleasure, Brooke's hands gripped back and forth from her ass to her tits as she felt her body blow up faster.  

"Yes!  YES!!  More!  I want to be HUGE!!  Massive!!  The biggest blimp bitch this world has ever seen!!  I...I...UUUNNNGGHHH!!"

Her swollen thighs trembling, Brooke fell to her knees as the most powerful orgasm of her life rushed through her swollen body.  Gripping as far around her breasts as she could, she could just barely reach her battery thick nipples.  Squeezing the thick nubs, she pressed her breasts in towards her chest as rush after orgasmic rush tore through her.  Pressing her face down into her cleavage, she gave a muffled scream as she pumped up bigger and bigger.  Her ass cheeks swelling out till they bulged past the soles of her feet, Brooke's toes clenched as her pussy exploded beneath her.

As her inflating roommate shuddered and moaned, Claire noticed a reddish tint starting to appear along her roommates swollen sides.

Brooke's hips continued to flare out till they rivaled her zeppelin sized hooters.  A low groan mixing in with her muffled moaning, the air still hissed steadily up into her bloated backside.  No longer able to reach around to her nipples, Brooke panted and hugged the sides of her breasts as she started coming down from her inflated high.  

"Whew...f-fuck me.  That was...ooooh...t-that was amazing!"

Slight aftershocks still shooting through her, Brooke suddenly winced as she felt a slight tinge of discomfort along the sides of her breasts.  Air still rushing in-between her beach ball sized ass cheeks, her growth was noticeably slowing down.  Gingerly running her nails along the sides of her breasts, the slight itching was starting to turn into a sharp ache as her skin struggled to keep stretching further. Gritting her teeth as the feeling got worse, she grunted before waving a hand back at Claire.

"Ok Claire.  Turn the air off.  I...I think this is big enough."

The air still hissing and flowing into her, Brooke groaned as she felt the same ache in her tits start to flare up along the sides of her ass.  Reaching back to squeeze her overinflated tush, Brooke gasped as her fingers barely sunk into her once supple skin.  Snapping her head back and forth, she was having trouble seeing her roommate in her swollen state.  

"Claire?  CLAIRE!  I'm...grrr...I'm not kidding!  I'm starting to feel tight.  Turn the frickin pump off!"  

With a grunt, Brooke managed to turn herself slightly to see what was going on behind her.  

Laying back on her bed, Claire was hugging the pump close to her side.  Instead of turning the air off however, Claire's other hand was tucked down into her pants!  Gasping as she pressed and rubbed her fingers against herself, Claire didn't take her eyes off Brooke as a low creaaaking filled their dorm room.

"Ummm...Claire?!" Brooke squeaked nervously.  "What are you doing?  Turn the pump OFF!  I'm....ooohhh...I'm getting too full here!"

Claire didn't answer.  Watching the pink flush of Brooke's skin turn steadily darker and angrier, she bit her lip and continued to tease her fingers against her aching clit.  

Her breasts now swelling around her sides, Brooke's arms were slowly being raised up as the skin under her arms was recruited to give her aching breasts some additional stretch.  Her thighs as thick as inner tubes, they had grown a tight sheen as they bulged and swelled against each other.  Brooke groaned as the aching grew in intensity.  Her growth now slowed to a barely noticeable crawl, the pressure steadily continued to build beneath her overstretched flesh.  Feeling a bead of sweat run down her forehead, Brooke started to pant as her straining flesh began to feel hot and inflamed.

"Gaaahh....C-Claire...please..."  Brooke panted, struggling to speak as the mounting pressure made it harder and harder to breathe.  "It''s too much!  I'm getting too big!  Please Claire!  I...I think I'm going to POP!"

As soon as the word left her lips, Brooke saw Claire's body tense as her roommate gasped with pleasure.  

"Oh that what you want?!  You want me to pop!?!  What kind of freak are you?!?"  

Trying to move more frantically, Brooke could only teeter side to side as her overpumped ass completely covered her swollen ankles.  Her feet peeking out beneath as she rocked and squealed, her toes clenched against the bottom of her creaking cheeks as her complaining hide gave an almost rubbery squeal.  Sweat running down her turgid curves, Brooke panted and pleaded as her skin got unbearably hot and overstretched.

"Nooo!  Claire!  S-stop this!  I'm sorry ok!!  I...I won't tell anyone!   Oowww! Ow ow ow!  I promise!!  Just....oooooohhhh...p-please...turn it off!  Getting...too...t-t-tiiiigghhhtt!!!"

Watching vertical stretchmarks appear and grow along the sides of Brooke's tits and ass, Claire furiously rubbed herself as the creaks and groans grew louder.  Gripping the sheets, she pulled and squeezed the cold steel pump into her side.  Moaning with pleasure, Claire could feel another full body orgasm building beneath her fingertips.  

The pressure spiking beneath her once prized balloons, Brooke gave a much less pleasurable moan as her skin finally ran out of stretch.  

"Oooohh...C-Claiaaiiire!!  CLAIRE!  Claire I can feel it!  I...I can't take anymore!  PLEEEAASE!! Turn it off turn it off turn it OFF!! I'm gonna...I'm...I'm gonna..."

Her eyes shooting open, Brooke looked down at her breasts and screamed.  Just as the trembling bombshell crossed her threshold, Claire screamed in sync as she reached her own climax.



Brooke's breasts and ass suddenly surged out in all directions.  Her scream cut short, the biggest hourglass on campus burst violently apart.  Wet scraps of rubbery hide smacking against the walls and ceiling, Claire panted and shuddered as the room seemed to tremble and spin around her.  The last shudders subsiding, she sat up to see nothing but rubbery scraps left of her old roommate.  

After the 'disappearance' of her roommate, Claire enjoyed several weeks of privacy as the college tried to find out what had happened to Brooke.  Sporting a set of hips that nearly brushed the sides of the doorway and a more than ample new chest, Claire easily distracted anyone who came asking questions out of any suspicions.  Finally giving up, the college had no choice but to assign Claire a new roommate and leave the missing person’s report in the hands of the police.

As her new roommate walked in, Claire was back to her normal, flat-chested self.

"Hello!  I'm Claire!  Nice to meet you!" she said warmly, jumping up from her bed to give this new girl a handshake.

"Victoria.  Umm...not to be rude but what's that under your bed?"

A box with an obnoxiously large sticker on the side peeking out, Claire gave an embarrassed gasp before quickly going to cover it up.

"Oh that?  It's nothing!  T-tell me about yourself!  You just transferred?"

"Yeah.  But you're not getting out of it that easily nerd.  Did that say 'Fetish Emporium' on it?"  

Fighting to hide an excited smile, Claire shook her head as Victoria reached under the bed and pulled the package out.  

"Oh no!  Please don't!  This is so embarrassing..."

Author's Note: 

Written for International Inflation Day 2017

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Great story

very hot very enjoyable. Hope you do another one, maybe Brooke has some friends that would like payback on Claire and enjoy some inflation too?