Professional Rivalry

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"Ooooh....wh-what do you think doctor?  Am I going to make it?"

Giorgina bit her lip as she struggled with the source of her troubles.  Normally a wide hipped gal, the large Italian woman had indulged a bit too heavily at the new bistro that had opened down the street.  Her hips usually the widest part of her, their position had been usurped by a very round and unnervingly red mass tucked tightly beneath her hefty olive bosom.  Her long, manicured nails gingerly grazed the surface of her poor belly, wanting to rub the aching flesh but too scared to touch it.  She was so packed that she felt she couldn't take a deep breath without coating the walls with several courses of Manicotti, Fettuccine, and Ravioli.  Feeling sicker and sicker by the moment, as her body lurched and groaned she was getting worried that might be the end of her regardless.  Luckily, there was a specialist nearby.

The lithe woman in the lab coat looked down at the chart for a moment longer before she seemed to hear the poor woman.  Looking up, she smiled sweetly.  "Oh I'm sorry.  I'm not the doctor.  She'll be in in just a moment.  I'm just here to make sure you're not already past the point of no return.  Luckily I think you'll hold long enough for the doctor to make a diagnosis"

Giorgina could feel a cold sweat drip down her neck as the nurse left.  The 2 1/2 minutes she had been waiting for the doctor to arrive, she could feel herself getting more and more out of sorts.  The mountain of pasta inside of her was bubbling angrily in complaint of its constricting accommodations.  She watched the door to the back offices expectantly, praying someone would come through in time to save her poor belly.  She was starting to look around for a napkin to write down an ad hoc last will and testament when the door to the lobby on the opposite wall was flung open instead.

"Hey!"  Giorgina cried out almost instinctively as she saw a woman with a chubby face, dyed red hair, and a massive belly enter the room.  

"This is my appointment!  I...oooh...I'm waiting for the doctor!  Get out of here!"

She couldn't believe it, this 'special' doctor she was waiting to see had sent another patient in on her!?!  While she was shocked to see the woman who had barged in was inconceivably larger than she was, the strangers bare gut didn't nearly look as strained as her own.  

"Relax hun.  I'm a colleague of the good doctors.  As you can see she's helped me to make my belly the bloated jewel that it is!"  The woman said with a smirk.  She moved into the room with a grace that looked unnatural for someone of her girth.  Pulling out a brown glass bottle, she hand it to Giorgina and gave her a calming wink.

"W-what are these?"  Giorgina asked nervously.

"Just some pills that will help calm your belly down.  All that acidic sauce is what's causing the belly ache.  You could honestly fit a few more courses in there if you stuck with foods that weren't so harsh on the digestive track."

Giorgina's eyes widened as she looked at the cure in her hand.  Her belly feeling ready to split, she pawed the top of the bottle off with her chubby hand before getting ready to toss back a mouthful of the little white pills.  The mystery woman stopped her hand from tossing them back half way up though.  "Not yet hun.  I need you to head into the lobby before you take any medications.  Company policy you understand.

Giorgina gave a soft whimper.  She needed relief yesterday.  She was so stuffed up her chest even hurt!  Slowly she nodded before easing her bulk off the examining table.  "Ok.  Tell the d-doctor I...oooh...I said thanks..."  She groaned.  Waddling out the door to the lobby.

Just as the door to the lobby shut, the door to the back offices opened.  What could be mistaken for a parade float in a lab coat coming into the room, the good doctor was looking down at a chart that rested atop her own impressive belly.  Her face was thin, framed with dark black hair that contrasted Jessica's fiery dye job.

"Ok, Giorgina.  My nurse tells me you're in quite the bind.  Luckily I have some salves we can rub on you to keep you in one pie..."

Looking up from the chart, Dr. Victoria's face paled a few shades.

"Jessica?!  What are you doing here?  Where's my patient?"

On cue, the sound of an empty glass bottle clinking against the floor followed by muffled moaning could be heard from behind the door to the lobby.  Victoria gasped as she realized what her old "friend" had done.  

"Oooooh...oh meeeee.....AAAAIIIIIEEE~"

Victoria winced at what sounded like a leather water pouch bursting open after trying to drain a waterfall.  Followed by a series of meaty thuds against the other side of the door, the room was suddenly filled with a warm aroma of pasta.  Victoria glared at her old roommate turned nemesis.

"What did you do?!"

"I had to find room onto your busy schedule somehow."  Jessica chuckled before setting herself onto the examination table.  "Now we have plenty of time."

Victoria shook her head as Jessica grinned at her.  She wanted to lunge at the fat bitch for what she had done to her patient, not to mention to her lobby.  

"Then call me next time!  Don't cause one of my patients to burst in my lobby!  Do you know how long it's going to take to get all that sauce out of the carpets?  What the hell did you give that woman anyways!?!"  She demanded furiously.

Jessica didn't seem fazed at all as Victoria scolded her.  If anything, Jessica's smile broadened.  

"Ironically enough, just some antacids.  Sounds to me like she tried to swallow the whole bottle at once."  

Jessica then did something that made Victoria's face redden.  Scoffing, she leaned backed and lifted her shirt, revealing her own massive pot belly and giving it a pat.  

"Heh, amateur..."  

Victoria felt disgusted, but also a little bit envious.  Had Jessica finally caught up to her in size?  As she eyed Jessica's larger girth, following the red nails dancing across the swollen surface, she started to wander off...

The two had met when they studied pre-med together at the same college.  Both of them curvy young women with larger than average middles, a few large drinks and a few larger meals between them had revealed that neither of them wanted to pursue medicine for the conventional reasons.  They had actually seen each other before online, though under different names.  Victoria and Jessica frequented the same weight gain forums and chat rooms under the respective avatars of Feedee_Queen and Goldenbelly420.  Each wanting to push their bellies larger than any other online glutton before them (and enjoy all of the admiration and economic tributes that would follow), they went into medicine to find new ways to obtain sizes that others had only ever dreamed about.  However, as time went on their friendship was overshadowed by their competing goals.  Threads online cropped up comparing the two, debating who the "Queen" was between them.  

At first they tried to laugh it off, but soon it led to a bitter rivalry that ended with Victoria having to go the ER one night and Jessica getting expelled for stealing chemicals from the lab.  Having tried to win the crown by doing in Victoria like she had most recently done in the late Giorgina, ironically it had given Victoria's belly the stretch it needed to give her the undisputed belly Queen crown.  The downside was that now Victoria's belly was marred in deep, angry stretchmarks from when she had almost popped like a balloon.  While Jessica now at least had the crown for largest unmarred belly, it wasn't enough for the driven size queen.

Victoria graduated and opened her own practice in an area known for having the most all you can eat buffets and restaurants with massive portions than anywhere else in the country.  Using her talents for keeping ready to pop bellies in one piece, she enjoyed success as well as not having to constantly fight to keep her crown as the biggest.

As the two old rivals sized each other up, it was clear that that was no longer the case.

"So Jess, other than trying to ruin my practice, what brings you here?"  Victoria asked, crossing her arms over her bust while pushing out her belly.  

The lab coat parting as Victoria huffed it out to its full glory, her maternity shirt beneath creeped high enough over the swollen expanse of flesh to reveal a red gemstone dangling from her navel.  Jessica rolled her eyes.

"Oh please.  You have women pop around here all the time.  Just say poor Giorgina had pushed herself too far on her own and no one will be the wiser!"  

Standing up, she jutted her own belly out till it firmly bumped into Victoria's.  A black thong creeping up Jessica's wide hips, the thin string bites into her plump flanks as she wiggles her belly back and forth against Victoria's.

"I'm mostly here to show you that I discovered a new technique.  I can't believe we never thought of trying it sooner, but as you can see..."  

She gives her belly a pat, making it jiggle against Victoria's navel ring.  

" works very well!"

Victoria grunted a bit as Jessica's rubbing tugged at her navel ring.  While the jewel might have been pulled out from a lesser tummy, years of rubbing specially crafted oils into her gut meant it was much too strong for that.  

"So you're saying after all this time you've just finally caught up to me?  Big deal.  Don't you know that if you want to beat the champ..."  

She takes in a deep breath, pushing her belly out far enough to make it ache slightly

" have to 'knock out' the champ.  There's no trophy for tying me."

While Victoria had hoped she would discourage Jessica with her display, she felt nervous as that annoying smirk didn't go down in the slightest.  

"Oh don't worry hun.  By the time I'm done today they won't even remember you."

Pulling out another pill bottle, this one however was clear and filled with odd silvery pills.  Before Victoria could ask, Jessica eased the top off and quickly swallowed a pill.  Taking a step back away from Victoria, she grinned down expectantly at herself as she rubbed the largest bulge under her shirt.

Unable to pursue medicine after getting caught, Jessica had used her cunning and willingness to ruthlessly make her way to the top in business.  Rising in the field of pharmaceuticals, she had used her new influence to redirect her companies R&D department into pursuing her own goals.  Under the guise of helping pregnant women more safely carry triplets and quadruplets, she finally had something to show for it.

"It's amazing what scientists can come up with sometimes.  You give them a problem and a bit of financial motivation, and the nerds will come up with the most innovative solutions.  In fact, it seems almost silly you didn't think of this first!"  

Soon an odd, muffled hissing could be heard from insides Jessica's prized dome.  As if someone was inflating a balloon inside of her belly, soon her gut began to puff out to complete the illusion.  Straining the front of her button up collared business shirt, soon slivers of pink flesh peeked out where the button began to gap.  Her belly steadily growing in circumference, a button pinged off the front to reveal a larger diamond of perfectly smooth flesh.  Another firing off like a bullet across the room, Jessica's deep navel was suddenly exposed for Victoria to peek into.  The black gemstone she had gotten to go with her former best friend's shined out from the hole in the front of her shirt as Jessica stroked the sides, cooing as she bloated even bigger.  Three more buttons pelting off in rapid succession, like rockets blasting off into the heavens as the planet below swelled outward!  Victoria's eyes widened as she was forced to take a step to the side to avoid getting pelted with flying buttons and soon Jessica's ripening tummy!

"How did you?  What are those?"  She asked incredulously.

Jessica just smiled, shaking the pill bottle back and forth in front of her.  

"These little things?  Something special the boys in the lab cooked up for their boss.  Basically it's compressed oxygen in a handy capsule that coats the inside of the patients belly with a spray to help them retain elasticity.  These let me swell up like a literal balloon while keeping my belly mark free!"  

She wobbled her swollen belly back and forth, her smirk widening as she watched Victoria's face sink.  

"And since I own the patent, I'll make sure no one else ever gets access to them!  In short, I've won!"  

Jessica tosses back another pill as she laughs, rubbing her belly as it almost effortlessly swelled outward another several inches!

Realizing she may have to accept defeat, Victoria turns and starts to walk out with her head and belly held high.  Spying an oxygen tank in the corner though, she gets an idea.

Still gloating, Jessica reaches as far down her gut as she can, barely wrapping her arms two thirds the way around herself.  

"Ah Vicky.  You had a good run.  I'm sure people who have a thing for stretchmarks will still admire your pics.  The rest though have a new Queen to worship!  And to feed!  And"  

Jessica looked across the room to see Victoria pouring lotions into the hose of an oxygen tank.

"Ummm...what are you doing?"  Jessica asks as Victoria gives the tank a good shake back and forth.

Now the one with the smirk, Victoria suddenly pulls her white pants off to reveal long, thick thighs and a very red thong.  Wetting the end of the nozzle with her mouth, she reaches behind herself and moves her thong to the side.  

"Well, you said you patented the capsule delivery method.  You didn't patent other ways of pumping oxygen mixed with lotions directly into a belly."  

She winces a bit as she shamelessly slides the nozzle between her large ass cheeks and into her tight anus.  Twisting the valve on the tank, she watches as her belly starts to slowly swell.  

"The way I see it, now we get to see who can be the biggest with this new method of yours..."

Jessica's jaw dropped as she watched her rival start to swell up, inching outward to match her own prodigious new size.  

"What?!  This is bullshit!!"  

Fuming, she quickly pops two pills out of the bottle straight down her throat.  

"Fine!  If that's how you want to play this!"  

The swollen redhead arches her back, making the last few buttons snap off and letting her shirt fall to the floor.  Trying to reach down to undo the button of her pants, her swollen belly pushes her arms just out of reach as the hissing within her picks up again.  Soon with a sharp PING the button flies off, letting her wiggle her ass till the garment falls to the floor.

Victoria removing her own shirt and lab coat, both women stand glaring at each other on opposite ends of the room.  Inflating in just their bra and panties, among the constant hissing the sound of threads popping and fraying fills the air as the garments dig into their expanding flesh.  Victoria's belly swelling steadily from the hose lodged deep in her ass, whenever her stretch mark covered belly gets close to Jessica's in size the blimp of a woman quickly swallows a few more pills, making her gut bulge out quickly ahead in the race.

"It's not going to matter though Vicky!  Even with your new trick!  My pills will let me swell just as big as you can!  It's all going to come down to which belly is the most beautiful!"  

She coos, setting her gut atop the cold examining table to help support it.  Now jutting out the size of a weather balloon, it pressed her bulbous breasts up into her chin.  Placing her hands on top of her orbs, she presses down to try to see when a slight groan makes her reconsider.  

"Ooof...Last I checked, stretchmarks weren't too popular amongst the boys.  Don't worry though.  I'm sure there's some niche fetish out there into that!"  Jessica teases.  

Victoria didn't let it get to her though, feeling her striped belly balloon steadily bigger and bigger beneath her breasts.  Pushing her breasts up to her own chin, she could feel the oils helping her belly to keep up with the stretching.  Her medical training told her though that it would only help them go so far though.  

"The oils won't help you grow forever stupid.  And we both know my belly can take more than yours after your little stunt.  I should thank you really, though I think I'll just show you up first.  It's always has...mmf...and always will be about who...can be...the biggest!"

Jessica glared before downing four of the pills at once.  Her belly blossoming out in all directions.  Swelling forward and to the sides, it even caused her back to puff up around either side of her spine.  A growing tightness building, her belly was starting to fight to find flesh to cover her growing size.  As the surge in growth settled, she felt it start to ache a bit towards the end.  

The fat bitch was right.  Pills would only push her so far.  And as Victoria's stretchmark covered gut climbed closer and closer to her own belly, she could see that it was going to come down to who gave up first.  "Just because you held together that time in college doesn't mean you will now.  I'll...I'll swell till you're on the floor!  Begging your...b-belly not to blow!"

Jessica glared, before turning the nozzle on the tank up higher

"We'll see about that." she growled, gritting her teeth as her stomach swelled faster.  

Victoria, seeing what Jessica had done, gave up all reason and tossed back the rest of the pills.  Both of their guts swelling out of control, the doctor's office was getting more and more crowded as the two rivals blimped up and out.

Groans starting to come from both of their massive guts, Victoria could barely see Jessica's face over her breasts and vice versa.  Spying a glance at her rival in a mirror, she grinned as faint red stripes started appearing up her redheaded rival's rounded flanks.

"Ha!  Looks like I'm no longer the only one with stretchmarks Jessica.  How's it feel having an imperfect belly?"  

Jessica's eyes widened as she looked at the mirror next to them.  Seeing faint red lines spider webbing out from the growing stripes up her swollen surface.

"Nooo!  My belly!  My perfect, beautiful belly!"  

She winced as another twinge of pressure pinched at her flank, the turgid flesh gaining an unhappy pink flush.  

" long as I beat your fat ass it'll be worth it!  I!!!"  

Jessica balled her fists, letting the pills push her belly larger and larger.  The skin starting to gain a faint sheen as their bellies blew up like balloons, the air started displacing to other places as they swelled.  Their arms thickening up, it was getting hard for them to rub themselves as they grew.  Kicking off their shoes, their swollen sausage toes dug at the carpet as their bare feet struggled to keep them balanced atop their now barrel thick thighs.  Both of their bellies achingly full, occasionally their pneumatic tums would bump and cause each women to take an awkward step back.  Ass cheeks swollen with air, soon they were brushing the wall behind them.  Then they were bulging and squeaking into it!  Running out of room to inflate, soon the two blimps began to squirm, pressing against the walls and each other.  While distressing on its own, Victoria's eyes widened as she felt a more pressing issue start to scratch at the front of her overinflated belly.

"Ohhh...Jessica!  Your navel ring!  It's...stop wiggling damn it!"  

Victoria cried out, trying to reach over to the corner to turn the pump off.  They could continue this somewhere less constricting at a later date, but something about the sharp jewel scratching at the front of her belly was making her nervous.  The pills still fueling Jessica's own growth, she pounded her fists against the wall behind her.  

"Fuck!  You stop Victoria!!  You're cheating aren't you!  Trying to jab my belly with that stupid piercing and make me pop!  Well I'll get you first!"  

She cries out, wiggling her belly harder.  The jewels sandwiched between the straining women, they scratched red lines across the expanse of flesh as they danced around each other.  A wrong shove by Jessica however, and the gemstones suddenly clinked against each other, snagging.  

"Jess!  Jessica!  I think...we're stuck!"  Victoria cried, tears filling her eyes as she felt her stretchmarks start to tear dangerously deep.  

Jessica could feel the sharp pain as her navel ring hooked on Victoria's too, but she was feeling so over packed that she had to get the pressure off the widest part of her poor gut.  

"Grrr...then we'll...see whose...belly is...tougher!  Goodbye...bitch!"  She cried out before giving a hard jerk of her body.  

Both women only had a fraction of a second to realize the mistake as they gasped.  A loud tear heard between their sandwiched flesh, they tried to keep their bellies pushed tightly against each other to prevent what would happen next.  The momentum of all that overstuffed flesh however had different idea.

Their eyes screwed shut, the overinflated pair let out a piercing scream as they felt their bellies finally give in~


The cleaning crew scrubbing the lobby, the nurse watched from a camera in the examining room next door.  The audio picking up both women's last screams, the lens suddenly was blacked out as the building shuddered.  A loud, wet explosion coming from the next room over, the nurse smiled before pulling out a disk of the security footage.  "Was only a matter of time before those two did each other in.  The forums are going to love me when I show them this."

Author's Note: 

An old rivalry comes to an explosive conclusion. 

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