Penis and Testicles Inflation bad and/or Bursting Role Play

I'm a big fan of male or female possessing the normally male genital inflation and bursting of said parts. I do love to RP about them and try to read any stories about them. I understand that most of them usually is. Girl gives blowjob, man enjoys blowjob, girl blows, man becomes balloon. But what I personally enjoy is that but the air is forced into his testicles instead of his body. I understand that isn't how it would work. 


I do also enjoy it when it's a non gas inflation. Like a hose could be attached to his "hose" and give him some water balloons for balls. Or my personal favorite, orgasm denial and he just fills up with his own sperm until they blow. 


Magic, Hose, Gas, Liquid, Drugs that induced raped growth, I love it all! So if you want to RP, hit me up, mostly at because I'm new here and don't quite understand everything just yet. Thanks for reading this far. Have a good day!

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I'm new to this site and I'm looking for some really kinky fun like what you've described here. Pm me anytime

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I'm surprised blowjob inflations aren't more popular 

Time for a nice, healthy dose of CHAOS


I'd love to rp, dm me ;)


You sound amazing. Pm me