Luna's Missadventures in Wonderland: Part 1

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It was a hot and sticky Summer’s day. A terribly hot and sticky Summer’s day that could only be cured by a dip in the chilling lake. In fact, a nice soak would do the trick. Although, rather horribly, the air down by the lake was heavy and muggy.

Regardless, a slender young woman, Luna, who was no more and no less than eighteen years of age, sat on the docks gazing up at the beautiful Summer sky rather blankly; and she was cladded in a violet and white dress. She kicked her legs off - though they did not even graze the murky waters below; and she laid on her slender hands on the wooden dock.

Her mind was as empty as a misfortunate beggar’s purse. Not even a single fret nor care about the world around her resided in her mind, despite reaching through the gates of adulthood. As a matter of fact, Luna seemed rather childish, especially in comparison with her colleagues at her horrible, horrible school. She often skipped and hummed with only the company of herself; and she always seemed to be in some bizarre land instead of the world of reality. However, her mind would be colourless when she was on that very dock.

Her parents would usually worry about her peculiarness and her fellow students would tease and poke at her. At first, she seemed rather bothered by their remarks; but with the passage of time her care and worry about the others faded away like dead ash on a pleasant wind.

Now, on that particular hot and sticky day something occurred (otherwise I would not be bothered to scribble down this peculiar girl, and the dock, and the lake).

It started with a blank stare up at a pale sky. The waters were calm; but, then, they were suddenly disturbed, yet ever so subtly. Despite the miniscule disturbance, Luna leapt up in a startled jump like a frog with its feet a-flamed.

On her feet, quite shocked, she looked down into the waters. Quickly, she saw a rather horrifying sight: a man who was fathomed underneath the waters of murk. His expression was pale and blank, akin to Luna’s mind prior to the destained viewings; but, now, her mind was filled with worriment for the man underneath. She had never seen a sight quite like the man prior that day. She did not know if she should firstly tell someone or to fish him out.

“Perhaps he was just taking a nap with the fishes down below?” thought she, in her dismayed mind.

“Hello!” she cried to the man. It was a rather illogical choice on her part; but she was an illogical person, especially in contrast to normal, boring people.

Naturally, how the universe pans out, the man did not respond, still keeping that firm, pale expression that the dead hold.

Luna began to lean further and she called out once more in a louder tone. Again, the body did not respond in any humanly visible way.

She did not want to believe that her eyes had feasted upon the terrible outcome of the grip of death.

Once more, she leaned forth, closer to the waters; but before she could even peep out a word, she lost her balance (something she had little of) and she fell into the murky waters below.

Strangely, there was an absence of a huge splash and the terrible wetness did not engulf Luna; instead she fell into a chasm of inky darkness. Of course, she was very scared, even fearful! She spiraled into the unknown and people naturally have a grand fear of the deep darkness of the unknown.

Nevertheless, she merely fell through the inkinesss for minutes, thought to her it felt like many lengthy hours. A funny thing, time is. Then, her falling arrested and she began to float down like an air filled balloon, not a silly one bloated with helium.

Slowly, she descended down into a very strange room. The strangest she had ever seen. It was a very blanky room, save for a wooden pedestal that reached up to her breast. Black and white checkered squares were the makings of this room; but it looked as if the tiles were shifting from black to white and white to black in a series of strange and random sequences. Luna seemed rather curious about the checkered room.

She wondered “Why were the checkers not blue and green? Perhaps red and violet? Or maybe yellow and orange? And why not polka dots, or zigzags, or triangular patterns?”

Luna did quite a lot of questioning about the room; but she did not question the sociological purpose of said room or if an exit existed in the room, which people rarely do.

She looked around until her eyes locked upon the pedestal. Despite being the only article of furniture, there was nothing peculiar about it; but there was something peculiar laying atop the pedestal rather lazily. Luna drew closer for a better look at it, and she picked it right up. It was a peculiar vial filled with a strange-looking pink liquid; on the vial there was a label that spelt “DRINK ME”.

Luna, rather puzzled on why the bottle wanted her to imbibe it, further more examined the bottle to see if there was anything else noteworthy. She did enjoy to examine little objects like pocket watches and bottles, ever since she was a little child. She did like to see each and every nook and cranny, whether it be of the norm or not. When she was young she wanted to become an extraordinary sleuth, quite like the superbly famous Sherlock Holmes; but she turned to peculiarness and blankly staring up at the sky during adolescence.

After taking many-a-glance, she did not see anything of significance. So she uncorked the bottle and she took a long whiff of the pink liquid, and it smelled rather pleasent, like bubble gum and cotton candy! Luna enjoyed bubble gum and she loved cotton candy, so she assumed that it would be safe to drink. So, naturally, she pressed the neck-hole of the bottle to her soft lips and she guzzled it down with one great swig. The fluid went down rather smoothly, and it was rather rich.

She placed the bottle back on the platform and she licked her lips, trying to savour the sweet taste. After a moment or so, she started to feel something rather odd in the depths of her stomach: a strange tingling sensation with an occasional bubbly feeling. A couple of belches dove from her mouth, and she was red with embarrassment.

“Perhaps I drank too fast,” she thought; placing a hand on her slender stomach, giving it a soft rub. Oddly, her stomach started to feel rather full, akin to the indulgence after Thanksgiving dinner. Luna felt rather regretful from her drinking-choice, and she seemed somewhat worried.

As she rubbed her belly, she began to notice something of great shock: her belly began to expand like a bloody balloon being filled with a dreadful air!

“Oh, dear me! Dear me!” She cried, as she gripped her hair in a trauma, watching her belly bulging bulbous. Her rump too rounded rapidly; though her breasts were basically the same small shape; in fact, maybe just an increasement of a size or two. Under normal circumstances that would indeed be something incredible, but under these bizarre, and bulbous, circumstances, it was not a prize winning feat. Oh, she grew, and grew (and she was terribly frightened by all of this swelling). Her body began to look rather shapely like a pear!

Soon, she began to fill up the room ever so briskly! Her belly was soon so large that it knocked over the pedestal in front of her; and she was so bountiful that she could not keep her delicate balance, so she collapsed onto the ground on her expanding backside, causing her body to wobble like a bowlful of pale jell-o. Her legs were considerably flabbing out and her arms were profoundly puffing forth. Even her cheeks, that were once slender and sharp, were now perfectly chubby. Luna felt immensely gargantuan and, strangely, pleasurably soft, like an overt marshmallow.

Dear me! she contemplated, in a terrible, terrible dismay, I should not drink things! Even if they smell pleasant! Ohh, I shan’t drink anything more! Oh! how this is terrible!

She still swelled and swelled, although, despite how big she was getting, her dress was still clad on her as if it was meant to fit one of such a size. No seam burst nor button bellowed, no string broke nor cloth tore, her dress was absolutely fine, unlike our dear, ballooning Luna.

She was continuing to increase in a devilish size. Soon, her swollen legs and tumid arms began to sank into her body; which slowly started to morph into a large spherical shape, like that of a beach ball on a hot and sticky Summer’s day. Her head too began to sink in her blimp-like body.

“Oh, no no!” she thought. “I can’t feel the ground with my feet! Oh, where are my feet?” -She attempted to wiggle her feet, but to no avail. -”And my hands! I cannot move my hands! And I can’t see what’s going on! Just those strange tiles! And they’re getting closer! No no no!”

At that point, the little head of Luna touched the roof of the room. Nevertheless, she still expanded at a nonstopping rate!

If you were to walk into the room right at that moment, all you would see was an enormous pale ball - clad in a white and violet dress - and tiny feet and tiny hands poking from the sides of the ball, the only sign of a human instead of a titanic, plush ball.

As she was growing, her skin felt tight like a stressed elastic band, and she felt crushed between the floor and the ceiling, like a blueberry being slowly squeezed by a pneumatic press.

She flailed her little arms and legs about and tried to pointlessly call for help, but her head was pressing hard into the ceiling above, so no one could hear her, and there was no one else there. Still, she bloated ever so much, and, with each growing second her skin tensed more and more, ready to tear apart like a pig’s flesh between teeth.

Then, within the blink of a moment, when the skin could not burden any more stress, she POPPED! right open, just like a rubbery balloon with too much air!

Though, strangely, instead of a bloody and gory mess, she burst open in a series and shots of awe-inspiring and beautiful lights of an array of many different fantastic colours! Vibrant crimsons; wondrous violets; bright hazels; and superb greens all whizzed and banged way around the checkered room. It was a spectacular fireworks show!

Now, normally, how reality folds out, Luna should have passed into the embrace of death, just like the man in the lake perhaps even in a worse state than him; but this was an abnormal set of circumstances and Luna was very much alive - in one piece and slender as she was before! Instead of herself disappearance from the living, the room vanished like a magician’s act, and Luna fell once again; although this time, instead of darkness, she fell into what looked like a golden wheatfield with a lovely house standing lonesomely.

As she was falling, rather balloon-like (despite being so slender) she found a long table with many, many chairs, possibly for many, many people, and on the table there seemed to be many tea-things (mugs, saucers, cups, kettles, and bowls) laying about in a lovely, neat order, as if they were waiting for someone to admire them and use them.

Slowly, Luna fell into the large arm-chair at one of the far ends of the table. It seemed like a rather important seat. She looked around to see if there was anyone else was to come; but she was all alone with companionship of only herself. She thought it was all very strange to her, perhaps just as strange as the checkered room. A worrisome seed began to plant itself in her stomach, as if something terrible was just around the corner, perhaps behind the white house.

Author's Note: 

I was reading Alice Adventures in Wonderland and toss came into my head. 

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welcome back! ^_^

great to see you in the game again, and look at you - writing, writing well! ^_^

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Nicely done

The English don't have Thanksgiving dinner :).  Christmas turkey.