Inflating a one piece women's bathing suit.

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Inflating a one piece women's bathing suit.

Hey everyone! I may have just discovered a new revolution in body inflation! Did you know that a one piece women's bathing suit can blow up like a balloon in the shower? It's a fun and inexpensive way to endulge your body inflation fantasies. I just bought a medium-sized one piece swimsuit a couple days ago and so far I'm enjoying it! All you need is a women's one piece swimsuit. Here are some instructions on how to make it inflate:

1. When you put on the swimsuit, hop into the shower and make the water hot enough to create steam for the best effect.

2. Make sure it's skin tight around your body so that no air can escape from the suit. Tighten it up as much as you can.

2. Pull it out wards from the stomach area. You should notice the suit sticking to your skin. When this happens, stretch the suit all the way out so that steam from the shower as well as the water can get into the suit.

3. When the suit is all the way out, let go of the suit. You should notice some air trapped inside your bathing suit, causising it to look inflated. This is easier to do when sitting down.

4. You're probably wandering, "Can the swimsuit get any bigger than this?" Absolutely! All you have to do is put your mouth inside the suit and clench the straps so that no air can escape. Then breathe inside the suit as if you were blowing up a balloon. It will really inflate! It can get pretty big too. NOTE: This may not work with all kinds of one piece swimwear. I have a certain kind of one piece swimsuit.

And that's how you inflate a one piece swimsuit. Photos coming soon!

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That sounds awesome! i'd love to see pictures!

Do i get a cookie now? or inflata-boobies


This sounds awesome, but can anyone verify if this actually works? I know this was a thing that happened with the Jacuzzi swimsuit inflation thing, but if it does work, I'd love to try it out!


I really liked this idea of inflating swimsuits. It sound to be a fun experiment, there are many new trends coming in the designs of swimsuits and bikinis. I usually prefer the reversible bikni and monokini from for a casual look. When it comes to a pool party these inflating swimsuits that you have mentioned will add to the fun element of the party.


Excellent tips. The idea of ​​inflated swimsuits was fantastic. Today, there is a wide variety of new swimsuits available, but most are mainly facing problems in selecting suitable and comfortable swimsuits.

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The last time I inflated in a one peice swimsuit I inflated a balloon between the lining, you'll be surprised how big you can get

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