Hershel and the Gobliness

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Sitting alone in the manor overlooking the town, Hershel rubbed his temples as he watched the snow fall outside.  Candles flickering around him, the unlit Menorah sat in the windowsill as he wondered what the goblins had in store for him.  He had been able to fool the first one with that egg trick pretty easily, but the shrill threats of more to follow made him nervous.  Swallowing hard, he gave a small prayer for courage and wit before sitting down with his dinner.  

A modest meal of hard boiled eggs and pickles, Hershel was just starting to wonder if the goblins or the food would kill him first when he heard a loud crack from outside.  The smell of sulfur filling the air, he took a deep breath and steadied himself as he heard the front door creak open.  

"Oooh, nice place  you got here.  And aren't you just the cutest little snack."

Hershel's heart caught in his throat as the goblin stepped in, though not for the reasons he anticipated.  Standing a good head taller than him, the creature that walked in wasn't some grotesque abomination.  Despite the long claws and light green skin she was actually quite beautiful.  Pointed ears peeking out from her long black hair, her goblet figure easily could turn some heads and make the girls back in town feel wanting.  Wearing a black, shredded top, stripes of generous green flesh peeked out along the sides of her bust and along the front of her chubby paunch.  A long, thick tail swished behind her curvy ass, peaking out a hole she had made in her black skirt just for it.  Up the curve of her back was a line of hard spinal ridges, the sharp tips sticking out of tears up her shirt.  Her smile revealing a set of pearly serrated teeth that would make a shark jealous, she strode in confidently as Hershel put on a disarming smile of his own.  

"Ah, I was expecting one of you would be by tonight.  I was just sitting down to dinner."  He said kindly, smiling up at her.

The gobliness smirked, placing her hand on her shapely green hip as her skirt swished beneath.  A pair of bare green feet peaking out the bottom of the rough hem, her sharp, black claws scratched at the hard wood floor impatiently.  

"I'm here for business hun.  Now where is this special candle of yours?"  

Hershel shook his head.  "I'm not so sure I want to tell you.  You don't plan to break it do you?"  

She snickered down at him "Hardly anything so crude dear.  I'm not like those other morons you've no doubt encountered.  How many has it been so far by the way?"

"Just the one so far.  Small, kind of stupid fellow."

Putting a foot up on the chair across from him, he caught a flash of her chubby inner thigh as she leaned in and smiled hungrily "Well then, I'm about to do you a favor sweetheart.  Just point out the candle and I'll save you from having to meet those blunt simpletons.  I promise I won't break it!  My talents are much more subtle than that."

Leaning back, Hershel stroked his chin "Well...I'd need to see a demonstration of your talents first.  I'm no fool either mind you."

Her eyes widening, almost appearing giddy at the suggestion.  Standing to her full, intimidating height, she brought her clawed hands to her chubby middle and gave it a proud jiggle.  "Oh happily!  Sit there with your eggs dear.  This won't take long..."  

Her thick tail flicking behind her, she pursed her full lips together and began to inhale.  Hershel watched her curiously, not sure what sort of trick or stunt the strange creature was up to.  His eyes widened however as he watched the front of her shirt start to bulge out slightly, the bottom of her chubby green tummy peaking out the lower lip as she drew in air.  Her eyes flicking to a candle across the room, her cheeks puffed out as she blew out a thin stream.  Her aim true, the small flame was snuffed out without so much as a shiver from the candle beneath.  Grinning proudly to herself, she turned back to Hershel with her hands on her hips.  

"See?  Nothing malicious."  She winked at him.  "Just going to blow out that fancy candle of yours every time you light it.  You'll either give up or run out of matches eventually."

Eating one of his eggs, he considered the gobliness' point for a few moments.  It was a pretty good play.  "I admit that was impressive.  But they must not have told you about the magic of this particular 'fancy' candle."

She cocked her head to the side, tail flicking impatiently behind her as she shifted her hips.  "Magic?  What magic?"

He shrugged.  "Well, it's very hard to blow out.  I'm not sure even you would be able to put out enough wind to do it."  

The gobliness gave an indignant "Hmmph" at such a suggestion.  "Is that so.  Well maybe I didn't make myself clear last time..."  

Tilting her head to the side till her neck gave a *crack* she stretched her shoulders a few times before putting her lips together once more.  Sucking in air with determination, her chest swelled upward as she put her hands out and curled her clawed fingers.  Her belly swelling out beneath her breasts, it quickly surpassed the slight bulge she had sported when blowing out the first candle.  Pausing for just a moment, her eyes glance over to Hershel to make sure the silly human was watching before sucking in another deep breath.  The air filled with a steady hissing, her belly swelled outward like a green bubble.  Her shirt riding up and revealing a long, golden piercing attached to the bottom of her chubby navel, Hershel found his eyes glued to it as it shimmered and clinked across the rounding curve of her belly.  Swelling out to the sides as well, it expanded out till it looked she could carry two kegs of beer in it with room to spare.  

Bringing her hands down to rub her swollen belly appreciatively, her cheeks puffed up as she got ready to fire.  Her pursed lips curling up at the sides as she saw Hershel's jaw drop, she wiggled her hips a bit and strummed her fingers along the swollen surface.  Hershel quickly shut his mouth, going back to pretending to be unimpressed as she gave a muffled chuckle.  Four candles left in the room, the small flames atop shivered as if they were aware of their impending fate.  The gobliness turned her swollen belly towards them with some difficulty before with four quick blows she snuffed them out one by one.  Her belly deflating a little each time she fired, it finally was back to it's former, chubby self as every candle in the room had been snuffed out.  

"HA!  How's that human?  Just admit that you've lost and we can call it a night.  I'll even let you take your stupid trinket with you!  A keepsake to remind you of my glorious tummy."  She reached down and pinched the sides of her belly, the adornment giving a festive jingle as she teased him.  

Hershel's heart sank a bit.  He'd never be able to keep the candle lit so long as she was there to puff and blow it out like a living set of voluptuous bellows. His prayers for wit were answered however as he suddenly got an idea.  "That's quite generous of you. Though I'm not beat yet."

He pointed to the unlit Menorah on the windowsill,  "The magic of my special candle here is that if I get them all lit, then it STAYS lit.  No matter how hard you blow."  

Leaning back in his chair Hershel smirked, "And as cute as your trick was, it took you sometime to get puffed up big enough to blow out four candles.  As you can plainly see, my candle has more than twice that number on top!"

Her smirk was snuffed out just as quickly as she had blown out the first candle as she realized that he was right.  He could light them all before she got big enough to stop him!  And if that happened, she'd be the one facing the goblin kings wrath  "Grrr, then I'll just have to puff myself more than twice as big as I was before then!"  She growled.

Not wasting any time, the gobliness spread her legs and prepped herself.  As she started to stretch however, Hershel pulled out a box of matches from under the table.  

Her eyes widening, she decided to skip her usual stretching and quickly pursed her lips together.  Huffing and sucking in air as quickly as she could, her belly groaned as it was forced up and outward in quick, undisciplined surges.  Soon reaching her previous girth with a slight moan, as the human flicking the match across the edge of the box she balled her fists and fought to suck in air faster.  Ignoring the growing ache in her flanks, she forced herself to swell like a puffer fish, glutting and gorging with air till the bottom of her shirt only covered her ripe, green breasts.  The twin peaks jiggling heavily atop her swollen belly, they also looked quite a few cup sizes bigger as the green cleavage teased the bottom of her chin.  

Her tail gripping a fire poker behind her, she pushed herself to inflate till her belly was as wide as she was tall!  Her green flesh gaining a tight sheen as she started to falter, Hershel watched the light of his match reflect off her bellies golden adornment.  Her once deep navel now stretched completely flat, only the bulge of the piercing fighting for purchase on the curve of her abdomen gave away where her belly button had once been.  Sweat running down her brow, she cringed as she felt her skin pinch and bite back as she forced it to hold more than it was used to.  Before she could blow out the match in Hershel's fingers though, he blew it out himself with a quick puff.  

"Oh I'm not lighting the Menorah now though..."  He grinned, watching the gobliness wince and struggle to hold all that air.

"What?!?"  She fumed, her belly puffing up a bit further in her frustration.  "But if not now then wh~HRK"  Her belly creaked as she unwittingly took in another angry puff, her body trying to signal that it was time for her to expel her air by sending a blast up her throat.  Her cheeks puffed up as her mouth filled with excess air, eyes bulging as she brought her clawed fingers to her lips.  Fighting to swallow, her neck bulged as she worked her throat to get all the air back down into her belly.  

"Guh, t-then when?  When are you l-lighting it?"  She asked, trying to keep from getting worked up again.

The affect of her rage on her overinflated body not lost on him, Hershel just gave a playful shrug.  "Not sure.  Guess you'll just have to hold all that air all night if you want to stop me."

The blimp of a gobliness' eye twitched, her chest welling up with anger once more before an angry creak reminded her she needed to take it easy.  If she got too worked up she might just...

She shook her head, not wanting to think about the consequences back home if such an inconceivable occurrence transpired.  "I can wait.  No problem at all!"  She lied through gritted teeth, the skin around her navel ring itching and burning.  

"In that case, join me for dinner?  I'm almost done with my eggs but I still have a whole jar of pickles there if you want one."  

The gobliness shook her head as best she could.  "No, I'm fine.  Just get to lighting your damn candles human."  She grumbles, shifting and trying to get comfortable as her swollen backside brushed either side of the archway behind her.  Her back sporting a curve behind her, the ridges of her spine were no longer touching each other as it felt like every inch of her was stretched and struggling with her air.

Hershel just chuckled to himself, taking a bite out of the last egg and grinning up at her.  "I guess that's true.  You do look rather full already.  Just one and that belly of yours might pop like a balloon!"  

Her heart flashed with rage at such a claim, her eyes shooting daggers down at him from just above the curve of her swollen bust.  "Nonsense!  How dare you suggest such a thing!"  She seethed, her belly swelling a few more inches as she sucked in air through her teeth.

"Then prove it."  Hershel said, smirking as he pushed the jar of pickles across the table towards her.  

Eyeing the jar, she winced as she reached down for it.  Her belly not liking the sudden spike in pressure as she tried to lean into it, she whimpered slightly as it gave a groan of warning.  Deciding to attack the jar from the side, the gobliness rocked back and forth on her bowed, green legs.  Waddling herself to the left, she leaned over to the right and grumbled.  "Stupid human.  I'll show you.  I'll eat all of them!  Then I might just eat you for suggesting such a stupid thing!"  

Stuffing her entire hand into the jar, she wrapped her fingers around all the pickles at once and pulled.  The jar coming up with her hand instead of a fistful of pickles, she looked at it in confusion before trying to shake it off.  "What?  What is this?!"  she growled, shaking her fist wildly as she tried to ge the jar off.  "I'm stuck!  You put a spell on jar to hold me fast!"  

"That's right"  Hershel said, laughing at the gobliness' faulty logic  "That's what you get for trying to stop me from lighting the Menorah."

Seeing the gobliness start to huff and swell again with rage, Hershel started goading her on "Maybe I should sing some holiday songs while we wait?  I do have all night to light these after all.  You can shake the jar around to the tune!"

"NO!  Don't you dare!"  She seethed, reaching her other hand around to the jar and trying to pry it off.  Her breasts squeaked and bulged as she fought to get her claws along the rim, her shirt tearing off along her back and falling to the floor.  Huffing and stomping around, her swollen body wobbled back and forth.  Groaning and squealing, each angry breath made her grow bigger and bigger.  

"I hate singing!  I hate these pickles!  And I hate you!  You...you..."  

She stopped as her left hand was pulled away from the jar, forced back to its side of her swollen sphere of a body as she got too big to reach around herself!  The growing ache in her flanks making her forget the stupid jar, she looked down fearfully as she realized she was getting too big!  Trying to calm herself, the jar bounced against her side before her arms slowly began to swell up and out.  

"You...you tricked meeeee"  She squealed, her body still swelling out of control in all directions.  Her skirt barely holding on by a few stitches, with a few quick pops and tears it tore off of her and fell to the floor.  Her tail starting to inflate and swell, she could barely bend it as her once shapely legs were swallowed up by her growing girth.  Her clawed toes clenched as she struggled to keep from rolling over, scratching pitifully at the hard wood as she teetered precariously.  Taking up nearly half the room, her growth slowed to a painful crawl as her tortured hide gave a low, mournful CREEEEEEEEAAAAAAK

"Ohhhh..."  She moaned, her skin aching as the pressure pushed and prodded for the slightest weakness in her squealing hide, searching for any kind of release before it was too late.  Finding none, the gobliness whimpered as she felt her body start to fail her.  "Oh!  Oh no!  I'm gonna POP!"  

She shrieked, flapping her hands in the air as she realized she was getting too big!  The pickle jar still stuck on her hand, it swung around in the air as her eyes looked fearfully down at herself.  Looking to Hershel, she pleaded "Please!  I-I give!  I'll leave you alone!  Just...oooh....Help!  HELP MEEEEMMMPPH!!"  

Her neck swallowed up by her body, her face was forced upward as flesh bulged up around her head.  Hershel started to mumble something about letting go of the pickles, but realized it was too late for that as her cheeks bulged.  The gobliness scrunching her eyes shut, a thin stream of air started shooting out past her pursed lips.  The pressure still growing inside her, the small stream of air started to make a sharp whistling.  However, her swollen cheeks kept her lips too pursed for it to do any good!  Too little too late for the doomed gobliness, she gave a muffled scream as her body pulsed and shook, suddenly surging out in all directions.  The  scrap of flesh keeping her navel ring on finally having enough, with a *snap* the golden piercing pinged off her belly and went flying into a bookshelf on the other side of the room.  All that pressure finally having a place to escape, her eyes shot open one last time in surprise before...


Hiding behind the table, Hershel looked up to see small green scraps rain down onto the floor.  Nothing left of her but her torn clothes, the gobliness had actually popped like a balloon!  As he slowly got up, a cold breeze through the house blew what was left of her out into the snow.  The box of matches still in his hand, he brushed himself off before straightening the Menorah.  He almost thought he heard a shrill, distant scream of frustration as he lit the match, wondering what the goblins had in store for him tomorrow.

Author's Note: 

Based on a story I read as a kid, here's a Hanukkah themed inflation tale. 

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Pennsylvania Ki...
Pennsylvania Kite Weather's picture

I am in AWE! I love the depictions of the inflatee, and the consistently-descriptive details of the process were even better. Already one of my all-time faves and a story I can draw inspiration from.

oscar4111's picture
Best praise ever

That's really awesome to hear.  Thank you and I'm looking forward to seeing more of your stuff!

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This was really clever.

This was really clever.  Kudos!

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I'm glad you enjoyed! 

Margeret Moonlught
Margeret Moonlught's picture

Glad to see this sort of stuff on here.

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