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It was a warm Sunday evening, with the sun about to set over Abbie's small but cosy countryside cottage. There she sat in the living room, with a piping hot aromatic cup of tea by the fireplace. Even though she felt as sick as a dog, she was so comfortable she was about to fall asleep, but before she could nod off she heard a rustling and clanging at her front door. Abbie yawned and stretched out of her hibernating position, and got up to walk slowly over to the entrance to investigate. A small parcel caught her eye beside the door. That's odd, she thought, surely no one would deliver mail on a Sunday, especially at a time like this. A bright, sparkly label was placed on the parcel reading "FREE SAMPLE! Try our Blueberry extract chewable miracle pills! Cures any cold or flu in an instant!" Abbie felt slightly curious at this point, but still got back to her cosy living room to relax.

Abbie was lying down on her premium leather sofa whilst watching some reality garbage on TV. "We'll be right back after these messages!" the obnoxious TV voiceover said. "Well that's just great." Abbie thought to herself. She was now bored out of her skull for the next few minutes. Her eyes swayed across the luxurious room, from the patterned ceiling to the oak coffee table, and that's when the mysterious parcel caught her eye. Her curiosity has now undoubtedly got the better of her as she opened the parcel, after all she was coming down with quite a cold. At the very bottom there were two deep blue pills in a small silver packet. She opened the shiny packaging lazily, yet in anticipation as to what these miracle pills could really do. She had a good stare at these pills, and placed both in her mouth.

Her lips smacked from left to right noisily as she chewed away on these pills. A rich, full-bodied blueberry taste instantly hit her taste buds like an explosion of flavour. Abbie's eyes lit up as she thought to herself "Wow, now this was worth getting up for!" Each chew made a wave of intense blueberry-ness that she savoured so much. She didn't want to stop; the flavour was taking control of her, luring her in like a siren's call. "It must be working now, I feel better already!" she thought. She picked up her mirror to see if she looked any better but as soon as she caught a glimpse, she jolted her eyes to see if she saw it right the first time.

A deep blue colour, identical to the pill was flowing visibly on her once rosy cheeks. Abbie's eyebrows raised, and she plucked up the courage to speak out. "Am I going delusional?" Unfortunately, this was all too real as the more she stared at herself in the mirror, the more blue splotches appeared around her face, from her forehead to her chin. With no hesitation, she had a root around in the parcel to see if there was any catch to these miracle pills. A small print on the inside read "WARNING: Do not take any more than one pill per day!" Her heart sunk as the floodgate of bad thoughts opened and filled her head. She lost control of her grip and dropped the mirror, smashing it on the imported rug.

The bright blue colour travelled all across her face, and down her arms. Abbie's jaw dropped; she looked down her shirt to see that her torso was now completely blue. "W-what the hell is this..." she stuttered. She was now blue all over. Before she could say anything else about what was happening, her stomach growled and churned. She slowly and softly placed her hand on it, only to feel her stomach expand outwards. Her hand darted away from her abdomen as soon as she felt this expansion occur. She was filling up with this miracle blueberry extract like a water balloon!

The liquid was now travelling to her hips, creating a spherical shape in the middle of her body. Abbie was now without a doubt confused and scared, frantically poking and rubbing her belly trying to make it stop. A sudden rush of juice sloshed through her thighs as her exposed blue belly dropped down from under her pyjama top. Abbie screamed at the sheer sight of this. The pressure of the juice increased until the now purple-ish, round area of skin around her narrow, tall innie belly button felt hard to the touch, a contrast to the rest of her jiggly body. Abbie felt mortified, as she was a very dignified and modest woman, who would never flaunt her stomach off for the world to see.

Even though she was becoming more blueberry than human, she kept on chewing for this addictive flavour. It added pleasure to this horrifying experience. With one great chew, the juice flowed through Abbie down to her rear end. She nearly stumbled over and had to regain her balance from the sheer weight of the juice swelling up in her derriere. It shook like gelatine in her stretchy low cut pyjama bottoms. "Thank goodness they didn't rip!" She thought. This was now just embarrassing for Abbie, but still she kept chewing like there was no tomorrow.

The spherical shape in the middle of Abbie's blue body was increasing in size, coming down to her feet, until they were buried in what used to be her pelvis. She felt like she was growing taller as she was now balancing on her own inflating crotch. Abbie was panicking and moaning, feeling her body inflate with her own swollen hands and become more and more rounder by the minute, so she chewed again and again and again for that relieving flavour. The more regret she felt, the more she inflated.

The juice was now flowing at a rapid rate, making it puff up her cheeks and her chest as the spherical shape grew bigger and bigger until it sucked in Abbie's arms and even her neck as she grows taller and taller. Her clothes were stretching to their limit as several of her buttons on her pyjama top burst off. After minutes of endless expansion in her body, she couldn't grow any taller. She was now touching the ceiling; Abbie herself is now essentially a giant blueberry. She couldn't look down because her haid was buried in her ginormous 10 ft body, neither could she tuck her pyjama top back down to hide her belly that she hid away from everyone. She felt extremely uncomfortable as she could barely fit in her own living room. She was blue, she was round, she was regretful.

In the end, no one ever knows what happened to Abbie afterwards but I presume it's a happy ending. No one knows who delivered or made the free sample either.

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A beautiful beginning!

If this is your first story, then I must say it's a very promising beginning!

It's not just a fetish story, it also reveals something about ourselves. Some of us eat away bad mood and get caught in the cycle of regret about overeating due to regret. Also, enjoyed slight touches of your humour!

Any art is enlightening, good art tells us about ourselves, the best art also shows us solution. This is good art ^_^

All in all - great job!